An Introduction to Astrocartography
Asto-locality mapping has been promoted by Jim Lewis under the registered name of  Astro*Carto*Graphy.  This technique  "... explores the geographic dimension of astrology - how the symbolism of your birth chart relates to your current geographic location and the location of those you interact with. Jim Lewis was known around the world as an accomplished astrologer, lecturer, and teacher. Astro*Carto*Graphy is now recognized as one of the premier astrological innovations of the twentieth century."
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The Death of President Kennedy  /  Map of Texas
 By Steven Lee       April '98        Map & Selected  Reports by Solar Maps Software
Several years ago, I was told how astrocartography gave a fascinating astrological  insight into the
death of JFK in Dallas. This was the first astrocartography chart that I heard about,  and I later discovered the map in Harding and Harvey's brilliant book  'Working With Astrology'.  Although this book has *much* midpoint  work, the astrocartography section did not include midpoints, or the  TNPs.
So I have wondered what midpoints and the TNPs would reveal if  incorporated into an astrocartography map ?  Here are the results of my investigation, using the 'Solar Maps' software (by the Solar Fire company,
Esoteric Technologies).  Lorenzo's excellent explanations also appear below.
Numbers correspond to diagram lines. See notes below for interpretations.

1.  Natal paran of NNode and Hades, straight through Dallas. 

2. Saturn / Hades: These two lines are the rise/set parans of 22 Nov '63  
(not natal). 

3. Hades on the Descendant, natal. 
4. Admetos on the Descendant, natal. 

5. The midpoint line of 3 & 4, i.e., 
Hades/Admetos (DSC), natal. 

6. & 7. Solar Maps puts JFK's natal Pluto/Mc at 7., but an alternative is at line 6 - right through Dallas. 

8.  JFK's natal Chiron on the DSC. 

9. Transit (22-11-63) paran of NNode/Admetos.  This is a wide orb compared to the other lines, however. 

Interpretations for lines 1 to 9 (above)
These explanations are based on those found in the book Rules for Planetary Pictures.

1.  Natal paran of NNode and Hades. 
This line passes straight through Dallas and signifies:  a mean act committed with others / unpleasant associations.  Natally, JFK would have found connections difficult in Dallas.  While there is much controversy as to who assassinated JFK, most everyone believes that the lone gunman (Lee Harvey Oswald) did not act alone.  In any case, a combination of NN and Hades 'speaks of evil associations'! 
Note:  see the definition of 'paran' below. 

2.  Saturn / Hades: These two lines are the rise/set parans of 22 Nov '63 (not natal). 
Note that Dallas is at the midpoint of these two paran lines.  Saturn / Hades = Enemies, serious obstacles, severe sickness of long duration, enmity, serious loss, prison, matters that are never finished.  
Since these are not JFK's natal lines, they would affect the entire population of Dallas - which is exactly what happened, albeit indirectly. 

3. Hades on the Descendant, natal.  See point 5 below. 
4. Admetos on the Descendant, natal.  See point 5 below. 

5. The midpoint line of 3 & 4, i.e., Hades/Admetos (DSC), natal.  In other words, Dallas is located almost exactly at the midpoint of Ha/Ad.  Hades + Admetos signifies: karma, aversion, great and deep sadness, pessimism, attrition.  However, look at the meaning of each and you can see the relevance to the assassination: Hades = poverty, baseness, to take apart, decompose 
Admetos: condensation, cessation, death 

6. & 7. Solar Maps puts JFK's natal Pluto/Mc at 7., but an alternative is at line 6 - right through Dallas. There are evidently two ways to calculate Pluto's astrocartography location; unfortunately I cannot find this explanation in my library.  Harding and Harvey in their book Working With Astrology give Pluto's location directly on Dallas, so I have included this as line 6.  Line 7 (from Solar Maps) is not that far from Dallas, however, so this would still be significant. 

Solar Maps gives the following report: 
Pluto - Culminate Line (Orb 3°30': Moderate Influence) 
Power within your profession plays a vital role along this line. Here you will learn all about power - its use and abuse by yourself or by others. Therefore you could expect to be involved in battles with authority figures, or to be battling to place yourself in a position of power. The challenge along this line is to transform your life direction and/ or profession in a positive manner with integrity. Any gains in status which are made along this line will be subject to major upheaval if not carried out with the utmost integrity. 

8.  JFK's natal Chiron on the DSC. 

From the Solar Maps report:  "Chiron - Set Line (Orb 0°04': Strong Influence) 
Moving to this line can bring a time of pain and of healing in your most intimate relationship. Your partner may consciously or sub-consciously cause you pain, but this will ultimately lead to a more honest relationship. It is also possible that your relationship will undergo a change which proves very healing. This change requires you to delve into painful experiences from your past in order that you may move forward in a more honest and intimate fashion in your most personal relationships. If you are not already in a relationship, you may meet someone who will play an important role in your life. They will take on the role of teacher or healer in your life." 

From an introductory booklet of Astrocartography:  "The Descendant (DSC): Here, the force of the planet expresses itself by attracting circumstances, people and situations like its own nature. By subconscious projection of need, you attract situations like the planet in this place on earth, that challenge you to respond. Thus, difficult planets can be most dangerous here, as they tend to draw problems and challenges to you."  

Chiron is not usually noted as a "difficult planet", but we should take note of ... 
(incomplete - suggestions are welcome... please email to Steve - Thanks.) 

9. Transit (22-11-63) paran of NNode/Admetos.  
This is a wide orb compared to the other lines, and I think that it can be disregarded. 

Other Notes 

Solar Maps also gives the following reports (map lines not shown on the above diagram): 

Mars Rising / Neptune Lower (Orb 0°35') 
Lethargy and confusion mark the combination of these two planets. You may lose your sense of direction in life, and lack the motivation to get yourself out of the rut. In some cases you could suffer from an illness. There is a real danger of falling victim to your own fears either real or imagined. In some cases you may even become the victim of someone else's crime. Therefore you need to avoid addictive behaviour including the intake of alcohol or drugs. Perhaps a creative pursuit or water sports would be beneficial under this influence. 

The Sun Lower / Uranus Rising (Orb 0°53') 
Here you are able to express your own individual self in new, and perhaps unusual, ways. 
Life will be full of surprises, taking sudden and exciting twists and turns. Occasionally the changes may be disruptive and unsettling leaving you feeling like you are on a roller-coaster. Mostly though you will enjoy the thrill of change. Your innovative and original creativity should win through in the end, as long as you are not too rebellious or wilful. Politics, science, metaphysics and technology may appeal to you. 

 [While this does not seem relevant at all to the assassination,  
  it does show that not all places are entirely 'bad'.  -  Steve] 
Venus - Local Space Line - Azimuth 107°14' (Conjunct - Orb 0°27': Strong Influence) 
Love and romance flourish along this line. If you are looking to find the right mate then this line may produce results. If not you will have fun looking anyway and you may develop an appreciation of art and beauty along the way. You will certainly make some lifelong friends, even if you don't meet the person of your dreams. Your relationship with money may also be emphasised along this line. Obviously moves along this line are going to be the most attractive to most people. 

"Paran", defined: 
                                         (to be completed)

  The map quality is the best that I can do at this time.  Hopefully you can read most of it. - Steve 

Date:           Mon, 20 Apr 1998 00:21:52 +0200
From:          Lorenzo 
Subject:       JFK


Steve's post on the JFK assassination got me thinking. I dug up some
notes and charts I had studied some years ago  basing myself on an
article by Bernadette Brady appeared in the British _Astrological
Journal_ (36/& 1994). It concerned spotting midpoint 'patterns' between
charts of members of the same family. 
She looked at the Windsor-Battenbergs and the Kennedy family, 
using the 'fmaily module' of *Jigsaw*.

A good article, but I was disappointed that she used a 360 degree chart
to find aspect patterns (something called a 'yin mystic rectangle'[!!]
for the Windsor-B's and a 5th harmonic (quintile) pattern for the
Kennedys. She found that there was a pattern forming between the SA/PL
midpoints of three of the Kennedy brothers (JFK, RFK and Ted) and IN
PART with their wives (Jackie and Ethel). That intrigued me. I looked at
the family, using the midpoints she gave.

I added the charts of John Jr. and the USA chart 'Declaration of War'
avvocated by Jim Lewis in the successive yearly editions of
_Astro*Carto*Graphy--Source Book of Mundane Maps_ 
6 July 1776, 04.01 GMT. 

Interestingly the UR/MC and JU/MC lines for this chart seem to midpoint
over Dallas TX, but it is very hard to read the scale in the book. The
second USA chart I used was the 4 July 1776 (NO KNOWN TIME). For my
purposes the lack of a time presents no problem: I want to look at one
midpoint SA/PL and how that midpoint (in orb for a long time) relates to
several other events which are timed. However the 'Declaration of War'
chart was more indicative.

One thing I did not like about Brady's article was that to form her
'patterns' she had to introduce other midpoints (that is to make up the
missing side of the figure she put in midpoint x/y in a group of a/b--
this is interesting but a bit obscurantist, on a 90 degree chart the
connections can be seen more clearly).

I used the midpoints as given by Brady. Some charts I could check (there
were a few mistakes in her calculations in the Windsors). I was not
really interested in studying the whole Kennedy clan (11++!) and wanted
to look at only that ONE midpoint. I added John Jr and Jackie's birth
and death charts.

Looking at a family pattern struck me as a good idea. But the USA charts
HAVE to be added in as well I think. These are people who had, and have,
an enormous impact and role in the USA: to see them as just a nice but
terribly tragic family is to miss the point and streches the bounds of
historical understanding.

Listed here are the points I looked at, starting from 0* AR as they
appear on a 90* chart :

0. USAWAR  SA 2.56LI
1. JFK  PL 3.16CN
3. JFK   SA/PL 15.13CN
 J.JR.  SA 15.35CP
 18.7.69  SA/PL 15.28CN (Chappaquiddick)
4. JACKIE  PL 18.22CN
5. RFK SHOT SA 22.22AR
6. TED SA/PL 25.02AR
7. JFK SA 27.09CN

8. 18.7.69 SA 8.00TA
9. J.JR. SA/PL 11.49SC
9A. USA DEPT. OF DEF. + CIA (1947)  SA/PL  11.55LE
10. JFK-INAUG SA/PL 14.144TA
11. DALLAS SA 17.19AQ

13. USAWAR SA/PL 29.15SC


15. J.JR. PL 8.04VI

17. DALLAS PL 14.04VI

18. RFK  SA/PL   16.24VI
19. RFK SHOT  PL 20.11VI
20. 18.7.69  PL 22.57VI
21. JACKIE   SA 24.40SG

Copy this out on a 90* chart.   There are several axis:
THE MAIN ONE:           3--13        8--20

Notice that 3 = 2/6. Notice what charts and events are linked: USA and
JFK: and the result? Death. Notice the connection with Ted and
Chappaquiddick-- this is more of a family than a national connection I

THE SECOND:   2 = 6/18 = 9+9A/13  and that 9/9A = 2/18. 
Think about it... ... ...

Steve gave us an excellent look at the A*C*G's for the murder of JFK:
what he wrote pin-points the moment, the person and the day and place: what

Several historical considerations: I think Harvey&Harding point out that
there was some debate in the White house staff as to whether the trip
should have been made, before it actually did. One of the reasons for
the trip, I seem to recall, but don't ask me for a source, was that
there was a lot of trouble in the Democratic Party, especially in Texas
and this riff had to be overcome. I suspect this had to do with the
liberal policies of JFK, race etc., and to do with funding for the
Party. This may explain the 'group' delineations that show up in your
analysis, or perhaps point 9A is involved?

I wonder if the slightly off-centre location of some of the lines might
indicate the airport, or a centre where the murderer(s) lived. This just
an hypothesis that can either be confirmed or shot down (oops!) by
anyone who knows the area well, and the history of the events.
Interesting too the emphasis on marraige and partner, ie, Jackie, who
certainly became the Great Lady and prime icon of those days. 

What to do with this now? Harding and Harvey discuss this case for some
pages in _Mundane Astrology_. What they apply to it are the PRIOR
conjunctions of various planets. Starting from Steve's analysis and
working back/forward from there, picking out the major indicators of the
event itself, especially that highly interesting supermidpoint he
spotted with Ha and Ad: we will have to look at the cycles of these,
when was their last conjunction, set that chart up for Dallas and look
at the angles. I think one would have to set up at least about 15 such
charts, and compare them with the murder itself. And doing this on A*C*G
would show up a lot of 'convectoring' effects (involving the angles) I
think (another hypothesis).

This is immensely complicated. I have been working on the Jonathan case
much in this way. I don't think there exists yet a computer programme
which will do all this and give you a comparative listing of midpoint
contacts between 15+ charts, let alone the A*C*G's. But it seems to me
to be the only way to see how the final event evolved. Of course one has
to look at the chart of Lee Harvey Oswald as well, and what about
Govenor Connolly and whoever else was involved?

This is the meshing of cycles, because each of those people is a part of
the greater whole all working to be. The more charts there are the
clearer the picture will be, its fractuals will be defined in closer 
focus. One can see the pattern. Behind every one of the midpoints 
Steve mentions there is a whole series of cycles building up, 
interlocking and coming into focus at that one time and place. Of 
course one should include in this several of the USA charts (the 'War 
Chart' that Jim Lewis advocated is very useful).
H&H point out that the inauguration chart is also defining of the

Tomorrow I'll send along some observations on these cyclic charts, in
particular the SA/PL cycle.

Best regards,

Lorenzo Smerillo

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