Selected Extracts from Martha Wescott's Book
"The Orders of Light"


This book is an evolution of its preceding volume, Mechanics of the Future: Asteroids, and is not
intended to stand without that text as a foundation. Delineations from Future are not repeated
here, and reference to it, for a fuller understanding of the range of meaning of the asteroids, and
for introductory techniques on their use, is recommended.

The first chapter, Reflections of the Real, presents a theory of energy interaction on which a
technique of compound aspect delineation, the orders, is based. That theory is then explored in
natal and predictive techniques in both conventional and dial-based systems. Where an astrology
book provides aspect delineations, many readers begin (and end) there. And this book will hopefully
be useful if that's your approach. But to capitalize on the delineations, sift through the initial chapter
to understand the methods used to formulate and apply the orders. Examples in the first chapter
will refer to delineations in subsequent chapters to demonstrate how to use that information in
constructing interpretations and solving the equations of natal or predictive orders. At the end of
each section on a technique, there are suggestions for application and practice. Shadows and
Drums, the second chapter, contains delineations for the luminaries, planets and transneptunian
points (and includes reference to asteroids.) The third chapter, Echoes and Flutes, is devoted to
delineations of 48 asteroids. Sample orders are given throughout the two chapters of delineations.
For facile reference, a table of glyphs and page index appear on the inside back cover. The final
section, the ephemeris, lists ten day longitudes for the nine new asteroids. An interpolation
correspondence table and instruction head the section.

Suggested delineations are just that: suggestions, the whispered first few lines from the wings;
something to get you started, but certainly no substitute for your unique amalgam of experience,
technique, intuition and integrity that is, eternally, the an and soul of astrology.

I fully recognize that adding the transneptunians and a number of asteroids to a chart also adds to
the complexity of delineating it. That's the point ! One barters for accuracy and detail. An
astrologer is asked to "interpret" another human being's life from a set of symbols. This is an
amazing task; it begs for a sanctity of deliberation. The ritual of preparation is a reminder that each
chart is a singular miracle of exploration and adaptation, a grand experiment of creation. Perhaps
in the effort, you will surpass yourself- so that all you find will be the chart, dear and dean.

Delineations range from the profane to the possibly profound, including both heavily psychological
and utterly mundane interpretations. This is not mere caprice. It is eternally interesting to me that
we are so surrounded by ourselves, that the most superficial manifestation mirrors a more esoteric
truth and pattern... could we but see it. "We" are everywhere we go, everywhere we turn, and in
everything we touch. Self-knowledge requires only noticing, seeing our face-in the constant
reflection of our beliefs. Sometimes, it is in the small things that we recognize Being, and seeing it
there, we are freed to fInd and cherish it in another place.

Martha Wescott

March 1993


MC [Natal] Plans, career or parental role require sequential handling of detail; much focus on
"standards" and discrimination in reaction to public events and promotion of one's own
capability; to do career-related research or investigation; use the past to anticipate or judge
the future; to make mistakes in connection with the job or plans, and to be aware that errors
can affect your credibility or reputation; aware of past success; periods of disgust with work
or with the reward of the career; use this energy to clean up the office or root through old
files !  Goals or professional concerns management  immersion in tedium, detail work or the past.

ASC [Natal] To note examples of deterioration of public tastes; to have professional interaction with
distasteful chores or people; to hear of public investigations, criminal activity or the past of
an individual in the public sector; unsatisfactory results; to see that secrets or mistakes affect
the credibility of management, bosses or persons with whom one is in touch through
out-of-home interests; the work of others is unsatisfactory.

(...followed by the DSC and IC...)


MC [Natal] Receptivity/psychism used in career; to have inspiration or revelations about the future;
to plan an intellectual work; to "sense" events that will occur in the future or that occur in
the present .in the outside world; to be "open" to "higher authority" - to discuss ideas with
"the boss" (whoever/whatever that is for you;) to be clear about plans or what you want to
accomplish; to use the career to teach or enlighten. (Transits here will tell you how your ideas
are received.) Events in connection with business ethics and practices or advertising of
services; to be aware of strategic presentation of ideas (or being evaluated for your intellect
or ideas.)

[Transit] Others introduce their attitudes toward ideas, spiritual beliefs or psychisn (see attendant
points for what their position is on such matters;) others relate incidents connected with
advertising, new ideas, inspiration or beliefs; to note that others are attempting to persuade
you; aware of public events that deal with morals, principles, ethics, beliefs or ideologies; to
deal professionally with the level or quality of receptivity or intellectualism in others; others
have ambitions re education or intellectual pursuits; employees or business contacts reflect
their religion or beliefs.

ASC [Natal] Reactions based on beliefs, principles or metaphysics; to want to spend the day learning or dealing with ideas; to feel "spiritualized" or ethereal (transparent, light, receptive and
nearly phosphorescent;) to seek and notice clarity (even in glasses, windows or mirrors;) to
be highly receptive to - as well as affected by the people, vibes and situations in the immediate
environment; the sensitivity is refIned and aware of very subtle influences.

[Transit] To have personal contact with psychics, spiritual people or places or those of a strong
metaphysical bent; to have others supply new ideas or inspirational words; to react to
advertising or film content.

(...followed by the DSC and IC...)