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I was reading in the Dial Detective about the Meridian of the Day and wondered if anyone used this. Does it work for you? 


Perhaps this will help to answer your questions about 
M-d + Sun-t - Sun-n = MC-day 

M-d here is the directed MC, which is the MC by Solar Arc. Neither the MC nor the Asc are likely to be the same as those of your secondary progressed chart, regardless of which method of secondary progession you use. However, the Sun should be the same on both the secondary progressed and solar directed charts for a particular day. 

If you have a program like Solar Fire, it's an easy matter to get this by running it, in the case of Solar Fire, from the 'Progressed' option under 'Chart'. Another way to get the directed MC is from the secondary progressed chart, by subtracting the natal Sun from the progressed Sun. This gives you the Solar Arc and should be more or less in the vicinity of your age. Add that to your natal MC and you have your directed MC. (What you were describing would be written M-d/Sun-t - Sun-n.) 

Take your directed MC and add the transiting Sun to it and then subtract your natal Sun. You can take it a step further and get the Asc. which corresponds to that MC-day and thereby have your Progressed Asc of the Day. 

And there is a new technique (new to me, anyway) which I saw today in the latest "Hamburger Hefte" where they're taking it an additional step further and preparing a chart for the day being investigated based on the time that corresponds to that MC and Asc. That might be worth investigating, especially in instances where an exact time for an event is not known. 


Edited by Ed Gillam, 24 June 1999


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