Missile Failure - Planetary Pictures
Date:          Fri, 22 May 1998 12:30:34 +0300

It was nice to hear from the list again, just as the SUN entered Gemini and
Mercury approached a square to stationary Uranus. I somehow related that
silence to t-Saturn that opposes the Group's natal Mercury. Anyway, t
Mercury itself has had a "hard time" lately as it made a few hard aspects to
other transiting planets. Recently, when it was conjunct t Saturn, many of
the mailing lists went silent for a few days. In my country, some of the
leading commercial internet providers had major problems, as they chose this
time, of all, to upgrade their systems and install new equipment. At home,
we just installed a point-to-point dedicated data line to our new internet
provider (when Uranus made a Rx station, just one degree past my MC), and
were cut off from the net for days, as their new router was (and still is)
inoperative because of configuration problems. You wouldn't believe how I
had to manipulate the system into sending this simple message...
Maybe it could be a good idea for all those internet companies to 
consult an astrologer for the best times to upgrade their systems.

Another interesting event related to the Mercury-Saturn (and SUN-MARS)
conjunctions was reported on the CNN site at:

"Pentagon's anti-missile system fails again 
 May 12, 1998
Disappointed but pushing ahead, the Pentagon has no thoughts of backing off
on its $15 billion missile-defense system after it failed for a fifth
straight time to intercept a test target and crashed into the New Mexico
desert Tuesday...The missile system, known as the Theater High-Altitude Area
Defense, or THAAD, is built by Lockheed Martin Corp. It is being developed
to protect troops in the field from attack by Scud and other short- and
medium-range missiles... The THAAD is supposed to be an improvement on the
"Patriot" missile system, which gained fame in the Persian Gulf War. THAAD's
"hit-to-kill" technology is supposed to be more precise, aiming to destroy
enemy incoming missiles that could be carrying chemical, biological or even
nuclear weapons as the missiles leave the atmosphere and aim for targets on
earth. The goal has been likened to "hitting a bullet with a bullet," a
technical challenge as yet unfulfilled. But Pentagon officials, and their
backers on Capitol Hill, said the program's managers should keep
trying...... "For reasons that are somewhat ... mystifying to many of us,
our GOP colleagues want to push ahead to committing tens of billions of
dollars to a technology that has not been developed yet," said Senate
Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-South Dakota....

Missile spiraled out of control 
The Pentagon said preliminary investigation indicates that the THAAD missile
that crashed Tuesday "lost control shortly after launch." "The missile
impacted on the White Sands Missile Range about two miles north of the
launch site. ... Analysis of the flight data is under way to determine the
cause of the malfunction," the Pentagon said in a written statement. The
Hera target rocket that the missile was to have intercepted was detonated in
flight and its debris landed harmlessly in the desert, as planned in the
event of a miss, according to the Pentagon. The test, at 7:20 a.m. EDT, was
the eighth overall for the THAAD and the fifth involving an actual missile
flight and attempted intercept......." -------------

The data for the "THAAD missile launch failure":
May 12 1998  7:20am DT +5:00 106:37W 32:22N
 "White sands Missile range, NM, USA"

On the chart one finds a Mercury/Saturn tight conjunction on the East Point.
The Mars/Sun tight conjunction in the first house makes a tight Earth grand 
trine with JUNO (HERA- opp. Jupiter and Pallas) and the MC on 21deg (of
earth signs). Pluto, Node and Vesta make a tight t-square at 7deg cardinal.
Ceres on the AS is tightly square a stationary Rx Neptune in aquarius, the
most elevated planet in the chart, and Pars Fortuna is tightly square a
stationary Uranus. The moon is  right on Cupido on the NE/ZE midpoint.

In medicall astrology one finds that specific zodiac degrees, fixed stars,
midpoints and planetary pictures are related to specific body parts in human
 anatomy, and so certain natal planetary cofiguarions can reflect certain
medical problems. I suppose the same can be done with any complex system,
besides the human body. Take for example a modern missile or aircraft. Does
anyone on the list have an idea of how certain planets, midpoints or
pictures can serve to symbolize the different missile's parts and subsystems
(Sun/Mars for missile's body? Zeus for its engine? how would one symbolize
its aerodynamics and guidance system, for example?). Could an astrologer
tell where exactly the problem that caused that failure lies, within that
system, just by analyzing the event chart?

Looking at midpoint trees for this event (90* DIAL), one would find, for
example: MA=SU(the missile's body?)= =ME/HA(err or make mistakes. Ugly,
stupid, vicious 
   thinking and way of expression. =SU weak nervous system (control 
   and guidance systems?); 
=MA thoughts of robbery and murder (intended to ruin another missile?))
=SU/MA =SA/HA(serious obstacles and loss...Illness [by weapon,] not detected
before?) =LILITH/KR(hmmm...dark side of the government? evil high flying
object???) =JUNO/MC(HERA's moment? Hera's ego? one's relationaship?)
=(MO,CU)/UR(hmmm...sudden excitment and tension of a group? vibraring 
=JU/MC(One's wealth and success???)
ME=SA(hindered motion? hindered communication? parting? logic of the
        system (rules of guidance? software?))
=AS/VU(experience force from others)
=VESTA/HA(poor security?)
=AS/AP(aimed at a distant location? location of scientific tests?)
=NO/HA(plot a crime? tied to hostile people? connection started with 
=(SU,MA)/ZE(directing the missile? missile's directing engines?)
=PL/HA(unreliable, failure to act, situation worsens)
=MC/PO(the mental attitude? devine spark?)
=JU/(CU,MO)(wealthy company?)
=NE/MC(doubtful, unsure, follow wrong/false ideas, unintelligible attitude, 
                 unclear motivations).
ZE(engine? motor? direction? guided weapon?)
=(SU,MA)/UR(modern, innovative, nervous missile? military technology?)
=VE/KR(supported/sponsored by the government)
=HA/VU(very dangerous and mean)
=HA/AP(secret science/technology? lack of experience?)
=(MO,CU)/PO(mental accomplishment of a group?)
=SA/PL(hindered development, difficulty to apply itself)
=(MO,CU)/AS(the group of people in the surrounding)
JU=PALLAS=JUNO(aka HERA, interestingly, this is also the name of the
"missed" target missile in this incident, so, hmmm...could this possibly
mean, in a weird symbolic way:"wise, lucky HERA"? ;-) ) =HA/KR(=JU -to
escape a mean plot) =(SU,MA)/AP(missile science, military technology? very
big 'long range' 
=MC/AD(one's firmness, perseverence and steadfastness?)
=(SU,MA)/MC(one's own missile body, orders given to others?)
MC=HA+KR-(SU,MA)=The moment the missile does not keep its promise to the
government, or the government does not keep its promise to it. Moment of ill
fate for military superiors? -----------------   
 Interestingly, the sabian
symbols for the MC are: before: Capricorn 21: "Excitement thrills the
grandstands during the relay race as each runner springs to place with
eagerness." after:       Capricorn 22: "The defeated general yields up his
sword but in failure he wins for his cause a dignity that is real success."

Wouldn't it be a good idea for the pentagon to hire the services of an
electional uranian astrologer that would consult them on better times to run
their missile flight tests? Seems like they've been doing quite the
contrary, so far....


best regards,

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