Missing Manifestations
         When Actual Events and Astrological Predictive Techniques do not Match
Date sent:       Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:27:14 +1300 

Dear Pax and Midpointers, 

After reading "Working With Astrology" by Harding and Harvey, I decided to 
follow my transits to midpoints on a 45 degree modulus using a Cardinal - 
Fixed- Mutable sort (see the 101 web site for further information). This 
included the inner planets, and I also used regular transits such as 
sextiles and semisquares to radix points.  Every day I tracked up to 30 or 
more transits. I did this for about two years, and did my calculations by 
hand, using an ACS  C-F-M print-out and an ephemeris. I wrote down the 
possible manifestations for each planetary combination. It was indeed a 
lot of work, but I had the time; it eventually took about 20 - 30 minutes 
a day. 

Needless to say, I learned about midpoints !  Solar Fire can do a CFM 
sort, or this can be ordered from ACS.  I highly recommend this technique 
for anyone wanting to learn about midpoints.  Progressions and directions 
can be added along with the TNPs, and you do not have to use the inner 

I still have hundreds of pencilled notes in COSI that confirm that for me, 
"it worked".  Since I have a "skeptical scientific" background, I was 
careful not to read into / imagine a manifestation.  In the end, I 
concluded that for over 90% of combinations / planetary pictures, I could 
account for manifestations.  However, there were a few tricks that I 

** Sometimes the manifestations occurred in dreams. 

** Sometimes I observed the manifestations happen in other people, or in 
the story of a  book that I was reading, or on a television screen. 

** Sometimes the manifestations were psychological and thus could be 
hidden by denial, habitual thought patterns, etc. 

** I had to be aware of my inner world, not just external events. 

** Often I had to reinterpret the descriptions given in COSI, Rules, Rob 
Hand (etc.).  That is, I still followed the fundamental concepts (mainly 
in COSI ), but expanded on the possible manifestations. 

** Sometimes other transits masked or combined the particular one I was 
trying to understand. 

** Progressions and directions should also be taken into account. 

** If there was a lot of confusion or a variety of sensory input or stress 
in my environment, then it was more difficult to see the manifestation. 
Examples could be: meeting many people, doing chores, having the radio / 
TV in the background, reading too much, an overload of family or work 
demands, etc.  Being too busy clouds the mind an distorts perceptions. 

** Alternatively, if I had a "refined environment" with few occasions of 
sensory intrusions, combined with meditation and other self-awareness 
exercises, then the manifestations were much easier to locate. 

Pax, the transit that you are questioning is Mars to natal MC. 
This is an ego-centered energy combination which concerns: 
[aims, objectives, determination, decisions, etc.].   It it sometimes 
difficult to see an ego-centered energy manifest since it is so very close 
to ourselves, the ego. Someone else close to you may have easily seen the 
Ma / MC energies manifest in your life ! 

Kind regards, 



Date sent:       Tue, 10 Nov 1998 00:18:09 -0000 


Paxton wrote of his disappointment on Mars transit of the MC. 

In my experience all significance events in life are accompanied by a 
significant event in the sky, however all significant events in the sky 
are not always accompanied by events in life. 

I view transits and directions a signifying potentials, so if you go 
around looking for arguments during this transit you will probably get one 
to remember.  I don`t know who said it originally but the saying that 'the 
stars impel but do not compel' (probably mis-quoted) is very true. 

Sitting at home waiting for an event to happen during a transit will 
probably result in pretty minor results (like lighting a gas heater).  If 
everybody's gas heater blew up during a Mars MC transit would be great for 
empirical proof of astrology but I can live without proof like that. :-)) 



Date sent:       Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:34:24 -0500 

Hello Pax, 

I commend you for the attention to the daily transits, but I don't 
think transits alone tell the story. 

After reading Arlene Kramer's excellent article in TMA, previously 
posted on this list, and The Dial Detective, it seems to me that 
another approach is to list out all of the natal planetary pictures 
visible on the dial, which show the potential or promise,  then use 
Solar Arc Directions (i.e. 1 degree/year around the dial) to determine 
when the promise will most likely manifest. 

It also seems that a manifestation may not occur unless there are 
repetitions of the theme or the degrees.  Since everything is viewed in 
relation to the natal, the probability is increased with the additional 
factors of secondary progressions and transits to natal positions. 

Since I am also fairly new to Uranian techniques, I'm not sure if this is 
accurate, but this is how I have been approaching this study. 


Date sent:       Mon, 9 Nov 1998 19:48:14 EST 

I hope this isn't too traditional in application but I have a few thoughts 
related to Paxton's quandry concerning  transiting Mars-- 

1. There is an old saying in traditional astrology--you can have aspects 
and not have events--but you can't have events without aspects--we may be 
talking midpoints--but we are still talking astrology--and I would think 
this holds as true with working in midpoints as with any other technique. 

2. Was transiting Mars conjunct the IC or conjunct the MC--on the 360 
wheel--if conjunct the IC, then you have the event--you brought fire 
(mars) into the home when you lit the heater.  Just because we are 
examining midpoints does not mean that we should divorce ourselves from 
everything else we know about astrology--as least not imo. 

3. Transiting Mars will hit the IC or MC once every year--because it has a 
two year cycle around the Sun.  This is a noticable difference from 
Jupiter with its cycle being 12 years and thus at the IC or MC --every 6 
years.  Then there is Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto--the other 
traditional planets.  Each one has a longer and longer cycle--Having Mars 
or even Jupiter at the IC or MC is nothing like have Saturn sitting 
there--in other words, the slower the planet the greater the impact when 
it hits an angle. 

4. The whole chart has to be taken into consideration.  What midpoints are 
activated when the MC or IC is hit.  These are the energies that would 
have the potential of being set off with any transit. 

5. I could go on but this is probably enough for now. 


Date sent:       Mon, 9 Nov 1998 00:17:19 EST 


I spend most of my time trying to experience and record immediate transits 
using Uranian techniques to help me understand the system.  I have 
recently been put off due to the most recent transit of Mars to my natal 
MC.  I found the exact time and quitely waited.  It was to occur this 
night at 10:54 pm.....and I have nothing to record...besides lighting my 
gas heater.  My natal Mc at 34deg33 has = A/Kr = No/Ha....and natal mars 
hits it by the 22deg30 at 57deg33. 

Was there now event due to the fact that I have no SA planets in either 
the 34deg33 or 79deg33 (at the opposite end)....or that the transiting 
planet was not a PP?  I don't understand.  I would imagine that having a 
planet hit opposite a PP like the MC would produce some kind of noticeable 
or recordable event....not that I am eager to have events occur...but I am 
eager to witness and understand the use of Uranian techniques. 

Help me understand..please 


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