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Date sent:       Sun, 25 Apr 1999 11:50:49 EDT 

Also do you see any correlations between this chart and the Oklahoma City Bombing? 

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Subject:         Re: ## CO Quarter Moon on Web Site / moderator 

Hello Group, 

    It isn't that I selected this Moon Phase to study. This Moon Phase in 
general was so malefic that I felt the need to point this week out to 
other astrologers. The Moon Phase, any Moon Phase, will be activated in 
the preceeding 7 days leading up to the Moon Phase. It is very difficult 
to predict the exact moment of an event. This is very difficult. 

For example, what minute of what day will I have an accident, operation,  
die? What we can do by way of the master chart (any chart used for  
prediction), is to give a good idea of what is most likely to happen within a  
certain period of time. The Moon Phase is an excellent way to find a space  
of time for a certain condition to take place.   

In  my own readings, when danger or serious problems are seen in the  
chart, it is next to impossible to give the exact moment when the event will  
occur. This I would never attempt. The Moon Phases are studied along with  
the natal and directed chart in order to see how that particular week will  
end. When a negative Moon Phase falls on a negative axis in the natal or  
directed chart then there is a caution flag that appears. A warning is given  
for the week.   

I can see the transit planet's connection on the 90 degree dials. We publish  
a tablet of all the Moon Phases for the year (New,1st & 4nd Quarter, and  
Full Moon) so we can observe the major transits. We have them for 1999 if  
anyone wants them. These are extremely helpful in our readings. This  
tablet displays a Moon Phase (which gives one all the transits) for each  
week on a 6 inch 90 degree dial.   

Therefore, one can see the year at a glance just by thumbing through the  
tablet to see the planets move around the dial forming hard aspects at  
various times of the year just like a movie. For even faster observation there  
are 9 pages of mini dials with 6 little 90 degree dials on each page. Each  
dial includes the date and degree of the Moon Phase. These tablets are  
published each year and come with a 90 degree dial.   

There is a question about the difference in influence between the New Moon  
and the Full Moon or quarter Moon. There may be a difference between the  
Moon Phases. My own focus, however, is on the manner in which the total  
transit symmetry is expressed and how it triggers the natal/ directed chart.  


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