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Subject:         ## Steve: Astronaut John Glenn 

Dear Uranians, 

On the front cover of Time magazine (New Zealand edition) there is a photo 
of the legendary 77 year-old John Glenn, the first American to orbit the 
earth, 36 years ago in 1962.  He is scheduled to go into space once again 
on 29 Oct, 1998  and will be in the Discovery spacecraft for nearly 9 days 
(vs. not quite 5 hrs in 1962). 

In Penny's book "The Phoenix Workshop", the 90 degree dial reveals 
this wonderful planetary picture of John Glenn: 
Mercury = Kronos = Asc / MC 

Thus, we can see a "master of travel" (Kr = Me) 
at his "vocation" (A/M). 

Looking at his mission in 1962, there are some interesting 
solar arcs to natal midpoints.  ("Quotes" = Book of Rules) 

Po = A / M     "Intellectual agreement with others. A high ideal of 
                         one's quality of life." 

Ap = Ju / Kr   "Expansive luck for many. Progress in trade or science 
                          leading to prospering developments." 

Ad = Me / Ju  This could be viewed as death by long journeys, but 
   since his mission was so successful we can use the positive 
   qualities of Admetos: [steadfastness, patience, condensation, 
   firmness] influencing Me / Ju [a great journey]. 

Now, let's look at his forthcoming mission, again using solar arc 
directed to natal midpoints: 

Me = Su / Me    Here we have the traveller (Mercury) bringing energy 
    to "The body in motion.  Consciousness. Young body. Youth." 
  [You have to love it: youth at 77 years !] 

Su = Ap / Ad   "Satisfactory conditions.  Days of contentment and 
   rest.  The man whose mind is at rest and easy.  Well balanced 
   mentally so that nothing can move or scare him." 

This is only a quick, superficial look.  I have not investigated 
transits or more complex planetary pictures for his October mission. 
What else can be seen ?  Will his health be good ?  Will his mission be 
successful ? 

John Herschel Glenn    [ A relevant middle name !] 
18 July 1921  3.00 PM EST 
Cambridge OH, USA   40N02   81W35 

First mission: 20 Feb 1962   9.48 AM EST 
Cape Canaveral to 1300km/800mi SE of Bermuda 

Next mission:  29 Oct 1998   2.00 PM EST 
Cape Canaveral to "everywhere" ! 
Of course, the time could be changed. 

Footnote:  John Glenn has been married for 55 years to Annie.  She 
has endured her husband being on 149 combat missions (WW2 and Korea), and 
of course the 1962 orbits.  Into their eigth decade of life, she probably 
was sure they could relax into a quiet and safe retirement (when he leaves 
the USA Senate). When he told her of his upcoming space mission, he says 
"Annie was a little cool to the idea to begin with."   ;-)) 

Kind Regards, 


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Checking my records on John Glenn my main file shows a time of 
4:00 PM EST. This was allegedly from the Birth Certificate according to Michel 
Another book in my library - "Pioneers of Tomorrow" by Karen 
Spahn (published 1980 by Astro -Analytics) gives the 3:00PM time with no 
source shown in the main part of her book. Then in an appendix she shows 
the 4:00 PM time with her source as American Astrology Magazine. 

Personally, I would go with the 4:00 PM time. 

Best to all, Jerry Foulger 

Date:          Sun, 16 Aug 1998 17:43:44 -0400 (EDT) 
From:          Mary Downing 
Subject:       Re: ## Steve: Astronaut John Glenn 

Hello all 

I've been enjoying your list for a few weeks without contributing, for 
which I plead "busyness".  However since Steve Lee offered the data on 
John Glenn, I thought you might be interested in some other data.  I'm 
working on an article regarding the NASA program, so I have the data 
sitting right here. 

Alan Shepard's time is unknown, but his (the first NASA) suborbital flight 
ocurred 9:34 AM, on May 5, 1961 from Cape Canaveral (Cape Kennedy) 
Florida. Lasted 15 min 28 sec.  He was born Nov. 18, 1923 in East Derry 
NH., dod July 21, 1998. 

It's curious that both fatal accidents in the NASA launch program happened 
with the Sun at 8-9 Aquarius.  The Challenger  was Jan 28, 1986 11:40 
a.m., EST and the earlier Apollo fire on Jan 27, 1967  6:31 PM EST both at 
Cape Kennedy. 

Apollo 11, the lunar landing flight, lauched July 16, 1969, 9:32 am. EDT 
at Cape Kennedy.   The Eagle (LEM lander) touched down on the moon , 4:05 
PM EDT (you supply whatever coordinates you want for this one) and Neil 
Armstrong actually set foot (his left one) at 10:56 PM EDT. 

--Mary Downing 

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Subject:         Re: ## Steve: Astronaut John Glenn 

>John Herschel Glenn    [ A relevant middle name !] 
>18 July 1921  3.00 PM EST 
>Cambridge OH, USA   40N02   81W35 

>First mission: 20 Feb 1962   9.48 AM EST 
>Cape Canaveral to 1300km/800mi SE of Bermuda 

>Next mission:  29 Oct 1998   2.00 PM EST 
>Cape Canaveral to "everywhere" ! 
>Of course, the time could be changed. 

 Using the birthdata, here are some very tight pictures, IF THE 

 MC=MO+ME-AS  Working with vehicles 

  =NO+AS-ME      Mental associasion with others. 

  =MO+AP-ME      Be many hours on the move. Wider horizons. 

  =UR+AD-ME      Travel by sudden rupture-like separation. Travel by 
  breaking off from earth gravity. 

  =SU+AD-MO      Earth satellite ? 

  =AS+UR-MO      To be the cause for his wife's tension and 
  excitement? :) =ME+NO-AP      Scientific exchanges in the business 
  world. Connected with travel to very distant places? 

  =JU+PL-NO      New good/fortunate connectios. Connected to fortunate 
  =PL+ZE-NO      To begin/start something new and tackle a problem. Be 
      connected(Node) with controlling(Pluto) a rocket(Zeus)? 

  =UR+AP-NO      Be connected with innovative/space related 
    science/travel? To be connected with people who are under tense 
   excitement and expectation. Sudden expansion in connections. 

  =SU+AP-UR       Sudden, unexpected honor and success. 

  =VE+AP-UR       Burning love for science, (especially space 

 =MA+VU-SU       A man with great physical power. 
                              Physically active man. 

=SU+VU-ZE (EXACT) Enormous endeavor and 
                                    physical accomplishment. 

=MA+ZE-KR        Prize winner in shooting 
                        match? Master in activity. Leader of 
              military detachment. high flying rocketman? astronaut? 

  =SU+VE-KR        A Don Juan. 


  =MO/NO           Sympathy towards women? 

  =ME/UR           Space traveler? good mathematician? original 

 =MA/AP           Bold, openminded, cheerful. To unfold 
                            large scientific/trade activity 

  =MO/VU  " I am the cause of a great surprise to the public. 
     I deal with people of public influence. There is a powerful 
     interest between me and the public. I cause a sensation..." 

First Mission. Some of the Transits to natal midpoints: 

Me(t)= CU/ZE  - travel for military organiztion? Foundation of travel 

Ma(t)=MA/UR = Energetic act. 

 =Mo/ZE working toward a goal. 

SU(t) = MO/MA an active man 

 = UR/PL The leaping man? Physical development which commences 
      suddely? Launch? Lift off? 

Some of the transits of midpoints to natal Mars: 

MA(n) = MO/AD(t) -forced to work in a closed/narrow place, excluded 
   from the public. work in a prison-like place (inside a rocket?). 

=VU/SU(t) - To employ great physical strength at work. 

Some Solar arc directions for first mission: 
Uranus(s)=Mars(n)= JU/PL = MC/NO 
Fortuna(s)=ARIES=Kronos(n) = ME(n) =UR/CU=CU/VU=SU/MA=MC/AD=NO/HA 

Any suggestions for interpretations? Anyone cares to provide Witte's 
interpretations from "Rules"? 

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Hi Steve, 

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998, "The Uranian Group" <> wrote: 

>Two brief questions: 
>Did you use a 45 degree dial / modulus, or 90 degree or ? 

I used the 8th harmonic chart which is similar to the 45* dial. 

>For transits and solar arcs, what orbs did you use ? 

Very tight orbs. I'll try to track them back and recalculate some: 

First Mission. Some of the Transits to natal midpoints: 
Me(t)= CU/ZE  - travel for military organiztion? Foundation of travel 
corporation? (orb = 0.5' "half a minute") 

Ma(t)=MA/UR = Energetic act. (orb= 1.75') 

=Mo/ZE working toward a goal. (orb = 2.13') 

SU(t) = MO/MA an active man (orb = 13') 

 = UR/PL The leaping man? Physical development which commences 
   suddely? Launch? Lift off? (orb = 1.9') 

Some Solar arc directions for first mission: 
Uranus(s)=Mars(n) (3.5') " A state of great excitement" 

= JU/PL (10') "The carrying out of fortunate plans. A suprisingly 
    fortunate development" 

= MC/NO (13') ""To seek  fellowship in one's work. To experience 
    sudden emotion". 

Fortuna(s)=ARIES (EXACT- no orb) =Kronos(n) (2.25') = ME(n)(5.6') 

=UR/CU (20') (NASA?) 
=CU/VU (8.5') (Great organization) 
=SU/MA (13') (Professional soldier/commander/pilot) 
 =MC/AD (10') (Perserverence as a "master traveler") 
 =NO/HA (8') (???) 
=AD/PO (4') (Be rated as an uotstanding example) 
 = SA/PL (12') 

Saturn(s)=Zeus(n) (2') =JU/ZE (10') =NO/PO (0.6') =MA/NE (1.5') 
=PL/ZE (0.4') = UR/AP (0.4') 

Venus(s)=EP(n) (2.6') =MA/VU (7.5') =SU/MC (9.5') =PL/KR (4.8') 
=NE/HA (8.6') (= PL/AR) 

-  Lea 

[ Note from Steve:  Thanks, Lea.  Love those very tight orbs ! 
  It is interesting that you use harmonic charts, as I just dredged 
  up David Hamblin's book "Harmonic Charts" two days ago. 
  There is something more satisfying about looking at a chart 
  rather than a list of numbers. ] 

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