YEAR !!   


    Pauline, Steve, Amy & Ben

   Many good things happened  
  in 1997, including.... 

  ** Pauline said 'good-bye' to 
       cancer, and 'hello' to a 
       new liver !! 

   **  Steve became a  
         New Zealand 
   ** Amy went to the senior ball  
      and continued to excel  
      in her school studies...
  ** Ben won tennis 
      and  enjoyed  
      soccer and  
      cricket to  
      the fullest !
   Pauline tutored a Montessori  
   workshop in Auckland, with  
   Steve as her assistant ...
   ... and we look forward to more exciting challenges for 1998 ! 
                    We wish you a safe and happy holiday.   
                        Best wishes from the four of us.
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