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>Two brief questions: 
>Did you use a 45 degree dial / modulus, or 90 degree or ? 

I used the 8th harmonic chart which is similar to the 45* dial. 

>For transits and solar arcs, what orbs did you use ? 

Very tight orbs. I'll try to track them back and recalculate some: 

First Mission. Some of the Transits to natal midpoints: 
Me(t)= CU/ZE  - travel for military organiztion? Foundation of travel 
corporation? (orb = 0.5' "half a minute") 

Ma(t)=MA/UR = Energetic act. (orb= 1.75') 

=Mo/ZE working toward a goal. (orb = 2.13') 

SU(t) = MO/MA an active man (orb = 13') 

 = UR/PL The leaping man? Physical development which commences 
   suddely? Launch? Lift off? (orb = 1.9') 

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Subject:           dials and orbs 


>Regarding the following, from your letter: 
> First I did a cosmogram which shows the radix chart on the  inner 
>wheel 360d,  then selected an 11 15 dial which places next the 

>Could you please explain why you chose the 11 15 dial ?  Does the 
>Hamburg School suggest that this is most accurate for physical 
>manifestations (e.g.. a car accident) ? 

>Also, what is meant by a 'cosmogram' ?  Is it different to Uranian 
>dials ? 

>I do know that a significant number of members on this list would 
>benefit from these explanations. I also would like to share your 
>answers with the Midpoints 101 group. Thanks. 


Dear Steve and fellow Uranians, 

First I am not an authority on the Hamburg School (or any school) so 
can only speak from my understandings of what I have read. 

In Uranian Astrology one looks at relationships between planets 
situated around hard angles of the dial  ...  folds of the wheel.  The 
strongest contacts are the direct ones, that is the conjunctions and 
oppositions,  then squares, midpoint trees, sensitive points to these 
positions.  But if one just looked at these points one would miss a lot of 
indirect information which is why astrologers, Uranian and Cosmobiologists 
look at smaller dials of the wheel. 

For instance the most common (I assume) dial used by Uranians and 
Cosmobiologists is the 90° dial which is 2 folds of the circle or 
360°/4.  This division of the circle show all planets with 0°, 180°, 
and 90°  distances in the given position of the dial in either 
cardinal, fixed or mutable signs.  Any planet that has a 45° distance to 
this point shows up in the opposite position of the dial,  22°30' on the 
square point and 11°15' on the semi square point,  thus all the planets at 
hard angles to can easily be seen by scanning around the dial,  also 
indirect midpoint trees become apparent. 

Similarly as more folds are made, i.e. 360°/8 (45°), /16° (22°30'), 
/32 (11°15'),  finer and finer relationships become apparent.  However one 
must remain aware that as the degrees on the dial decrease,  the strength 
of the contact becomes weaker therefore a tighter orb is necessary when 
considering the influence.  Something else to keep in mind when looking at 
the smaller dials is that that strong direct may be missed where minor 
relationships may appear more important. 

IMHO one should always look at the natal chart first and consider the 
placement of planets within the houses and the movement of directed, 
transiting planets through the houses. Then usually I would look at the 
90° dial. 

With Janus this is super easy,  one just selects the Cosmogram option 
where one can select any of the dials listed above and see in the middle, 
the natal planets around 360° dial, then moving outwards the natal 
planets, the directed plants, then the transits on the dial of choice.  
For me it has never been so easy to cross check and consider the complex 
relationships between planets around axes. (Cosmogram .. a term coined to 
cover this dial   ....   Hamish is a Cosmobiologist primarily????) 

>Could you please explain why you chose the 11 15 dial ?  Does the 
>Hamburg School suggest that this is most accurate for physical 
>manifestations (e.g.. a car accident) ? 

I do not know what the Uranian School would recommend investigating 
physical manifestations.  Bearing in mind the preceding discussion 
personally I would not use the dial unless very accurate timing both 
of event and natal chart were certain.  I would not use the dial for 
predictive work, rather for investigation of historic events,  for 
in-depth analysis.  Others may have different opinions.  Scott wrote 
last year using a small dial to analyze Tiger Wood's chart.  Scott 
would be better qualified to comment. 

The event  described in an 'Angel on my Shoulder' where I investigated the 
11°15' using Janus was what I would call a minor event. Dramatic at the 
moment,  but with no lasting effect on the course a lifetime, or even a 
day.  Therefore,  one  would not expect to find the event marked by any 
major transits or directions however if the theory is correct for a 
situation to manifest the personal points must be involved so a finer 
analysis was used. I am reasonably certain of the birth and event times. 

Interestingly enough in the legacy of that moment I now look up the 
Book of Rules and find among other interpretations: 
  mc  t   the I,  the moment 
  =ze/po d  the formal proof,  the evidence,    
   (=mc to know ways and means of getting out)  
=as/mo r  to be brought into public by others  
Small wonder one is compelled to investigate the moment and share the 

Orbs   ....   Steve I do not know what are the rule of thumb orbs for use 
with different dials.  Are you considering natal or life events? When 
confronted with long trees using the traditionally accepted orbs to make 
sense of the situation and weed out irrelevant information it becomes 
necessary to tighten the orb,  especially when looking at past events.  
Tuomo mentioned max. orb he used was 10'.   Having said that I am finding 
that with major life events, the apparent discrepancy of a few minutes in 
orb to make an exact contact with a planet or midpoint may be explained by 
midpoints, sensitive or personal points close to the obvious point. 

Dechen   :)) 

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