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This Policy is to maintain harmony in our group, to promote cooperation, mutual respect and the sharing of information so that our astrology improves.  This Policy maintains order so that disruptive elements do not interrupt the exchange of material.

If you disagree with this list Policy:
1.  Contact the moderator by private mail, in accordance with the Complaints Procedure.
2.  Do not send group or private mail, i.e., become a lurker. 
     (However, see the section below on Lurkers.)
3.  Unsubscribe and go somewhere else.

You may be removed from the list if you flout the list Policy, or you will lose certain privileges. 

The moderator will give members who breach the list Policy one warning by private mail. When the rules are broken again, the member will face one or more of the following consequences: moderation of their posts, losing the privilege of posting to the group for a set time (usually a month or more), loss of membership, or permanent banning from all of the moderator’s email lists. The moderator may choose not to engage in a prolonged discussion or dispute on this matter. The member will be told to follow the Complaints Procedure, and if the member follows it adequately the moderator will take this into account concerning the loss of privileges. In the past (1997 - 2001) the moderator has tolerated repeated breaches of list policy by the same few members: this will not continue. If you ignore the rules and go your own way, you will face the consequences.

Members may have their posts moderated. This means that what you submit is subject to the moderator’s approval. You may or may not get a rejection notice or an explanation of why it was not acceptable, other than to be referred to our list Policy and Complaints Procedure. Sometimes the entire list is moderated. 

The moderator is also the list owner and his job is to restrict disruptive elements, curtail or settle disputes that arise, maintain respect and keep a positive atmosphere among members. If you have a complaint, follow the Complaints Procedure, or if you are unwilling to do this then either unsubscribes or leave everyone alone and become a lurker. The moderator has little tolerance for rude or disrespectful language via group or private mail. If you cannot see the logic behind this Policy and the Complaints Procedure, you will probably perceive the moderator as a dictator with a hunger for power and control. If you understand, you will see that the aim is for harmony and the advancement of our form of astrology.

Disrespectful, impolite, or rude language is not to be used on this list. Do not discuss sensitive issues such as politics, religion or cultural differences in a disrespectful manner. Disruptive members will be removed permanently. This is not a usual problem on this list, but it has happened.  It seems that about 1 or 2 in a 100 members will at sometime act immaturely and selfishly.  Please notify the moderator of such occurrences and include the offending items.  The moderator has little tolerance for those who disrupt the list through impolite, disrespectful, egotistic or immature behaviour. If you are subjected to a personal attack or other unpleasant language, follow the Complaints Procedure.

All members involved in disharmonious exchanges will have their mail automatically moderated, or will be removed from the list.  Usually this refers to group posts, but may also apply to private letters sent to the moderator, or possibly private letters sent by a member to others on the list that cause group disharmony. A 'right of reply' to continue the dispute by group mail is NOT allowed. Members must follow the Complaints Procedure. The moderator has the final say in such matters and may decide not to enter into discussion with those involved. The moderator will also, in most cases, be open to considerations of each disputant's views, and will (if he has time) try to understand the reasons for the dispute.  Usually the moderator will end all discussion related to the dispute until the situation has been clarified and settled, then will issue a final comment. Be warned: the moderator has a low tolerance level for disruptive letters, so heed this advice!! 

Follow the Complaints Procedure. 
Do not continue by group post. 
You do not have a right of reply via group post.

Contentious issues such as politics, religion, ethnicity, etc. are not to be discussed (in a disrespectful and disruptive manner.) These topics can be presented in a factual, respectful manner but be sure to include substantial astrology.

Arrogance, pontificating, patronizing, disrespect, anger, personal attacks, character defamation, egotism, sarcasm, snide remarks, etc. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and consequently members will be prevented from posting or will be removed from the list. This applies to group posts as well as private letters to the moderator.

Debates, criticism and disagreement can be posted, but it must be done in a respectful manner. Please be sensible. The moderator actually encourages debates since they are interesting and stimulate further discussion. 

Unlike other lists, you may advertise on Steve Lee’s lists with the following qualifications:
It should be related to the aims of our group, or at least material that is of a high standard (obviously no Sun sign nonsense, etc.). No “click here to make me money” URLs, such as with Amazon.com. Conferences and workshops are acceptable, even if not directly related to our aims. If you include a URL, give a short explanation of what the web site is about. The advertising may be either directly or indirectly related to astrology (an indirect example would be astronomical software). If in doubt, check with the moderator first.


If you want to change the topic, also change the Subject line. This is one of the most common complaints on email lists, and reflects a certain laziness or inconsiderate nature of the person who makes the post. When the Subject line does not match the topic of the post, it causes confusion, especially when searching through the Archives of old posts.

These are generally not read because email readers like to do things fast, quickly skimming from post to post. Consider breaking your post up, or inserting topic headings within your post. Long paragraphs should be broken up.

Include interpretations, even if they are brief. If you simply copy what your computer spits out, and paste long lists into a group post, there will be few members who will bother with your post. In other words, avoid lots of abbreviations and planetary lists unless you also add explanations in plain English language.

Not on this list. Your post must contain substantial material - not necessarily long and complex, but some astrological reference is needed. Ask yourself: “Does everyone on the list need to read this?” If the answer is “No”, then just send it by private mail !  “Me-too’s” are those annoying posts that say “I agree with you”, or “Nice post, you have great ideas”, “My Sun is in Cancer also!” - etc.  Not on this list - please!

If you do not want your post put on another list, clearly state this at the top or bottom of your post. Generally group posts are subject to placement on the Symmetrical Astrology web site, with your email address removed. The moderator supports freedom of the Internet and sharing of information, but posts and other material on our two web sites may NOT be copied into a publication or another web site without permission from the moderator and acknowledgment of the sources (author and site). When posting material you did not personally write, please include the source and give credit where credit is due. Most email list members do not mind if you resend their post somewhere else, but this is not always the case; it is up to you to use your judgement, but as a guide, if the author of the post is well-known and gives a significant amount of material then you should ask permission from the author as well as the list moderator. Our Archive of group posts is not accessible to the public and therefore is not (contrary to what some people believe) ‘owned’ by YahooGroups with their copyright.


The post that you are responding to (unless you start an original topic) should be included, marked with the “>” symbols at the left margin. Do not include the entire post if it is long, and then add a sentence or two. Be neat, be smart, be tidy. Watch the formatting. Leave adequate space and do not squash your data together in a jumbled mess. Leave just enough of the message you are responding to convey the essence of the idea and make your reply understandable. For example, including an entire 200 line post in your reply and writing one sentence of your own should be avoided. 

Since Americans use Month-Day-Year, most other countries use Day-Month-Year, and Chinese use Year-Month-Day, we all need to spell out the month. Thus: 11 September 2001,  or 11 Sept ’01, and not 11-9-01 or 9-11-01.

It is a requirement that all members are familiar with and can use all options on the YahooGroups web site (this is the site, or server, that distributes our group posts. You must register, read the user-friendly Help information, and become familiar with the options. If you problems, read the FAQ’s, use the Yahoo help desk, or ask another group member - but not the moderator.

 Please keep a record of how to subscribe, unsubscribe and to get a digest of group posts.  Be sure to visit the YahooGroups web site at  yahoogroups.com    You will need to register first (quick and easy) so that member services can be accessed. This is a REQUIREMENT: you need to be able to access YahooGroups services for our group.  To UNSUBSCRIBE from our group, send an email to: midpoints101- unsubscribe@egroups.com  You can also unsubscribe by simply clicking on the "subscription options" line at the top of each group post.  For other groups: see the "footer" at the bottom of each group post. 

 You may opt for 'web only' posts, which mean that you can still be a member but will not be sent emails. In this way, you can view group posts on our yahoogroups site.  This option can be changed at any time and is often useful for times when you are on holidays or otherwise away from your home computer.    If you change your email address, or have problems receiving group mail, or have questions or difficulties with yahoogroups,  <please> go to yahoogroups.com   and read the information - there are many useful tips and explanations!  Please do not contact the moderator (or the entire group!) if you want to change your email address or to change delivery options; you must do this yourself. After you have thoroughly studied the yahoogroups pages, and if you still experience difficulty, then contact the moderator via private mail.  Thank you. 

You may opt for a daily digest instead of individual emails, or you can choose to read group posts on the web only. You can also change your email address. It is all there on YahooGroups, so don’t ask the moderator to do this for you.

At the bottom of every group post is a “footer”. Read this and follow what it says. At the top of every post is a line that says: [Double-click this line for list subscription options]  -  Try it.

You are expected "to be a reasonably competent internet user", which means that, e.g. you know how:  to alter the Subject line to fit the content of your post, to change the "To:" line from group mail to a private post, to copy and paste a URL, to cope with "404 Error" messages, etc.  If you need help, ask a list member, your neighbour’s high school computer whiz, do a computer course, or read the many help pages on the Net. In other words, do not ask for basic help from the moderator and do not disrupt our list by doing something stupid.

The aim of this group is to discuss the basic techniques of "Symmetrical Astrology" - Uranian, The Hamburg School, Cosmobiology, Midpoints, including the works of Witte and Ebertin.  This group is for beginners and teachers of this level. Our associated email list is "Symmetrical Astrology", for more advanced techniques.  You are encouraged to ask questions on Midpoints 101.  If you do not know where to start, just go to the Symmetrical Astrology web site. If you are a new member and you do not see any mail from this group, keep in mind that we have a low volume of mail, but there are hundreds of good posts for you to read in our Archive of mail. Do not post complex or difficult material on this list. Special notes: this list is not exclusively Uranian; you do not need to use the Transneptunian Points; Cosmobiology is part of our group; Asteroids are acceptable - in moderation.

The aim of this group is to discuss the basic techniques of "Symmetrical Astrology" - Uranian, The Hamburg School, Cosmobiology, Midpoints, Halfsums, including the works of Witte and Ebertin.  This group is for experience astrologers who have adequate resources. You do not need to be an ‘expert’ but you do need to have a good foundation of Uranian or Cosmobiological techniques.  Do not post basic material on this list unless it relates to a topic being discussed (use Midpoints 101 for simple items). Special notes: this list is not exclusively Uranian; you do not need to use the Transneptunian Points; Cosmobiology is part of our group; Asteroids are acceptable - in moderation.

It is a requirement that you carefully explore our two web sites. The URL-addresses for these sites are found at the bottom of every group post: OUR WEB SITES:  http://junojuno2.tripod.com/ http://www.yahoogroups.com/  (register first).

Don’t proliferate this rubbish. Check the validity of the virus warning, special offer, health risk, etc. - before you send it to other people. Some people try to excuse themselves by explaining “I just wanted to be sure, just in case…” - but this only underlines their irresponsible behaviour.  The following sites have information on hoaxes: 

When asking basic questions, it is a good idea to investigate both of our web sites first. Please do this!  While Midpoints 101 is for beginner's, avoid simplistic posts: e.g. "Which books are good? What does the Ascendant mean?" MANY basic questions are already answered for you on my Symmetrical Astrology web site: you are expected to at least read the material for beginners. The site's search engine is good for research; you will need at least a version 4 web browser for the search engine on my site to be enabled. Our yahoogroups site also has its own search facility. 

Do NOT send personal messages via group mail.  This particularly applies to brief messages. Before you send your email, look at the 'Send to' address and ask yourself if it is necessary that all members read your post!  Please help us keep this list free of unnecessary clutter.   Do NOT send "me too" responses. These brief notes only clutter ups our mailboxes. This includes brief  "thank you" notes.  If you really want to send such notes, do it by private mail direct to the person concerned - and not via group post....  or include some astrology or other substantial material. 

This can posted if it is relevant to a topic being discussed, but you must give a reason for posting the material, i.e. include at least a few sentences at the top of your post with your explanation. Do not simply copy a news item from a web site and post it. Include a relevant Subject line.

All members are expected to contribute to the group posts. If you want to lurk (remain hidden and not post), this is fine as long as you send at least one post per year. If you do not send a group post (that complies with our group Policy) within 12 months, then you may be removed from the list. This is a new requirement as of October 2001.

Often when a person has considerable knowledge and is either considered an expert by others or themselves, they believe that they can ignore the list rules. They place themselves above others and arrogantly believe that they have the right to criticise others in a disrespectful manner. All members must follow the list rules and face the consequences if they flout list Policy. However, when a knowledgeable and experienced member has significantly contributed to the group, especially in a helpful, kind manner, then in this case the moderator will take this into consideration and may ‘bend the rules’ - but only a little, and for a short time. This can be seen as ‘favouritism’ or ‘giving special treatment’ in an unfair manner. Members should know that only some latitude would be given to an expert who has contributed significant material to the list, and that in most cases they will be treated the same as all other members. The moderator often spends a great deal of time dealing with expert astrologers who behave arrogantly, like prima donnas, and this can be very exasperating because of their rude, self-centred attitude. When demands are made, rules are repeatedly broken, improper language used, etc. - the moderator will - with any member, no matter how experienced - impose the consequences of preventing them from posting or removing them from the group.

If you do NOT have basic knowledge of astrology, or are just beginning your astrological studies, you should not be on this list. You need a firm foundation of the basics to be a member. Refer to the Aims and Focus of our group. 

If you are unable to change your way of communicating so that it meets this list Policy, then please unsubscribe. If you use language that is arrogant, rude, disrespectful, impolite, etc., then you are not welcome here. This applies mainly to group mail but also to private posts to the moderator or to members so that it causes group disharmony. You should find a list that allows you to express yourself the way you want, how you want, when you want, without taking other’s feelings into account.  But before you go, please consider the following sentence:  While not every person will feel content with our List Policy and Complaints Procedure, the majority understand that these guidelines exist to enable the free exchange of information, mutual respect and international cooperation.  If you are willing to engage in friendly discussion, with an open heart and mind, and a willingness to share and assist others on their astrological, personal and spiritual journey, then please stay with us. We need you. 

See also the Complaints Procedure at:    http://junojuno2.tripod.com/complaints.html

The moderator welcomes constructive comments on our Policy. 

Your views are important. 

A sincere "Thank you" to all members who have co-operated in a positive manner. 
Your contribution is valuable and much appreciated. 

Steve Lee
16 October 2001 

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