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Deep Space 1  NASA Space Probe

Into space - the space probe and Discovery lift off

Here are some astrological probe into events of going to space, featuring Utranian TNPs, midpoints, sabian symbols and more.

From the CNN http://www.cnn.com/TECH/space/9810/24/deep.space.launch/

NASA launches 'Star Trek' spacecraft of the future

NASA launches Deep Space 1
 October 24, 1998
Web posted at: 12:28 p.m. EDT (1628 GMT)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (CNN) -- NASA launched a spacecraft Saturday that can think for itself and is driven by ion propulsion -- the stuff of "Star Trek."

Deep Space 1 blasted off through clouds aboard an unmanned Boeing Delta II rocket, bound for an asteroid 120 million miles (193 million kilometers) away.

The launch at 8:08 a.m. (1208 GMT) kicked off NASA's New Millennium program of "high risk, high payoff" technology missions that the space agency hopes will lead to frequent, affordable trips into space.

"Deep Space 1 is taking the risks so that future missions don't have to," said Marc Rayman, chief engineer and deputy mission manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California

....[Big Snip]....

The craft will use artificial intelligence to steer the craft to its rendezvous with an asteroid in July 1999. Engineers hope the auto-pilot system will reduce the space probe's reliance on ground control for navigation.

If all goes well, in 2001 the probe will fly on to take a close-up look at Wilson-Harrington, believed to be a burned- out comet, and could continue to visit Comet Borrelly. NASA's new Millennium project.

-------------------------------------ChartData: -----------

24-Oct-1998 8:08am (gmt-4), Cape Canaveral 80W36 28N24.

PP on the 64th harmonic chart:

ARIES= NO+HA-NE connected to research in deep space.
HA+VU-AP success in scientific research or great failure in science.
HA+ZE-VU powerful research rocket.
ZE+PO-KR great mental accomplishment. artificial intelligence (high machine's intelligence).
UR+AD-KR Launch, lift-off (rupture like separation directed upwards)
AS+CU-ME Home of travel agency (NASA's Cape Canaveral)
UR+CU-ZE Space agency's rocket. (Fire in large establishmant caused by explosion)
UR+AS-AD Launch, lift off.
JU+PL-AS successful change of place.
JU+UR-HA successful space research.

MC=MOON  Public event
SU+VE-NO Popular, show.
SU+NE-NO Acquaintance with spacecraft.
SU+NO-MO witnessed by the public
MA+NO-MO Public common activity
ME+NE-SU motion of masses of gas. physical body moving through massive clouds.
SA+AP-MA Systematic proceedings. Activities carried out after a certain method.
NO+ZE-VU connected to mighty rocket engines. Great common effort.
SA+ZE-ME Quick enforced separation.
SU+VU-ZE Enormous endeavor and physical accomplishment.
ME+MA-AD fight against gravitational forces. "To boldly go where none has gone before!"
ZE+AP-AS Handling of rockets. Place of experiments, study , research with modern science. Jet propulsion labratory.
MA+CU-UR modern technology (Aerospace) company/agency (work partnership).
ME+KR-UR Official space traveler. Announced by the state. Creator of new things. Official pioneer. Futuristic master traveler.

In a message dated 10`26`98 11:40:09 AM, you wrote:
<<HA+VU-AP success in scientific research or great failure in science. >>

hahahahhahahahaha  I love Uranian combinations.  Always keep you guessing as to the outcome.  Goes to show you that there are no absolutes in our world.

    I believe the negative takes place if the sensitive point or planetary picture triggers a negative axis. The positive takes place when the triggering axis is positive. For example lets imagine an analysis of the directions reveals that Hades+Vulcanus-Apollon equals the client's radix Jupiter. We also find that during a certain Moon phase this Jupiter will be triggered. The answer to the client's question is yes, some proof will be realized around the time of the observed Moon Phase.

By the same token this realization could bring about a disappointment in that the research will not prove what was originally desired, but prove a totally different medical reality. In this case both influences would come to pass. . . . proof and failure. One sure observation that can be given by this axis in the above analysis is this - the client will have some favorable information on his/her research at a certain appointed time that is indicated in the horoscope. Whether it is the information desired is unknown, but appears to be so. This answer would be no small piece of information and would come true.


Yakshi, you are totally correct. "There are no absolutes in the world." This is particularly true in astrology. There has already been sufficient research to know that the planetary picture is always there when the event happens, but the event doesn't always happen when the planetary picture is present. This is why triggers should be double or triple with radix, directed and transits repeating.

The tremendous insight into one's own life and the great value of one's ability to get an idea of what the immediate future might be . . . this knowledge is invaluable. This is the kind of knowledge available for those who understand Witte's methods.


I agree with your laugh Yakshi. . . ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - - - because so often the student looses sight of the fact that he/she is observing symbolisms. So often the new student asks more from astrology than it can offer. Many need to be reminded that we are seeing SYMBOLS. None of these symbols have proper names or number for addresses, or an exact shape or size or dimension.

We know that Admetos is small, that Apollon enlarges, that Kronos gives Height, that Poseidon conceals the most dynamic kinds of life sustaining unseen powers, that Vulcanus increases energy, that Hades reduces organic growth, that Cupido builds up growth through integration and cooperation, that Zeus ignites the seed,


We can never know from astrology the exact size of how small, how large, how high, how powerful, how much energy, how decayed, the degree of growth, the extension of the generation.


The planetary pictures are excellent, but unfortunately we all want to become more exact and have more detail. Maybe your new sight will find the anwers Yakshi. Good Luck.

One of my most favored axes is Zeus/Poseidon. This axis represents finding proof or evidence. The most beneficial ways to use Uranian Astrology is to pose a question to the chart.  Let us suppose that the client has Zeus/Poseidon=Jupiter radix.  Our client wants to know if his/her medical research will produce results?

Yes, IMHO this might show that an analysis of an event chart, the uranian way (maybe unlike traditional horary methods?), on a hard aspect harmonic dial, gives only the description of the event itself, as  manifested on the physical plane. In this case, for example, the combination: "MC=HA+VU-AP" may reflect the fact that this is considered a "very risky mission", that could either end up as a great success, or a total failure...just as one can read on the announcement:

According to Witte's "Rules", HA+VU stands for "great danger", and AP stands for "science" or "great distance", among other things.

As Steve commented, what lies ahead for that space probe is "written" in the future transits, Directions and progressions to that event chart.

But, of course, I may be wrong. So I'd be glad to hear other people's opinions considering this question (of the information included in a "Uranian" event chart, as is)

Discovery, Glenn lift off on historic flight

After brief delays, the shuttle Discovery blasted off at 2:19 p.m. ET Thursday carrying 77-year-old John Glenn and six other astronauts into space on the most publicized shuttle mission in years.

President Clinton and dozens of congressmen were among the approximately 250,000 people and 3,000 members of the media who watched Discovery lift off into a bright blue sky above Kennedy Space

John Glenn roars back into space
Seventy-seven-year-old John Glenn and six fellow astronauts roared off into a cloudless Florida sky aboard the shuttle Discovery Thursday, trailing three fiery plumes of exhaust as they began the most celebrated
space mission in many years.

29-Oct-1998 2:19pm gmt-5, Cape Canaveral 80W36 20N24

Lunar south Node on the Asc...

Sabian symbols:
Asc=28Aqu16 (opposite recent solar eclipse)
Aquarius 29 The beautifully winged insect has just come forth into glorious adult being on completion of its metamorphosis.

Sagittarius 09 A mother is leading her children up a broad FLIGHT of steps. they enjoy the task OF LIFTING little feet.

Scorpio 07 A queer craft equipped with special machinery is the base of operations for courageous divers of the deep sea.

Aquarius 23 A big trained bear sitting on a chair especially built for him is waving all four paws in grotesque fashion. (Ahem...that's what the astronauts look like in their space suits, while training for the mission, or taking a space walk...)

MARS=13VIR27 (opposite recent lunar eclipse)
Virgo 14 A large sheet of parchment is covered with finely lettered names and mysterious lines; it is a splendid family tree.

Pisces 19 The young man and old one have walked weary miles but as master and pupil  they neither are fatigued.

Pisces 18 The celebrated revivalist has erected his huge tent, now warmed
by music, lights and the smell of sawdust.

scorrpio 22 A group of hunters protected by heavy clothing are making their way out into the marsh to shoot wild ducks.

Virgo 17 A vast display of cosmic forces is seen in the eruption of a volcano with dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings.

East Point=5Pis15
Pisces 06 All the traditional dignity of West Point is seen in the parade of officers-in-the-making under the setting sun.

Planetary Pictures
ARIES=mercury= public opinion
MA/JU fruit bearing deeds. Joyous happenings
ME/MA Energetic action
ME/PO The ideals of the generality.
NE/CU Moving away
SA/CU General common connections are separated
MO/UR Eventful hour. General excitement.
MO/HA Hours of anguish
MC/PL One's (space program's?) development depends on the general political condition
NO/HA Connected to research about aging?
MC/VU Influence many people.

MC+CU-MA Working with others.
JU+NO-MC General popularity.
SA+PO-MC Set an example.
JU+SA-NE The time of result lies in the distant future. A matter takes a very long time to mature. Damage to the launching pad/tower throught successful separation?
AS+UR-NO Cause excitement to acquaintances. Seeking stimulation and change together with others.
AS+HA-NO Get connected to research
MC+MA-MO The correct use and division of one's time One's public activity.
VE+PO-AS World wide concept
SA+ME-VE Separation from loved ones /acquaintances.
MA+AS-VE popular activity of others.
MA+AP-VU Great effort and success in science.
ME+KR-VU Powerful master traveler. Powerful senator traveler.
ME+AD-ZE Rocket's beginning of motion/travel. To concentrate one's thought on directing or leading something. Thoughts about difficults of a beginning.
UR+CU-AD To suddenly separate/withdraw from the community.
HA+CU-AD very Concentrated Storage of supplies.
JU+PO-(UR=HA) Understanding of sudden/accelerated aging.
MA+(UR=HA)-JU Fortunate in danger.

MA+AR-CU Concerted action.
NO+CU-PL Assembly of a corporation. Previous connections are started all over.
SA+PL-(UR=HA) An elderly man unafraid of danger.
NO+(UR=HA)-PO Wanting to clear up and understand the secrets of (accelarated) aging (in outer space) together with others.
NE+PO-JU To successfult pretend.
SA+PO-AR Genaral affaires of education. Be a public model.
JU+NO-AR General fortunate union
AR+MO-MA Industrious or working people. Martial people/nation.
VE+MA-NE false devotion to the cause? End of connections with relatives?
NE+NO-SA Loss throught separation? Tied for good to something disagreeable?
SA+NE-MO Public/hour of methodical execution of plans. Slow atainment of success through intense activity and  great painstaking effort.
VE+NE-SU day of Rapture or deceptive hopes.
SU+AS-AP To interact with men of knowlege who have the answers. Social gatherings with dignitaries and successful people.
MO+AP-VU To see efforts rewarded. To experience many hours of success. Might and power of masses in motion. Great success of a nation.
MA+(HA=UR)-AD Sudden/exciting/dangerous difficult working conditions.

ME=AR/JU Successful public travel.
VE=NO/AP To enjoy freedom

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