The Magic of Midpoints
Mini Lesson - page 8
(C) Copyright by Steven Lee, 1999.  All rights reserved.



For Paul Simon, we will stay with the 360 dial.  It looks like the Ascendant should be included, but it is too far away; it is easier to see this if you have your own dial and chart or if a 90 degree chart and dial are used.

 Can you see the SYMMETRY here?  Can you see that the planets at the red lines are equal distances from the pointer, indicating they all share the same axis or midpoint? Be sure to look for the symmetry, the pattern; when you get beyond the beginner's stage it is important.

The red lines and notations in the center of the dial clearly show: 
Su/Mo = Me/Ju = MC/Ve

This could be interpreted as Paul Simon's...
"Spirit, soul and vitality"   Su/Mo
is linked to "Singing happily and successfully"   Me/Ju
with "an affectionate disposition, kindness, and a sense of beauty and art."    MC/Ve

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