International Research for
Earthquake Prediction
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Astrological Techniques
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An Overview

    Fifteen researchers from seven countries joined together during May and June of 2001 in an effort to investigate astrological indicators found in earthquake charts, using advanced methods. The conclusion to 'Part 1' of our Project will be late in 2001 or early in 2002. 

Project Enceladus is not affiliated with any group, organization, commercial interests or religion. Our members are unpaid volunteers from across the globe, united for a common purpose, who belong to an independent research team.

    Our aim is to identify factors to be used for earthquake prediction. This may seem pretentious, especially if you hold a prejudiced or ignorant view of the techniques that are utilized with our research. Our methodology is far removed from what you may conclude from reading the newspaper horoscopes, which has nothing to do with professional-level astrology. Although this web site is primarily for astrologers, we welcome others who are interested in predictive techniques as well as skeptics with an open approach to analysis. You will not find any fanciful, shoddy claims within our own analyses, but you will find thorough research and an aim a valid statistical results.

    Most all predictive techniques, of any type, are flawed. That is, few can claim anywhere near a 100% success rate. When the general public considers astrological prediction, for some reason a guaranteed set of results is expected, and when this is not obtained, derision sets in. However, consider common forms of prediction that nearly all people use: Economic-Financial, Medical, Meteorological, Marriage -Partnerships, Legal. How often is such advice correct? Do doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers and economists always give correct advice? At least many weather predictions are wisely given as probabilities, but all too often the general view of prediction is unrealistic.

   Like other disciplines, astrological prediction is dependent upon correct methodology derived from sound statistical analysis. Project Enceladus serves to address this situation. Each earthquake is represented by a variety of astrological charts, specific to the exact time and place, with a set of precise, complex indicators associated with the nature of the event (an earthquake). The resulting mathematical patterns and their interpretations require powerful software and a high level of knowledge and experience. Astrological predictions, precise to the time and event, have repeatedly been proven with published material announcing the prediction; this includes several earthquakes.

We hope that you will find our material of interest, and that our findings will assist, in some way, to reduce the human suffering associated with earthquakes, as well as opening new doors to alternative research methods.

 Steve Lee, Project Coordinator 
New Zealand, 12 August 2001 

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Background: A Moon of Saturn, 'Enceladus',
   denoting our astronomical association.

Foreground:  Mt. Olympus, Greece, associated 
   with the mythological god of earthquakes, 'Enceladus'.

Centre:  The Greek letter Sigma, for mathematical 
   summation; found with statistical analysis.

Top:  Uranus and Admetos, astrological indicators for
   'earthquake'; denotes innovative techniques.

Bottom: The Ascendant and Midheaven, indicators of 
   the precise place and time where an event occurs.

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