1st Quarter Moon   calculated for   Littleton, Colorado


 90 Degree Chart (Solar Fire 4)

Hades is 'opposite' the pointer.
The Moon, Sun and Mc are all at  32 degrees (approx).

Mars and Saturn are both at 36 deg (approx),
incorporated in the cluster Su, Mo, Mc, Po, Ne, Ma, Sa.

Note also the Node and Admetos at 49 degrees... you can 'eyeball' the
opposite side of the chart where Mercury and Zeus are located.
That is, you do not need a dial to see  [  No, Ad  =  Me / Ze  ]
From Rules: " Me, Ze  = to threaten, dictator".
Admetos can indicate death, while the Node connections with people.

You should also be able to see that half way between  Ad,No   and  Hades
is [Chiron, Cupido].
So we can see that on the midpoint of  Ad, No, and Hades ' ugly destruction'
is found the combination of Ch and Cupido: 'painful lessons for family groups' .

Steve Lee  25 April 99



Thanks to Penny for telling us about the Quarter Moon Phase.

Date sent:       Sun, 25 Apr 1999 17:49:35 +1200

Hi All,

.... Another very telling chart for Littleton is the 1st Quarter Moon 
       calculated for Littleton. 
The upcoming Moon Phases are excellent for judging whether 
your own area will be a target of some kind. 

    The calculation for Littleton will be:
12:02:34,+7hr, [ MDT on above chart - Steve ]
    Long. 105W01 - 39 N37.

In this chart the Taurus Moon Phase equals Hades
the Littleton Taurus Meridian equals the Moon Phase 
and Saturn in Taurus sits on the Meridian. 
This means that a very malefic Mars is in opposition 
and ambushed by a square from Neptune. 


When we notice planetary malefic patterns clumping together as we did last week before the Littleton tragedy, calculating the upcoming Moon Phase is a good place to investigate as to whether the malefic pattern will influence our own location. This chart is a classic example for making this point. 


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