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It may surprise internet visitors to discover that as coordinator and creator of this research project, I am reluctant to state that earthquakes can in fact be predicted using astrology. 

There are two major problems when making such a statement. First, the reader (you, the internet visitor) has a concept of 'astrology' which differs markedly from the techniques our project unitizes. Unless you are a competent, knowledgeable astrologer who uses professional techniques, you will probably have a highly inaccurate and biased view of astrology, acquired from the horoscope nonsense found in newspapers, etc. Secondly, as a skeptic with a long association with scientific principles, I know that research must first focus on investigating the present body of  knowledge. Holding a preconceived, fixed view while doing research goes against my personal mode of analysis. How can a claim be made without sufficient analysis of data?   
  I have seen claims here on the Net, of earthquake predictions. Careful scrutiny of the data will show unimpressive results, based on a time period that extends as long as ten weeks, and using the numerous low-magnitude 'quakes for the wide region selected. 

  Is it possible that our project may conclude that, given the current level of astrological methodology, earthquakes cannot be reliably predicted? Yes, this is certainly a possibility and one that any research project must be aware of.

  However, anyone who has undertaken a serious study of astrological prediction, using professional standards, will find that astrology does in fact bring valid results. This includes economic and weather forecasting as well as prediction in a person's individual life. Now, do I, and perhaps my project members, actually believe that astrology can someday be used to predict earthquakes? The short answer is 'yes', but with a number of important considerations, as detailed below.

  Any claim of correct earthquake prediction must be fairly specific as to the time and place. The prediction must also be published and acknowledged before the earthquake, obviously.

  We must compare our results against charts (event times) that are not earthquakes. Obviously our indicators should not show the possibility of an earthquake for charts (times) where no earthquake occurred. 

  Prediction must be seen in the context of probabilities, rather than absolutes. This is common to medical, economic and meteorological prediction (using traditional, generally accepted methods - not alternative). Thus, I suggest that we would state, e.g., "There is a 70% probability of an earthquake occurring on the west coast of the USA during the last 3 days of (month, year)."

  Within a time period (e.g. 3 days), there is the possibility of a number of specific times an earthquake will occur. That is, often there are several times (precise, within several minutes) within a longer time frame that the factors combine to present 'earthquake energy'. 

  Due to the complexity of our work, when dealing with many factors of a mathematical and interpretive nature, we require computer software specific to our needs (and which incorporates recognized statistical analysis). Such software does not exist at the present time.

  Our aim is to investigate astrological indicators for earthquakes, within a predictive context. Within the first two months of our project, we have already assembled a great deal of material, to be published here on this site. We are laying a foundation for further research. In this sense, our project is quite realistic. Our project will probably only mark the initial stage of further long-term research.

  What will we find? Can earthquakes be predicted by using advanced astrological techniques? At this early stage (August 2001) any attempt to answer this would be speculative and presumptuous. There has never been a convincing method for earthquake prediction, using any technique, geophysical-scientific or alternative. Our task will not be easy.

  Earthquake astrological charts are complex mathematical arrangements of symbolic energies, requiring a high level of skill to interpret. Many variables must be considered, and the present level of software does not allow for efficient analysis.

  Having stated the above, there are members of our project who do believe that our task is not impossible. It has already been done: earthquakes have been correctly predicted. This site is under construction (during the last half of 2001) - we will include correct predictions as time permits.



  My own personal stand is that we will find a number of astrological indicators, perhaps as many as 20 or 30, that will prove to be helpful in earthquake prediction. 

  Consider this future possibility: You are notified that scientific (geological, seismic, behavioral), and possibly psychic or animal behaviour indicators, all point to an earthquake occurring in a certain area, within a certain time frame such as "within the next 48 hours, or week". You then use the astrological indicators as found by our project team to predict the precise time of the earthquake, giving a probability of it happening. To arrive at your conclusion, you analyzed 900 possible charts using advanced software, as suggested by our project members. This only took a very short time, as your computer has the standard main chip speed of 6 G Hz. 

  Of course there are variations on this scenario. What I am trying to point out here is that it can be very difficult indeed to make a definite, conclusive prediction for an earthquake happening at a locality within a long time span. It has been done by at least one astrologer, however. Similar to weather, economic or medical prediction, we must adopt a multi-faceted approach to our predictive techniques, expressing predictions in terms of probabilities, and laising with other predictive methods.

  (To Project Members:)  I invite you to also share my vision or to create one of your own. Do not underestimate the advances in computer hardware and software over the next 5 or 10 years, not to mention non astrological (scientific) predictive techniques and more international astrological research using the Net.  Just watch out for the skeptics and critics - there are always plenty of these negative energies to contend with in any project, so stand with your vision and carry on. Visualization can be very powerful indeed, if used properly. Faith helps significantly, and I am serious here. Many scientific techniques and theories that are now widely accepted as truth met with great skepticism when first proposed.

                      ~  Steve Lee, Project Co-ordinator, 1 September 2001