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The Astrology of Selling a House

MO+HA-SA  :  selling a house

  ...in  using  the midpoints  I've  notice  repeatly  that  in the "Planetary Picture "  book   that  it  indicates that  " Saturn  denies, whatever". when  a  person has  capricorn (saturn ) on the natal  (360 Wheel)   nadir  then  checking against the  dial,   and  a person   wants  to  sell  their  home  " moon/saturn+ jupiter"  midpoint,   one  would  think  would  be  the   appropriate point  to  check   for  activity, in   checking  the  book  it   doesn't indicates  anything  about selling,  or  does  that  mean  that  there will be  difficulty  in  selling  this  old  house.  comments  are apprieciated.

I'm no expert on this, so others on the list may have a better answer to your question. Still, to my best knowledge, in uranian astrology the home is represented by the AS/CU (ASC/CUPIDO) midpoint, not by the moon, the IC or its ruler. Separation from a home may be symbolized by saturn=AS/CU, or the point that is the sum of the picture "AS+CU-SA". Maybe it is a good idea to check transits to this natal point, or Solar arc directions to, and of that sum.

Another sum to consider in that question may be (IMHO) AS/AP (ASC+APOLLON) "to have customers". The picture JU=AS/AP (or the sum AS+AP-JU "solvent customers") may point to a successful deal. Neptune on the same midpoint (or with the sum, instead) may point to "unreliable customers". Hades in the combination would mean: "poor or unpleasat customers" , but on the other hand, it might just mean you are doing business with someone who deals with antiques (is it a very old house?). Saturn in the midpoint or picture may describe difficulties.

The midpoint Moon/Saturn has to do with emotional/mental depressions, old/single/separated women, widows, evening hours, hours of loneliness, separation from the public, charitable institutions,self-control, thoughtfulness, sense of duty, care and attention, conscientiousness, feelings of inferiority, anxiety.

Some of the interpretations for JU=MO/SA:
A journey,
Separating without sadness or unhappiness.
Pleasant evening hours.
Luck through separation of the public.

Lee, here are some suggestion for planetary pictures relating to selling your house, obtained from a search of the electronic Rules for Planetary Pictures and Dictionary:

A/CU The home, houses.
JU/SA buildings.
SU/AD real eastate.
JU/SA =AR  real estate, change of place.
AR/SA = JU  moving, change of property.

I guess the next question is, how does one make use of these.  The way I'd do it would be to check the above halfsums in your radix, and that of others involved with the property, to see if any of these (ie As/CU, JU/SA, SU/AD) are included with several other halfsums containing personal points, preferably some within 15 - 20' of arc, the more the better.

I'd ask, does your JU/SA halfsum = Aries point, or AR/SA = Jupiter by 22deg30'?   If so are there several personal point halfsums nearby? Even with only a few PP's these would be good triggers.

As a last resort, (I always look for the simpler things first) I'd check the sensitive points: JU+SA-AR, (ie the Sum JU+SA), and AR+SA-JU to  see if they = a personal point within about 10' of arc, 15' at most. If so this could be a useful trigger.

Do any of the above likely pictures fall in your 4th house of the Meridian, Ascendant or Sun houses?

Then I'd try to judge which of these are strongest in your chart and follow the transits of Jupiter to see when this planet will equal that/those positions in your radix or directed chart. Also I'd check for directions to these points, for example, is directed Ascendant or Cupido = A/CUr? or JUd or SAd = JU/SAr. Also  ARd to JU/SAr etc.

I note that around 4/5th February next year, that Jupiter transit = Appollon transit at 20deg41'(22s2d30' format).  Does this = anything interesting in your radix or directed (Feb) chart?   I'd suggest 22deg 30' format for all the above.

As far as Mo/Sa= Ju, I have also seen that to manifest as very depressed.

The one thing I know for sure is that Jupiter enlarges, and it enlarges anything bad as well as good. Mo/Sa is sadness and or depression. Combined with Ju you can have someone going through a period of

One of the formula's for moving, which I received from the old Uranian Society back in the early 80's was, ASC+No - PL. When you move or relocate you change those who you associate in your enviornment.


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