Date sent:       Sat, 22 Aug 1998 11:34:22 +0200
From:            DENIS 

> I have also old Spica's from Firebrace. I exchanged them for old
> numbers They are very interesting. You write "I was studying" do you
> practice the sidereal zodiac though?

I am still using the sidereal zodiac in all my natal work, in the
frame of Vedic astrology (which is very close of the ancient greek
astrology). It was very refreshing to see the so excellent results
some astrologers got with seven planets, twelve signs and twelve
houses. Without all this stuff of asteroids, lillith, minor aspects,
etc...(Uranian transneptunian are OK in their own framework). 

> One question, is there another sidereal magasin which followed up
> the "Spica" ? Do you know?

From:            "Carl A Matthews" <>
Date sent:       Sat, 22 Aug 1998 18:06:55 +0000

> In the 70's, THE SIDEREALIST was a good one. If you find old issues, buy
> them. About books on sidereal solar and lunar returns: * "Solar and
> lunar returns" by Bradley (alias Garth Allen) is probably the best.
> Llewellynn Pub. * "Interpreting solar returns" by Eshelman is OK. AFA. *
> "Interpreting lunar returns" by Jacobson is very useful to integrate
> uranian techniques. (Published in a old Spica issue). * "Prediction:
> using common and prenatal cycles" by Marr is strict and precise. AFA. *
> "Predire par les révolutions solaires et lunaires". Labouré/Etienne.
> Pardès. A synthesis of the previous titles.

> I hope these references will be helpful.

> Denis.


Good to see other siderealists here.
If you want more information on Fagan's/sidereal astrology see:
and also:

Lots of articles.

Another book on sidereal astrology is "Primer of Sidereal Astrology"
(Fagan and Firebrace pub. AFA), fairly technical but worth looking at.

BTW, progressing the capsolar (sidereal sun ingress in CP) chart by
the quotidian mean (Q1) for the 15th August, day of the Omagh bomb, we
find the AS(p) 135° applying to Pluto less than 1° orb.

Carl (Siderealist)