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Solar returns can be used with Uranian methods.
Here is an example, with a list of midpoints.


Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 16:13:17 +1300

One year ago, nearly to the present hour, I sent out the first group post that launched The Uranian Group.  The electional time was carefully selected by a team using traditional and Uranian techniques.

We had nearly 25 members back then, and this grew rapidly.  A web site was set up in December, and the Midpoints 101 site this last September.  We now have over 80 members on each discussion list.

  -   Steve

The first precessed solar return for the Group's Electional chart 
has the following data:

8:27 am gmt
175E40 40S57

Some of the PP in this chart (64th harmonic) are:

MC=JU ("I am successful and contented")
=AS+CU-PO (Intellectual social connection/business partnership)
=NE+PL-PO (Secret wisdom)
=AS+UR-ME (I recieve exciting (astrological) messages suddenly)
=NE+PO-ME (Thoughts and debates about fine mental thigs)
=SU+HA-NE (carrier of sensitive/intuitive secrets)
=AS+NE-NO (connected to intuitive activities)
=SU+NE-AP ( The ability to sense the future. To feel future things. A
                    talent and success in sciences that forcast the future)
=PL+HA-VU powerful change of uranian astrology)
=MA+PO-KR (Leading because of mental activity. Outstanding for morals,
                   ethics or intellectual activity)
=VE+UR-KR (Experience sudden goodwill from superiors, leading persons
                      or authorities)
=VE+HA-ZE (Enforced to serve)
=ME+MA-CU (Consult, give a lecture. Powerful action of a group. Debate
                  about art and marriage)
=AR+UR-PL (Developing by leaps and bounds. Exciting development.
                    revolutionary developments in astrology)
=ME+UR-MA (the act of sending Emails. Energetic revolutionary debates)
=ME+PO-VE (Harmonious intellectual debates/ideas).

Happy birthday !

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