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Tiger Woods

The following letters are from "The Uranian Group" email list,
on the professional golfer Tiger Woods.

Click here to see Tiger's charts.  (Email Steve if this link DOES work. - thanks.)

Subject:          ## Tiger Woods
Date sent:        Mon, 10 Nov 1997 06:59:38
From:           Tuomo

Dear Friends,

OK, here comes the data of

Eldrick Tont Woods
December 30, 1975
10.50PM PST
Long Beach, CA
118W11      33N47

The source of this data is news # 65 June 1997 by Louis Rodden. And she
quotes a birth certificate.

Tiger Woods was the youngest player to win the US Amateur tittle at 15 and
the first player to win it 3 times.

He left his amateur-status Aug 28, 1996    ( this must show very clearly in
his chart)

And Apr 13, 1997 he became the youngest winner in the 61 year history of the
masters. ( This brought him fame that must be shown with his ARIES axis)

I have not looked Tiger's chart yet but shall do it next Tuesday (11th)when
I return home from my trip.

I expect his ARIES-axis to be phenomenal because he is attracting people
(AP=plenty)like honey bears.....I also expect his ability to concentrate to
be the same standard. And so on....Hades could be there also due to the
analysis-skill. (Now we start to get positive features to Hades) ZE....sure.

But this is now Steve's territory.

best regards


PS. I remember that Tiger woods started to hit golf balls at age two. He
surely did not use his head when starting. What he needed, was....his legs
and his arms.....swinging them in order to get ball flying up.
What he has done during these be an excellent to
hit all those swings in his body-memory.

Date:          Tue, 02 Dec 1997 12:08:11 +1300
From:          Scott
Subject:       ##Tiger Woods

Hi to all,

    Here's my belated contribution on TW's Masters success.

Starting with the trends due at the time, (solar arc 21deg41') although the
closest are: ADd=PLr, 21deg38', SUd=(SU/VU)r 21deg38', Md=(M/MO)r 21deg43',
CUd=(MA/CU)r 21deg44', MAd=(MA/ZE)r, 21deg44', and these will describe the
background tendencies surrounding him at this time, we also see that Md=JUr
is only 7' of arc away, as other posts have noted.  As this is the most
appropriate trend for the event we are studying, and given that the EXACT
position of the radix Meridian is not known, and seldom is, I have taken the
liberty of selecting this trend for this study.  Normally we would select
the trend CLOSEST to the event.

MCd=JUr is activating Tiger's Radix cluster UR = MO = JU.  So the natal
promise of "exciting successful events in public" is highlighted at this
time of his life.

90 deg Dial.

The way I was shown to approach this type of investigation, is to set up a
90 deg triple dial with the radix, directed and transiting positions, (set
arbitrarily at 18hrs00 at Augusta,) and add:

1) The halfsums of the trend, M/JU, radix and directed, (usually also the
transiting halfsum, impractical in this case, as we don't know the moment,
ie MC, of his win.)

2) The transiting sun combinations, (AR/SU)t, (this day in the world, or
"what does the world hold for me today?")  (SU+SU)t, this is the double
value of the transiting Sun - the SUM of the day.  SUr/SUt, "The native on
this day", and SUd/SUt, "this day at this time of life".  Along with the
SUt, "the day", this gives 5 axes to examine, each involving the transiting

3) The SUr/SUd halfsum, the native at this time of life.

4) Aries point directed.

It's helpful to use a highliner pen to highlight all of these factors and
halfsums, as well as the trend single factors, ie MCr, MCd, JUr, JUd, and
JUt.  I use one colour for all the sun combinations and Aries point radix
and directed, and a different colour for the trend entries.

At first sight, this may seem to be complicating an already complex chart,
but in fact, the opposite is achieved, because we focus primarily on these
relatively few points,  to see how they interplay with each other, using the
5 axes of the day.  The exception is that we take ANY  full factors that
fall right on these axes.

So we now put the pointer of the movable disk on each of the transiting Sun,
and Sun combinations in turn, and read the full factors,(orb half deg. max.)
and halfsums, (orb 1/4 deg max..)

SUt - is the trend halfsum involved on this axis? = ARd/(MC/JU)d. What
about other JU pictures involved? = (MA/JU)r = MAt/JUr = JUr/POt.
Meridian pictures? = (MC/SU)r = MCd/MAr = MCd/MAt = (MC/HA)r.  Sun
pictures?  = (SU/AS)r  = SUr/MEt = SUd//SUr/SUt = SUr/SUt//ZEr =
(AR/SU)t/URr = SUr/SUd//APd.  Aries pictures? =ARr/KRd = ARr/MEd = (AR/AD)t.

ZEt is full on this axis, and JUt is just past the 1/2 deg. orb, but has
been transiting the axis during the tournament.

The predominance of Aries Point is important here. Ar - the Earth Axis, the
node of the Sun, the Meridian of the Earth.  The point of manifestation on
the planet. World focus.

Also no fewer that 7 planetary pictures involving the SUN radix, directed
and transit are here, which gives importance to this particular axis.

There are many different approaches to interpreting an axis such as this.
One way is to take individual groups, such as all the Jupiter pictures, then
all the Sun pictures etc.

For example, MA/JU = JU/PO = AR/(MC/JU)   Today (SUt) I am successful out in
the open, through fortunate activity, and right instincts and insights. Good
understanding and the right drive (no pun intended!) bring my success in the
world today.

Sun pictures: Today, and at this time in my life (SUd//SUr/SUt) I achieve
(SUr/SUt//ZEr) sudden (AR/SU)t/URr honour and great success (SUr/SUd//APd).
The thoughts of this man today (SUr/MEt) are to achieve great success in an
exciting International event (AR/SUt)/UR.  And so on...

A derived meaning for MA/JU is "Victory", and combined with MC/SU on this
axis, we have - "I am the victorious one".


During the course of the tournament, transiting Jupiter crossed the above
axis and also hit URr/URd, SUd/APt and KRd.

The other Sun transit combinations can be studied in the same way of
course.  Briefly, SUd/SUt = (MC/JU)r = NEr = NOd = VEt.  (AR/SU)t = ADr =
ADd, there are difficulties and barriers to overcome today.  (SU+SU)t = KRr
= MEd = ADt, great for concentration.

At the beginning of the Masters, on 11th April, SUr/SUt = the trend axis MCd
= JUr, and trend halfsum crossover MCr/JUd.


Thomas Doharty (Hamburg) developed and named the Indirect Halfsums using the
3deg45' series of aspects. The technique is the same principle as the
22deg30' Indirect half distances.

(For information on the Trends ie "coverings" and "Indirect half distances"
see "The Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School" by Udo Rudolph and
Ruth Brummund, page 123 to 134)

Indirect half distances can be easily generated by AstrologicPC.
Because we are working with such a small series, they are only effective for
two or three days.  "Coverings" are not generally used with this method.

During the period of the Masters, Tiger's Indirect halfsums were:

8th April  JUd = (JU/AP)r and POd =(AP/PO)r  solar arc 21deg41

12th  JUd = (JU/UR)r  and Pod = (UR/PO)r    solar arc 21deg41' and

14th  ARd = (AR/NO)r   solar arc 21deg42'

I'm sure Thomas would say "Why bother studying the triple dial when you can
read the outcome in the Indirect halfsums?" or something similar!

I have avoided using some other points which I would usually add: the SUM of
the trend MC+JU, along with the halfsum  and the midpoint between the two,
(MC/JU)/(MC+JU), and the Local Ascendant (12Ar13) and Local Meridian (7Cp23)
of Augusta, Georgia, as I'm aware that newcomers to Uranian Astrology have
probably already given up on the above!!  But I can't resist adding that the
LA of Augusta = Tiger's (SU/JU)r 0deg00', and = (AR/SU)t.

Thanks Tuomo, for suggesting this event for study.  I think it was a good

Regards to all


Subject:           ## Tiger - start ? - Marion
Date sent:        Thu, 13 Nov 1997 19:41:43
From:          Marion

Hello, Everybody!        Wednesday    12 Nov 97

 I'm sorry that due to other commitments I haven't been able to get
back to this list for the last two days and read the many requests
for assistance.  I'm not a professional Uranian astrologer, however,
I'll see if I can offer some helpful suggestions.  There's so much to
say -- I'll break up my comments into several posts as we go along.

 First of all, for background, I suggest you refer to the
following 4 posts:

Tuomo's post distributed 10Nov97 7:07 entitled ##Tiger Woods;

The 2nd part of Tuomo's post, same date, 8:13, entitled
##Revised  AP+KR-VU = KR/JU;

My note of 11Nov97  6:36, entitled ##TNP's for Tiger/ Marion, which
gives all the natal positions for the chart;

Steve's memo of 13Nov97  8:05, ##Tiger - where start ?

  If you've missed any of these, please let Steve or me know and
we'll forward  copies to you.  Also, if there were any other posts
that should have been included above concerning this project, please
let us know.


 I suggest we  set up a standard 360-deg chart showing all the
traditional planets as well as the Uranians  and  a 90-degree wheel
with the same information.  Study these to become familiar with Tiger
Woods.  In addition, it would be good to also have the information
set up on a 22.5 disk to check for clusters, but for basic work  I
feel it would be best to concentrate on the 90-degree wheel.

 Most modern astrological software products will produce these
reports for you.

 Having done that, direct the chart forward by solar arc.  Again,
your software can do that for you.  Here I suggest we set it up
directed to the day of his triumph,  13 April 1997.  I prefer to stay
with the natal coordinates, but that's a matter of choice.
 I have only now run a chart for that directed solar arc and find
that the solar arc is 21-deg, 41-min.   So if you do not have a
computer program to do this for you,  enter the directed planets in
another color, red for instance,  on the outside of Tiger's natal
chart.  You will be entering a red  set of all 22 planets and points
21 degrees, 41 minutes ahead of the original planets, including the
Aries point, which would now be appear at Aries 21/41, a little more
than a degree behind natal Poseidon.    You'll know you're on the
right track if the directed Sun appears to be almost conjunct Cupido
and Saturn,  and the Node is conjunct Neptune.

 With an astrological program, request a bi-wheel.  We generally
place the natal chart at the center.


 Another chart it would be well to have ready for analysis along
with these two is a transit chart for the date of the event, again
showing all 22 planets and points.

 I'll conclude this post here,  and in my next note I will furnish
transit information for 13 April for  those who do not have the
software or ephemeris to prepare a transit report.

 If anything here is not clear or you have any questions, please do
not hesitate to request clarification.  I'll work with you during
these initial stages, until the experts step forward. <G>

 I'll probably start my next post with further explanation of all the
above and transit information.  Since you have been waiting so long
for some suggestions, I won't delay this note by trying to perfect
it. <G>    If you notice any glaring errors or have suggestions about
how better to present this material, please let me know -- either to
the Group or to me personally.  May I suggest that you include the
name Tiger somewhere in your subject line.

Happy dialing,

P.S.  I will try to work in answers to all the questions that
have been asked during my absence in the next post or two,
Ana, Paula, Dinesh, et al.

Date:          Tue, 18 Nov 1997 12:29:20 +1300
From:          Scott
Subject:       Re: ## Predictions for Tiger

Note from the moderator:  For beginners, here is a brief explanation
of notations that Scott uses (I trust this is correct).

SAd=CUr  =  Saturn directed by solar arc aspects (any of 22.5 degree
series) natal / radix  Cupido.

HAd=SAr  ....    The last symbol (Ar) is the 'Aires Point', which is
a focus of Uranian work, but not used as much in traditional
astrology.  I think that sometime soon we need to discuss the Aires
Point and its Uranian usage.

My original note follows, and then with  Scott's comments.

> However, Bill raises an excellent point - that of  'predictions'.
> Over the weekend I spinned the 90 degree dial with Scott as my guide. I
> noticed that Tiger Woods will be entering a 'rough time' early in 1998
> (Jan - Feb approx).  One interpretation (of several influences) could be
> that his father dies, or at least some sort of Saturn / Cupido type of
> combination.  Apologies - I know you would like the clear details, but I
> cannot recall these... it is late at night, and I have more to do on this
> list.

Hi to Steve and all,  When I read the above comment from Steve, my
immediate reaction was one of shock! horror! and the realisation that
this requires a response from me.  Firstly, I wish to make it clear that the
above "prediction" is Steve's comment and not mine!  After over thirty years
of interest in Uranian Astrology, I would never make a "prediction" of this
nature at all, and certainly not from the information which Steve and I
looked at briefly. - Sorry Steve! (-:

This highlights a problem which is inherent in groups like ours which
depend upon communication through E-Mail etc.  It is tempting to skim
through material and make hasty replies which can be superficial and
therefore unhelpful, or worse.  And I am just as likely as anyone else
to fall into that trap.

Now regarding the TRENDS which Steve is alluding to, you will have
noticed a cluster in Tiger Woods chart:  CU = ZE = HA = SA = SU.  This
cluster is activated coming up to his solar arc of around 22deg30, by
the trends which started with SUd=CUr in August.  The more difficult
directions involving this cluster are SUd=HAr,(Sept'97) SUd=SAr,
SAd=CUr, SAd=ZEr, SAd=HAr, HAd=CUr, HAd=ZEr, ZEd=HAr, CUd=HAr, HAd=SAr,
ZEd=SAr, CUd=SAr, SAd=SUr, HAd=SUr,(Jun'98)   Please note that there are
some easier trends mixed in with these over the period - I have separated
these difficult trends above to highlight the effect of the solar arc
directions over a cluster.  Note also that because T.W is approaching his
22deg30 solar arc, that the directed chart is equal to the natal chart,
which of course, also happens at solar arc of 45deg00 and 67deg30. For top
sportsmen, these are commonly times of peak performance.

Some of these trends on their own are not a problem, for example HAd=ZEr may
simply be a holiday, and SAd=SUr, perhaps catch a cold!, but the continuing
trends as shown above, over a relatively short period of 10 - 11 months,
indicate a difficult time ahead.  But he will work through it, as we all do!

Regards to all,


Note from Steve:

Once again I see the limitations of the printed word.  Sorry Scott,
I had no intention of linking you to a 'fateful prediction'!!  I
thought that it was clear that the interpretation was:
a) mine alone
b) one of many that could be put forward
c) tentative

As moderator / facilitator, at times I will raise certain topics
(such as the 'Aires Point', above) with the hope that someone will
submit a post.  I should have sent Scott a letter first with my
comments, but I hope that everyone can  see that due to the volume of
mail that I process, misunderstandings and errors will be made.  My
main intention is to get us onto 'predictions'  -  I will submit a
separate letter in the next day or two on this topic.

Thanks very much for yet another excellent post, Scott.

BTW,  I think that the terms "TRENDS" and "CLUSTERS" may not be
understood by many in our group, so perhaps someone could explain
them ?

-  Steven Lee

From:           Tuomo
Subject:       Tiger's solar arc= 22.30!!
Date:          Thu, 20 Nov 1997 05:29:17 -0500

Hi everybody,

Tiger has very special moment in his life....because his solar arc will be
22.30 at the New Moon of January 28.01.1998 and you know what that means:
everything is 22.30 in his chart. And he will be very happy man.....because
NEW MOON happen over his directed Jupiter.

Best regards