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    The 1999 Annual Diagram (Sun Entering Capricorn Dec., 22, 1998 at 01:56 GMT) is another master chart that is extremely helpful for astrological diagnostics of the coming year. This is true for natal charts as well as mundane charts. The following analysis uses Uranian techniques and planets to look at the mundane astrological significance of this important event.

    The Capricorn Ingress for Washington

    The fact that the Washington Meridian equals Aries axis and Sun in the Annual Diagram for 1999 indicates that all eyes will be turned toward what will take place in the U.S. government as this country influences other countries.

    By the same example, when the Moon Phases trigger Kronos there are extraordinary happenings around the world concerning government/s leaders as we have seen with the picture over the last few months. With each triggering we are seeing heads of state around the world are on shaky ground.

    For January 1999, the quarter moon of the 9th and the eclipse the last week of January (31st) falls with Kronos. We will have more of the same from Washington. It would be of importance to each individual to calculate these master charts for ones' own personal study. There is lots of information in these charts for everyone.


    Another View (from Lea)

    The Sun will enter Tropical Capricorn on 22-Dec-1998, 1:56am GMT. The Capricorn Ingress chart is used to predict mundane events for the coming year.

    The planetary pictures that fall in the ARIES axis represent influences active in that coming year generally for the world. To make specific predictions for a place one must cast the chart using the geographical co-ordinates of that place, and include the angles in the analysis.

    The following clusters are highlighted:


    ME=PL: Change of thought. Obsessive thinking. Transformation of transportation or communications. Sharp criticism. Influence through speaking or writing.

    HA=NO: Unpleasant, evil connections.

    SA=ZE: Oppression. Anxiety, anguish. Losses while producing. Breakdown of machines. Occurrences without consequences.

    VU=KR: Mighty authority. Politics. Power of the state.

    The following is an attempt to apply the prediction method demonstrated in: "Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School" by Ruth Brummund and Udo Rudolph, Published by Penelope Publications (page 166-169). The way I understand it, the trick is in composing phrases by combining keywords from different branches of the ARIES MIDPOINT TREE, to describe general future events, occurrences or situations that may take place or exist in the world, next year.

    ARIES=SU=VE/HA Servitude. Prostitution. Grief.

    =ME/VU Under the impact of a mighty idea, of significant news. Great speed

    =PL/VU Mighty changes/transformations that happen in great speed. Unhealthy, rushed development.

    =NO/PO Religious connections. General opinion. World concept.

    =UR/AD Separation through violence. Under the impression of violent commotions or events. Earthquakes. Murders. Shock commotions. Destruction through convulsion.

    =MA/HA Actions under aggravating circumstances. Serious misfortune. Fatal crimes. Slaves. Murder. Serious sickness.

    =MA/NE General infection, destruction,dissolution.

    =UR/ZE Fierce acts of violence. Storms. Eruptions. The general public is subjected to force, is tense and directed. Fire explosion. Sudden outbreak of war.

    =SA/CU General common connections are separated.

    =MO/NO Connection with the public or with women. Alliance of nations. Mass meetings.

    =JU/NO Fortunate connections. Connected with money and wealth.

    =KR/AD Fall of a ruler or a government. Withdrawal from the public. Mountains, hills. People who live together in an odd way. People whose life style centers around the same idea.

    =ME/AP The spreading of an idea. Scientific thinking. Talk to many. Many talks. Mass transportation.

    =PL/AP Occurrences with great consequences. Business enlargement. Development of a science. Far reaching and expanded transformations. A changed attitude towards people. Setting precedent. Test case.

    =ME/HA Making mistakes. Vulgar/ugly communications. Secret communications. Secret thoughts. Sadness. Old means of transportation. Research.

    =ME/NO News, exchange of thoughts, ideas. Correspondence.

    =PL/HA Symptoms of deterioration and decline. Evil change. Downfall. Dishonesty. General decline, breakdown.

    =PL/NO Changes in connections.

    =NE/AD Change the form of being. Entering new conditions of existence. =VE/NO Pleasant connections with many people. Love connections. =JU/HA General money shortage. Inflation. General worries over economic conditions

    =MA/KR Police authorities. Governmental powers.

    =MA/VU Mighty activity. Great power. Acts of violence. A climate of extremes: sweltering heat or arctic cold.

    =MO/KR Independent , leading women. Officials. Great people. Great, leading nation.

    =VE/AP General harmony with many. The general attitude towards peace. Peace. Science of music.

    =MO/VU Creating sensations in public. The general public is excited. General great events. Personage of great public might. Mighty nations.

    =JU/AP Expansion of great fortune. Good luck in science. The amount of money in circulations.

    =MA/AP The general public enlarges its field of activity. General peaceful activity. The rising of the market.

    =SU/PO Spiritualization.

    =AR/PO Ideas, ghosts, spirits. World Media.

    =SA/UR General leave taking. Sudden events with property losses.

    For Wasington DC 38N54 77W02

    ARIES = MC USA's Mental attitude towards the world... It's 'ego consciousness'...

    =MC/AR USA's relationships with the world...

    =MC/SU USA's physical attitude towards the world

    ...Its appearance of the "I"

    ...The telluric influence upon the USA...

    =AS/UR ...is the cause for other nations' (countries') excitement or irritation
    ...is excited by others ...is connected or causes events for other nations/countries or for the surroundings. ...is subjected to tension and excitement by other.. ... confronted with natural forces

    =MC/ME The USA's public opinion, media, transportations, communications, reputation, Judgement about..., thoughts about common things...

    =AS/SA ...separate from other nations (countries).. ...Experiences refusal from others, estrangement by others... ...Is given a cold shoulder by others...

    =AS/ZE ...is in its immediate environment... ...is together with others.... ...is under pressure from others... ...Has to do with fire or machines...

    =MC/PO USA's media, religious or spiritual attitude ... Again, Predictions can be made by combining key phrases from the different branches of the above tree. For example: "The USA will be confronted with natural forces. USA's media and mental attitude towards the world will cause excitement and tension in other nations..."

    It will be interesting to compare this chart with the Sidereal Capricorn Ingress chart (15-Jan-1999, 8:19am GMT) and follow next year's world events in the light of these two charts.

    This chart will have the following clusters:

    VE=AP=MO opp. NO=NE=HA
    for Washington DC: AD=MC=MA=SU=PL, AS=ME

    32nd Harmonic:


    In this chart, the MC for Washington DC is, once again, less than 1 degree away from the ARIES axis. The As/Mc midpoint is on the Aries axis (in the 16th harmonic chart).