A Traditional Look at 
The Uranian Group's Electional Chart

By Neil Sills

Of course. there are only 7 planets, when looking at a chart from a traditional/classical point of view. Naturally the Part of Fortune and the Nodes are included, but they, along with the Ascendant and MC are considered static points.

The ruler of the chart is Jupiter, as indeed is its almuten. But the election was set for the Day of Saturn, Saturday – never a good day to start things if it can be avoided. However, this is mitigated somewhat by the election starting in the hour of the Sun, and the Sun is posited in the 7th in Cancer. The Sun is applying to a trine with Jupiter, and though it looks as if it may be impedited it is not, as Jupiter goes retrograde, and the aspect perfects. This is a positive thing for the outreach of the teacher (the Sun) to the world (Jupiter, dignified in Pisces, and Lord of the chart).

This is also emphasised by the Sun dispositing the Moon which is in the 9th. The Moon rules the general public, it is in the 9th of long distances, and the Moon herself disposits Mercury of communication. Mercury is in mutual reception by Term and mixed reception by Dignity and Term with Venus, indicating that communication is of prime importance to this chart, and will be one of the skills (6th house) offered.

Jupiter, is applying to Fortuna by sextile aspect and as such indicates there may be the opportunity for financial gain from the inception of this class. This is not specifically oriented to the founder, but to all participants. The Sun is completely unaspected, but is separating from a sextile from Saturn by a little less than 4 degrees, indicating that the teacher (signified by the Sun) probably worked extremely hard for about 4 months (or maybe even years – but months seems to be more likely – Angular and Succedent houses in Fixed and Cardinal signs) to get the classes underway. 

Why is the teacher the Sun in this case? Firstly, he is someone whom we consult; 7th house. Secondly he is the boss, the Sun rules the MC, and thirdly the Sun also rules the 9th of Tertiary learning, which astrology is. Lastly, the Sun and the Moon are in mutual reception by dignity, indicating a vibrant interaction between students (ie the general public in the house of higher learning) and the person consulted (the teacher). Neat eh?

That the learning will be fun is indicated by Jupiter in its dignity in the 5th, but that it will also be serious is indicated by Saturn also in the 5th in the accumulative sign of Taurus. Saturn, rules the 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses, so there won’t be much money in it ( Fortuna, though posited in the 2nd is in Capricorn), the learning will be serious (Saturn rules Aquarius on the 3rd, and it is – dare I say, - Uranian knowledge – and we are using computers – the ultimate Aquarian tool for communication) and the students are learning at home, and have to discipline themselves to not go to the fridge for that next beer!

There is heaps more to this chart, but I thought it would be fun to have a brief overview from a strictly traditional approach.

To view the Uranian-style chart, with explanations, see the Uranian web site.

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