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   This is an email discussion list.  At present we have 80+ members, from all over the world.  For information on this group, send a letter to the moderator,  
Steven Lee,     email:   <> 

  It is intended that this page will contain items relevant to members, such as current 'discussion charts', survey results, and our structure & objectives.

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        What We Say About Our Group  

    "I am really enjoying this list and hope to learn a great deal from it  
      now that I am armed with books and dial. " 

   "I am learning so much from the posts.  
     The content is intriguing, the caliber of people is stellar!" 

  "I am truly thrilled to have found this list.   
    I just know I will learn a great deal here, and hopefully have some 
    knowledge and insights of my own to share as well." 

  "It's refreshing to hear that there are others out there who have  
    taken an interest in Uranian astrology." 

  "I'm reading every post that goes by faithfully with the hope that I can  
    get to see more obvious and logical fundamentals working."  

  "Just finished reading the other posts, there are some great  
    explanations there.  Even I should be able to do it. :)  

The Uranian Group   
Structure and Objectives   
Updated 10 Sept 98               

1. The focus of this group will be Uranian astrology, and other midpoint techniques. Topics related to Uranian astrology, such as (non-Uranian) midpoints and Cosmobiology can certainly be included. We welcome Cosmobiologists and their viewpoints, and they are encouraged to share any information that they wish.  Hopefully we will build a bridge between the worlds of Uranian and Cosmobiology and we will learn from each other. 

2. We will be open to various viewpoints.  We should not be limited to one school of thought. 
We will respect other techniques.  We will be open to learning and sharing. 

3.  A workable knowledge of Uranian techniques is not a prerequisite to belong to this group.  It is vital, however, to have an interest in learning the basic symbology of the transneptunian planets and some Uranian techniques.  Beginners should also have some Uranian reference texts (details are on the web site).  It is assumed that you at least know the basics of traditional astrology, including the concept of midpoints.  It is also assumed that you can erect and delineate a chart, and use transits and directions (but not necessarily at an advanced level).  Having stated this, please do not feel intimidated if you do not classify yourself as an 'expert' !   We welcome questions and comments at any level.  Clear basic questions from beginners in our group almost always have resulted in detailed explanations that everyone benefits from. 

4.  If you have no intention of studying Uranian astrology or related midpoint fields (or sharing your expertise), please do not join this list.  Mainly, this group exists for active members.  The ideal is for all members to be involved, but this is simply 'an ideal' and in reality many of our members go for long periods without submitting posts. Please see point 9 below :  I cannot accommodate large numbers of people who only want to superficially 'lurk on the sidelines'.  However, you will not be 'expected' to submit frequent posts. Hopefully you can understand that the aim here has positive intentions. Lurkers will be encouraged to become active, but this is done with tact and consideration. 
Lurkers are welcome, as long as they benefit from reading the posts, instead of hitting the delete button. 

If you do in fact have little astrological experience and if you do not have related references (eg. Uranian or Cosmobiology books), then I politely ask you to reconsider joining this list.  All of the basic information that is needed to begin Uranian studies is on the web site; once you make a start perhaps you can come back and join us then.  Please note that our other group, "Midpoints 101", is for beginners or those who want to teach at this level. 

5. In general, non-astrological items should not be submitted to the group.  Please do not include poems, anecdotal stories, and New Age items.  It is not that there is anything 'wrong' with such material, but we should retain our focus on learning about Uranian astrology.  At the same time, we should avoid being too strictly disciplined.  For example, if you have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Hawaii, it is fine to share a few non-astrological comments with the group.  Let us be sensible and keep our group free of the 'clutter' that some other lists have on the Net. 

6. This group will be moderated.  At this time the moderator is myself, Steven Lee.  I do not unfairly dictate restrictions on the group.  The intention here is to keep our group focused on current topics,  and to keep language clear and with proper 'netiquette'.  I am familiar with some Uranian techniques and I am certainly not putting myself forward as an expert.  Perhaps 'facilitator' would be a more appropriate choice of words.  I welcome your suggestions. 

7. We will investigate various themes or topics, over set periods of time.   Examples could be:  'The 90 degree dial', 'Hades in the natal chart', 'Pluto = Cupido conjunctions', 'House Systems', the delineation of a selected natal chart, etc.  However, as of September, 1998, presenting specific topics has not proven to be successful.  However, I am willing to suggest any topic that you may have, so we could always try this again. 

8. This group will be free of direct affiliation to business or commercial interests.  That is, this group does not represent a particular organization.  If you are associated with an astrological business, you *are* welcome to share the services that you have to offer. 

9. Our group does not use a 'listserve'.  In other words, the moderator will receive emails and then manually broadcasts them to the group.  This method occasionally has problems, but normally it works well. It is important, therefore, that you understand that your email may not be broadcast for 24 hours or longer.  Note also that I will not be able to handle large volumes of email and this may further define the structure of our group. If you experience problems, please notify myself,  Steven Lee. 

10.       Confidentiality:  A list of Uranian Group members will be kept confidential, along with any personal details.  Personal privacy regarding the Internet is a sensitive issue.   Email addresses and family names will be deleted from the 'Uranian Astrology' web site. 
11. Every organisation grows through different stages.  Our group is in its first year.  Let us be aware that we may choose to alter these structural points as our group progresses. 

12.      'Netiquette'  -  letters submitted to the Uranian Group should conform to the generally accepted standards of textual etiquette.  At times there will be differences of opinion, especially with regard to the effectiveness of techniques and methods.  Please express such differences in a polite and respectful manner. People who are repeatedly impolite or rude will be removed from the list.  Abrasive or inconsiderate remarks will be edited out of letters, or the entire letter will be rejected and not broadcast to the group. Sometimes cultural differences create problems with miscommunication:  it is the moderator's task to ensure the best possible flow of communication. 
13. One of the main objectives of this group is to get Uranian astrologers and Cosmobiologists in touch with each other.  Many of us work in isolation.  The Internet seems like the ideal place to make connections with each other. 

 14.  There are limitations to learning Uranian / midpoint techniques by email.  In fact, some believe that it  cannot be done.  You will need to use a dial and reference books, away from the computer screen.  It is best to find a teacher for face-to-face learning.  Email can help to answer specific questions and  to become aware of reference materials and conferences. Unless you do other work than just read email, I doubt if your astrology will improve very much.  The combination of our email and individual study can advance your astrology to new heights and will open many doors of exciting insights. 

15.  We have a "Bulletin Board" on our web site where you can post notices.  This is an excellent way to network with other astrologers.  All you need to do is to send me what you would like posted, and I will put it on the web site. 

16.  We need your active support.  For those of you who are committed to Uranian / Cosmobiology / midpoint astrology, I encourage you to help us promote these fields in a professional manner. The potential for making great progress is tremendous by wisely using the Internet.  It is up to us. 
Let us try to positively exploit cyberspace to our advantage. 

   - Steven Lee 


                       "The Uranian Group" - For information, to send letters  
                        (private or to be broadcast), to subscribe or to unsubscribe, 
                          please send a letter to "Steven Lee"<> 

                                                 Updated 5 April 98 

      Hear, hear!  All you folks lurking in the shadows, thinking "I could never  
      do that", take notice!  This is a learning forum.  That's the point of this          
      group, isn't it?  To become better astrologers?   -  Uranian Group Member 
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