Wa Ora Montessori School

278 Waddington Drive, Naenae, Lower Hutt

Phone 04 567-2377. Fax 04 577-2707

E-mail: waora@ihug.co.nz


Wa Ora Montessori School Mission

To provide and promote an education inspired by the Montessori philosophy, which nurtures in the child a life long love of learning through self-discovery.

Job Profile


Primary Teacher (6-12)



The primary program at Wa Ora is based on individualised learning for children ages 6-9 and 9-12. The programmes use a variety of approaches to build upon the Montessori principles to guide a child in exploring academics, the arts and the sciences. The New Zealand Curriculum will be integrated in accordance with integration regulations where appropriate. The Head Teacher's position is one of a guide, directing the children's activities academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a manner that foster the overall development and well-being each child.

        The Head Teacher is responsible for the overall running of the classroom, to establish and maintain a positive, caring environment in the class, to provide sensitive support to each child and to challenge each child to reach his/her fullest potential in each development area, in accordance with Montessori philosophy.

        Each teacher, as an important member of the staff, makes a positive contribution to the character of our school, helps maintain a respectful and co-operative atmosphere, shares in the responsibility to maintain safety and co-operation towards the policies and procedures set in the Wa Ora Primary School Charter and School Constitution.

        Each teacher will adhere to the Special Character of the School.





        Develop and execute curriculum consistent with the Montessori method and principles, appropriate to the learning objectives for the age group and the individual. Interface MoE curriculum guidelines as recommended by the ERO report and Charter recommendations.


        Prepare and maintain an orderly environment in which the furnishings and materials are complete, appealing and appropriate to the needs of the group and any individual children with special needs.

        Care for and maintain the classroom the materials and supplies. They should be kept clean, orderly, and in the best possible condition. The children are to be brought into this responsibility.

        Provide appropriate support to both parents and child

        Maintain ongoing communication with parents and hold two parent/teacher interviews per year. This includes a written assessment for each child twice yearly and two goal setting conferences (Terms 1 & 3)

        Maintain current record keeping and planning on each child. Portfolio assessment should be kept on each children's work and progress.

        To conduct one parent education meeting each term, if needed. Topic determined in consultation with staff and /or Principal. To attend open days and other school functions as required, (parent orientations, wine/cheese evenings etc.).

        Assist with interviewing, training and supervising Assistants in a way that best meets the needs of your classroom.

        Keep roll book up to date, report absences to office daily.

        To be in the classroom and have contact time according to your yearly schedule. (8:45-12:00, 1:00-3:00 or as needed).

        Performance assessed against Professional standards.


Classroom Management


        Responsible with Assistants for the safety and physical well being of the children at all times.

        Adhere to the discipline policy for specific method of dealing within appropriate behaviour and/or conduct.

        To foster Montessori principles in your relationship with the children.


Professional Ethics


        It is the responsibility of the Head Teacher to contact parents regarding any difficulties a child may have. The Assistant is to report concerns or observations and it is up to your professional judgement as to whether her action is taken.

        Conduct oneself courteously and ethically at all times.

        Confidentiality: All personal information regarding the child and family is to remain confidential, this includes information on files, interviews, conversations and observations (Privacy Act).


Professional Development

        To participate in monthly staff meetings

        To participate in weekly Head Teacher meetings (Monday lunch or as needed) and weekly Primary & Preschool meetings (Time-determined by staff).

        Participate in professional development workshops as needed.

        To participate in performance review and self-evaluation to foster personal development and growth. This will be done in consultation with the Principal.




        To write a twice yearly review of your classroom.

        Notify Principal, as appropriate, of any personal or professional difficulties with children, parents, staff or community members.

        Prepare an inventory of classroom equipment first week of school. This is to be rechecked at the end of the school year for replacement items.

        Develop curriculum overview covering class work and expectations on a regular (weekly) basis (Planning). Maintain concurrent written records of progress and achievements for each child.

        Develop evaluative measures to ensure outcomes are achieved against goals set for each child.

        To take part in peer appraisal system

        The performance of primary teachers will be assessed against professional standards.




If interested please send curriculum vitae to The Principal, Wa Ora Montessori School, 278 Waddington Drive, Naenae, Lower Hutt. Applications close : 31 May 2001.