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 Hi Steve, Lea & Fellow Uranians:

For anyone who would like the answer to seconds, the following 
formulae works. and if anyone is sufficiently interested I will 
provide a worked example.

To find Vertex:

Cos e = .9174
Sin e = .3979
Cot L = .7942

 tan-1 ( cos R.A.M.C  / (( sin e * cot L ) - ( cos e * sin   R.A.M.C.)))

R.A.M.C. = LST * 15


One of the standard astrological definitions for the Vertex 
is "fated encounters."  I have interpreted this to mean that when one is in 
a rut in life, and can not see your way out of that, then there is a 
mechanism of mind which connects all minds together, which opens and allows 
an outside influence to come in and disrupt certain portions of our 
otherwise seemingly peaceful existence.  The situations described where 
spiritual people were given messages by the universe from an outside source 
to "move on" is typical of how the Vertex works in people's lives.  There is 
no reason to invent something new about the Vertex to describe these events. 
 The standard definitions work quite well.  The Vertex sets up an axis which 
causes us to respond to external events.  It is not like the Ascendant.  It 
is quite different from the Ascendant.  It offers an active chart axis, as 
does the Ascendant.  Often when the natal Vertex is activated, outside 
influences come into our lives complicating our inner world and causing us 
to use time and energy which often we would want to use in other ways.  But, 
very often we are forced to respond to Vertex activity, and to use time and 
resources when doing this.  If we anticipate a Vertex call for action then 
we can avoid such upsets.  However the Vertex exists primarily as a reminder 
that if we do not pay attention to other "calls" then the Vertex will allow 
an outside influence to upset our current circumstances.  That is how the 
Vertex works.  I give the Vertex an association with the planet Venus -- 
which also demands that homage be paid, or else the human will pay the 
price.  There is also a lot of vanity and jealousy which works through the 
Vertex axis. 


Date:          Mon, 04 May 1998 08:12:19 -0600

Hello all,

About the Vertex - several years ago in an astrology class we discovered
that 3 out of about 12 of us had a solar eclipse hit their Vertex at some
point in time.  In each case, the person was driven out of a spiritual
community/job for saying essentially that the emperor had no clothes to
naked emperors - they really hate that...  in one case someone was forced to
testify against severe unethical behavior and abuse of power and resources
on the part of her boss who she adored til then, and lost her job for that. 
In another case, a very spiritually aware and erudite person became the
target for a collective projection "witch hunt" (and the words witch and
evil were used).  In the other case a person challenged and accused his
spiritual teachers of a lack of ethics, tho in this case they were well
within their boundaries and responsibilities.

The recent Mercury station conjunct Mars and Saturn tightly opposed my 6th
house Vertex and conjuncted my 12th house Admetos, and everything that was
new and growing in my life flat-lined and things got difficult at work, and
strange physical symptoms and energy problems (which all checked out ok,
glad to report).  Now all those planets are past that 21^ mark, but Saturn
is transiting my 12th house, and within 1 1/2 degrees of (applying) squaring
my Moon, less than a degree of squaring my MC, and my Ve/Ma, Ur/Pl and Ad/Ha
midpoints.  Might I say I've had more pleasant times?  I'm just staying very
fluid, and hoping for signs of life (my mother's health, my health,
relationship concerns) once it is past, then past my Hades at 29. I know it
revisits at the end of the year...

I agree that the Vertex can be a real kicker, would appreciate more input on
it. The eclipse/Vertex phenomena was fascinating to me - anyone else have an
eclipse hit theirs??

Thank you!


Date:  3 May
... I did run a data base of some 601 people (data from Lois Rodden's
information), and evaluated and weighted these 601 people so that I have
their midpoint evaluations with the Vertex in a sorted order.  I also did
this earlier with the 220 people and events used in my Midpoints book. Here
are the results of those 220 people and events weighted for the importance
of their Sun/Vertex midpoint (I have such data for all PSPs and planets):

   1 Steve Allen
   2 Amadeo Modigliani
   3 Albert Camus
   4 Shirley Jones
   5 Bjorn Borg
   6 Bob Newhart
   7 Dr. Francis Regardie
   8 Edgar Degas
   9 Ritchie Valens
  10 Carl Sandburg
  11 Paul Newman
  12 Jean Cocteau
  13 Ernest Pyle
  14 Richard Byrd
  15 Enrico Caruso
  16 Mary Martin
  17 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  18 Moshe Dayan
  19 Sigmund Freud
  20 Rollo May
  21 Neil Diamond
  22 Ralph Waldo Emerson
  23 Ulysses S. Grant
  24 Jerry Reed
  25 Liberace
  26 Albert Schweitzer
  27 William K. Douglas
  28 Gustav Dore
  29 Albert Einstein
  30 Ivar Kreugar
  31 Rex Harrison
  32 Guglielmo Marconi
  33 John Paul I
  34 Nikola Tesla
  35 Helen Reddy
  36 Peter Max
  37 Abraham Lincoln
  38 Henry Kissinger
  39 Maurice Ravel
  40 Herman Melville
  41 Glen Campbell
  42 Audrey Hepburn
  *** *** *** ***
 208 Rossano Brazzi
 209 Lawrence Welk
 210 Sandy Koufax
 211 Yehudi Menuhin
 212 Dr. Sam Sheppard
 213 Ida Rolf
 214 Jack Schwartz
 215 Merv Griffin
 216 Enrico Fermi
 217 John Glenn
 218 Jimi Hendrix
 219 Edmund Halley
 220 Johann Von Goethe

The procedures and methods used for the overall weighting are explained in
my Midopints book.  Biographical information and sources for these people
are listed in an appendix in my Midpoints book.

There are many people who are writing this and that on this PSP, or that PSP
-- and I encourage all of this research.  What I do not encourage is
preliminary publication of results based on only a few cases or incomplete
research.  True, research is time consuming.  One is often called to publish
information before it has been evaluated.  But in the end it is the
information which has been tested and evaluated which proves to be the most


Date:          Thu, 30 Apr 1998 17:24:23 EDT

Hi Steve, Lea & Fellow Uranians:

What follows my comments here is a copy of a post from a bulletin board on
America On Line by Martha Lang-Wescott on calculating the Vertex. 

This may be helpful for you, Lea.  I think your description of 
Vertex/Vulcanus sounds about right.  I also see the VX as a VERY 
fated point in a chart which does indeed actas another Descendant. 
Its almost as if you HAVE TO come together in some way with the 
person who activates this point in your chart... I have mine in the 
8th, and I have helped two people to "pass over" to the other side in 
my life -- both very deep & spiritual relationships.  Both people had 
their nodes exactly conjunct my Vertex-- one was North Node and other 
South Node. 

The "fated" quality of the associations may be overemphasized by the 
8th house position of my Vertex, but in calculating the composite or 
relationship charts of many of my clients, I find continually that 
the vertex -- whether it is the parties' natal, or the composite or 
relationship vertex, nearly always conjoins one or the other parties' 
personal planets OR is on the descendant of the 
composite/relationship chart... I would think a Vertex/Vulcanus 
connection would feel even MORE fated/heavier, due to that "HAVE-TO" 
feeling of Vulcanus, and agree with the feeling of "pressure" re: 
whether we are talking about tornadoes or personal relationships!

Hope this sheds some light.

AstroVal (Valerie Irving)

And now onto Ms. Wescott's post:

>>Subject: Re: Vertex: Calculation

Date: Tue, Mar 3, 1998 1:23 AM
From: <A HREF="aol://3548:TreehseMtn">TreehseMtn</A>
Message-id: <>

1. Take the birth latitude and subtract it from 90 (this result is then
called the "co-latitude")

2. Using the chart's IC, look it up in a Table of Houses as 
though it were the MC 

3. Move down the Ascendant column in the Table of Houses to the co-latitude,
treating it as though it were an actual latitude.

4. The Ascendant given at that co-latitude (with the IC treated as the MC)
is the Vertex.  It is always located on the right side of the chart.

5. It's opposite point is the Antivertex. (And you can then use a
"Derivative Midheaven" based on the Antivertex...and the Eastpoint, for that

I am supposing that these directions were what you wanted and not those that
require ATAN functions!!!!  Do investigate the Vertex as an adjutant
"Descendant"-- a point of encountering others---and all that is thus implied!>>

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