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Date sent:       Sun, 25 Apr 99 16:48:27 PDT 

Dear Steve, 

You may include my name if you wish.  The original source of information 
is an Astrologer living near San Francisco with whom I have lost contact 
and who is rather reclusive and resistant to contact, so I am not inclined 
to mention his name until he surfaces and chooses to be identified; I 
don't take credit for the Vertex concept being my own invention.  The same 
Astrologer said about the East Point (I paraphrase) just as the EP is 
symbolically where the Ascendant would be if we were born at the Equato
(a fixed earth point just like the Aries Point) we merge the meaning of 
the two: 

The East Point symbolizes contacts, manner of interaction (persona), 
relationships with others, and environs (Ascendant) when one is out among 
the general public (Aries).  I have found this to be the case.  For 
example, transits to this point indicate meetings out among the public (on 
the street, in public buildings, etc.)  It does indeed refer to those 
components of relationships which take place out in public or which gain 
public notice, and to our public persona. 

Interesting that some astrologers (for example, those who use the Meridian 
house system) employ the East Point in place of the Ascendant.... the East 
Point is the way one is known for conducting oneself in public, while the 
Ascendant is the way one interacts with others in more personal situations 
(symbolically, specific to one's birthplace).  This would imply that only 
people who know us well could validate the pictures and aspects to the AS 
while those who know us only in public situations would validate the 
pictures and aspects to the EP. 

This brings up the issue of relocation charts.  We use the birthtime to 
indicate how cosmic conditions imprinted and impacted our personalities at 
birth... it would imply that if we change the angles to our relocated 
residence, it follows that we should also change the planets for the date 
and time we arrived at that new location to stay.  For those who have 
actually recorded the date and time they arrived at a new city of 
residence, the new chart is quite noteworthy.... it is a chart of a new 
life(style).  You could also do synastry with your birthchart to see what 
the challenges and changes are/were. 

Blake Finley, MA 
San Francisco, USA 


Date sent:       Mon, 26 Apr 1999 03:50:18 EDT 

<< In reference to the Vertex, a fellow Uranian Astrologer taught me 
several years ago that the Vertex is the point of productivity...  i.e. 
what we produce in life.  I have found it to indicate one's work 

In contrast the MC which often indicates social and career status.  

With MC there are recognition issues (10th house type matters).  With the 
Vertex, the issue is productivity (6th house type matters).   

Directions to the Vertex often major job events or changes, as do 
transits.  I watch transiting planets to my Vertex and this is borne out 
repeatedly. Vertex may well have other spiritual or karmic connotations; 
i.e. what we produce is what we "do", and from spiritual perspective, our 
actions have a ripple effect both on others and on our own future dealings 
with other people and situations.>>   

Hi Steve and Uranians, 

Re: The Vertex:   
Personally, I've not found the above to be true -- but 
then again, my VX is in 8th, not in 6th.  Perhaps in 6th it might work 
this way; am curious if anyone else has found the above to be true.  

 Much more often, I've found the Vertex to act as another kind of  
'Descendant' type of energy with what feels like 'karmic' overtones -- and 
not just for me, but for clients time and time again.  It seems to be a 
most prominent feature found in synastries/composites of important, 
seemingly 'fated' relationships or encounters.  



Date sent:       Sun, 25 Apr 1999 11:37:55 EDT 

I had always heard that the vertex was a point of "fated" events or people. 



Dear group members, 

When I read the post on the Vertex being linked to productivity, I had a 
look at Hitler's chart (due to the Columbine High School connection).  
Looking at the 90 degree chart, we can immediately see  Hades = Vertex    
by only 10 minutes orb.   

Placing the pointer on    Ha,Vx    we get:    
   Ha, Vx  = No / Kr   =   Vu / Pl   =   Me / Cu 

I would need to see many more charts before I accept the post regarding 
productivity (etc.), but Hitler's Vx  does show some very relevant PPs for 
the person he was. 

The combination of Hades, Pluto, Vulcanus, with the Node, etc. shows some very powerful energies.


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