Montessori Teacher Training 
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Correspondence Course

  Associated with Montessori Centre International,
London, England
(Previously known as Montessori St. Nicholas and London Montessori Centre.)

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Teacher Training 

Revised  20 March 2001

A practical workshop is held every year in New Zealand. 
Previous students have come from as 
far away as Australia, Singapore, and Europe. 
This is associated with the MCI correspondence course,
and is for current St. Nicholas, LCM, and MCI students as well 
as for anyone interested in Montessori preschool education.

The 2001 workshop will be held in 
Masterton, New Zealand, 
from Monday 9 April to Saturday 21 April. 

There will likely be a workshop in Sydney or Melbourne
Australia, during late 2001 or early 2002. 
If you are interested in having a workshop anywhere in 
Australia, other locations of Australasia,
or Asia, please send an email to Pauline Harter:
In the Subject Line of your email put:
"Your Name - Montessori"
~ thank you ~

On the last day, practical and written examinations will be held. 
Masterton is north west of Wellington  and is easily accessed 
by train, bus or car. See the map on a page in this site.

The tutor is Pauline Harter, who is  a 
Montessori Centre International correspondence tutor, 
head teacher / owner of Wairarapa Montessori Centre
head teacher of Wairarapa Primary - Wa Ora Montessori
executive member of the Montessori Association of New Zealand,
and member of the Montessori Qualifications Committee for
Auckland University of Technology. Pauline has the 
‘Foundation’ and ‘Advanced’ diplomas from A. M. I., 
a diploma in Primary Education (N.Z.), and a 
‘Special and Remedial Education’ diploma (England).
After completing her training in India, Italy and England, 
she has been actively involved in Montessori education for over 25 years, 
having taught in England, the United States and New Zealand. 
She has a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as lively enthusiasm 
and a loving spirit for Montessori education.

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For photos of New Zealand workshops click HERE.

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Correspondence Course

An international correspondence course in Montessori 
teacher training is offered by Montessori Centre International
This course is administered from the 
Distance Learning Department of 
Montessori Centre International (MCI)
London, England.

One of the correspondence tutors is Pauline Harter.
(Refer to biographical details above.)

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Note: The page you are now viewing is the personal web site of Pauline Harter.

For photos of New Zealand workshops click HERE.
Click HERE to see photos of my New Zealand school .

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 Montessori Centre International

"In January 1999 Montessori Centre International was formed from two Montessori training colleges, London Montessori Centre and Montessori St Nicholas Centre."
This is a superb site with much information on teacher training, explanations of how Montessori education works, books and equipment, Montessori International, the MCI magazine, courses and other useful material for parents and teachers.

Montessori St. Nicholas Centre
See MCI above.

London Montessori Centre
See MCI above.

Montessori Association of 
New Zealand (MANZ)
 "(MANZ) - provides information on Montessori philosophy and education 
 in New Zealand and publishes a quarterly newsletter."

The Montessori Parents' Forum
"You're the parent of a Montessori student and you have questions... 
You're considering Montessori for your child and are curious... 

"The Montessori Parents' Forum is not affiliated with any specific organization or school and seeks only to provide a venue for thoughtful discourse and access to information - whether looking for a link, asking a difficult question, or offering your humble opinion ...this is a good place to start.

"Maria Montessori Sign the Guest Book to get on our emailing list and to let us know what you think about the site. The Links page is our showcase - our goal is to have the most comprehensive collection of Montessori links online. Check back often, as we're well on our way! The Pen Pals page lists other Montessori parents you can correspond with via email to share similar encouragement, questions or advice."

The Montessori Teachers' Collective
Includes Great Kid Stories and Things That Work In The Classroom.


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