The Planetary Pictures of a Zapped Modem

Date sent:        Mon, 1 Jun 1998 09:45:06 -1200


A week ago Lorenzo sent me two interesting letters, and he has said 
that it is OK for me to send these as group mail.  The following is 
an interesting analysis of electrical storms causing problems with 
electrical gear.  Mention is also made of Coptic texts, meditation, 
compassion, and bleaping noises !  Thanks, Lo !
     -   Steve

I have had (and will have) lingering PL septile my ME, which has been
the source of a lot of surgically sharp meditation, perhaps some
insight, certainly a lot of soul-stiching and sewing. Natal ME sits on
the midpoint of SO/MC, which are in septile to each other, thus there
is a strongly 7th Harmonic-midpoint (manifesting or H4) congruence.

On the electrical storm that Zeused my modem, I estimate that it
occured on 13 May 1998 at 13.40 GMT, Subiaco (RM) 13E06 41N55 giving
these angles: ASC 29.23VI MC  29.17GE EP  29.08PI VX  29.08VI

[QUESTION: What does it mean when all these points are so
manifestatingly convergent???]

these angles have the midpoint picture:

MA/PL  =  SO/JU  =  VE/NE  =  CH/UR  =  PL

which sits in my own chart on:

SA/AC  =  ME/SA  =  SA/NN  =  SAPEX/GALCENTRE  = GALCEN/3:9(Koch Haus)


Zap me baby--and you did.

(and I would note too that tr. MA/SA (8.05TA) was on my SA/UR (7.51LE)
and MA/MC (23.05VI)-- a difficulty, suddenly getting unhooked to the
rest of the world. Then too, the supermidpoint tr. MA/SA//MA/SA n. was
at 00.20CN thus directly on my 3:9 (Koch) cusp-- an information

Obviously the electrical storm lasted for some time, but I looked at
the clock in the library where I was pouring over an Arabic
translation of a Coptic text when the lights went out with a flash and
thunder bang at about 15.40 LT (CET). I discovered the modem did not
work that evening when I returned to my flat, about 2 km away from the
library, at 19.30 LT.

In the area I have heard of a number of people who had the electrical
components of their gas heating systems blown, a few telephones KO-ed,
and one poor chap who had his hard drive blown up and away.

Date sent:        Sat, 23 May 1998 17:37:04 +0200

Dear Steve,

You think the group has it tough, so what would you say to someone
who's had tr MA/SA on his MC and tr SA/NE on his A/M?? 

I know two people who have had tr SA/NE = A/M-- one is you, the other
me. And this too will pass. It's a time of greater silence, deeper
meditation, patience and working for a higher ideal in that silence, a
seeding time. Insight, if one can call it that, is being deeply
processed in the forming of structures and boundries, their dissolving
and expansion, a tension between the worm which is no longer worm and
not yet butterfly, worrying from the womb and constructing the womb of
the mind before the time of the winds and unwinding, and yet it is
already that time and that time's past. SA/NE is the mystery of
beingness and nonbeingness, woven into the stillness hanging in the
boughs and reaching up into the azure heights is the compassion of
that borderland, a silence scattered in farthest reaches, a nowhere
out of mind, forever I and yet I nevermore. The change of seasons, as
the rose opens further in and closer out to become one with the vast
darkling and enlightning reaches of the sky itself.

The lingering PL near -90- your AS is also indicative of some as yet
unutterable changes, while you find greater insights (=ME/UR) and are,
perhaps too, a bit nervy?? (=CH).

On the 13th of this month I had tr MA = MA/SA;  and MA/SA//MA/SA
(tr/n)= ME/SA. My modem reacted unfavourably to a very violent
electrical storm and broke down. For two days I thought It was the
telephone line, but then discovered the modem, although it still
'functioned' (ie went through all the bleaps and lights, was not
connecting to the line, but making a strange fuzzy noise). It is now
being repaired, under guarentee, and should be back again in about 10
days. Just as tr. MA/SA moved off my MC, a friend lent me a spare
modem. I was off line for ten days.



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