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Hi Steve 

As promised--here is the "next" installment.  Enjoy.  Warmly,Eileen 
 (C) Copyright by Eileen Naumann, 1998.  All rights reserved.

Symbol: The sign Taurus, with Mercury and the "cross of matter" within the sign. Attributes of Taurus, Mercury and the ability to ground vision into physical manifestation and reality.

1. Stoppages (blood clots, phlebitis, soft tissue injury, etc.)
2. Blockages (blood clots, heart attack, cholesterol/plaque, etc.)
3. Cholesterol (blocking--Jupiter rules fat/lipid metabolism)
4. "Blood sludge" (cholesterol/plaque build-up in arteries)
5. Stagnation (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually/ slowing of blood; poor circulation) 
6. Suffocation (feeling of anxiety/panic attacks, in a bad marriage, a stultifying, meaningless job, physically suffocated, drowning, unconsciousness where one drowns in their own fluids and suffocates)
7. Cold-natured (can't stand cold weather/snow/low temps)
8. Chilly
9. Inward (shy/introverted/inward seeing and perceiving)
10. Shy
11. Secretive (afraid others will see their vulnerability)
12. Repressed
13. Suppressed
14. Blunt (speaking)
15. Tactless (the truth above all else, no holds barred)
16. Dry (thirstless, dry skin, dried up emotionally, like dry areas like deserts, 
       low humidity, very little rain)
17. Stiff (as in joints, muscles stiffening up with age or injury)
18. Alone
19. Loner/hermit
20. Restriction (circulation)
21. Stroke (blood clot BLOCKS vessel)
22. Blood clot
23. Lack of perfusion
24. Shut down/shock
25. Poor circulation
26. Raynaud's Disease
27. Fetal distress (cord wrapped around neck/suffocating in birth canal)
28. Mother (issues with our biological mother/integrating feminine energy within ourselves/positive or negative mother)
29. Relationships with mothering kinds of relatives/friends
30. Emotions (Moon/Mother/Admetos) 
31. Seed
32. Germination (of an idea, vision, bacteria, virus, beginning of a disease)
33. Development Room (processing film negatives)
34. Negative (film)
35. Where ideas begin--seed ideas 
36. Seed of a "dis-ease"--beginning of a disease
37. Decline in health after long, hard enduring of stressful situation
38. Unexpected pregnancy (unknown and a big surprise) abortion (choice by woman)
39. Miscarriage (spontaneous)
40. Inactive (hospitalized/couch potato/non-athletic)
41. Claustrophobia (they don't like crowds or to be in a small, cramped area)
42. Constriction/tightness (can't stand tight clothes at waist or neck)
43. Specialist -- best at what they do--in relation to a doctor/surgeon
44. Narrow (as in cholesterol in artery narrows it with plaque build-up or narrowing of blood vessels causing poor circulation/coldness in hands and feet)
45. Limited (range of motion)
46. Settled (as in uric acid crystals settling in joints of Gout or calcification in joints with Arthritis)
47. Restricted (as in hospital, on crutches or bed-ridden)
48. Can't tolerate small, tight, limited spaces--must have movement, 
      air flow and air circulation 
49. Late bloomer
50. Ugly duckling (later turns into a swan in 30's). They are the proverbial 
     clam shell that is closed, but holds a pearl deep within them.
51. Death by strangulation (in utero or otherwise/hanging suicide/someone 
     strangling the person to death)
52. Origin of the disease--when it BEGAN.
53. Primal matter (they like to work with basics, foundational building blocks, they are simple, straight-forward -- no shallow persona in place, they like 'shit'; may be compost for the garden, their own internal 'shit', may be a therapist to deals in other's 'shit', buzzard medicine (shit medicine), or they find themselves in shitty situations; constipation, especially when traveling, good at forensic medicine, psychotherapy).
54. "Root cause" (they are good at finding it; detective, good at police work, as a homeopath, they want to understand the beginning, the basis, for things in their life or their life work).
55. Original cause
56. Going back to basics (speak in every day language; they are not academicians with one dollar words) 
57. Building a strong foundation (their physical body is always strong and can endure incredible hardship and beatings from Life before breaking down).
58. Difficult childbirth or difficult labor (woman may have many spontaneous miscarriages or abortions by choice).
59. Confined (as in a tumor confining cancerous cells within boundaries vs. lymphatic cancer which is boundary-less)
60. Compress or reduce in size (as in shrinkage of a tumor, cyst or fibroid tumor)
61. Incubator (a place where things--germ, bacteria, virus, creative idea, vision, etc.--actually begin and are fostered. In cancer, the body is the incubator for this occurrence.)
62. Down. Deep. Introspective. Hidden. Below the surface. Unconscious. Subconscious. 
63. Autism.
64. Bumps into things, drops things, awkward, unbalanced, trips over own feet.


1. Two types of Admetos people. They look like a Taurus type person in build: chunky, blocky, short, medium to large-boned OR they resemble the Mercury type of petite, small boned or short (around 5' to 5' 4"). Very muscular (regardless of gender), very strong. They like weight training. They build muscle easily and retain it. They are also "strong" emotionally but this can work against them as they swallow too many feelings too often and then it backs up on them as a dis-ease later in life.
2. Weight issues; gaining weight because they use the fat as a 'wall' to protect themselves from the hurts of Life/the world.
3. May feel like they are "caught between a rock and hard place" or 
    "my back's up against a wall." 
4. They have great depth of thinking and intuiting processes. Slow to answer. Never the type who has a quick "comeback"--they think of it hours or days later after the confrontation.
5. They are a specialist in some career area--and they will be the best at what they do. Good to see this in the surgeon's chart natally. It means s/he is the best at their trade.
6. Very hard to 'draw out' if trying to take their case homeopathically. They do not yield out vital information at first. You may get what you want months later after they 'trust' you. They "hide" their real selves from the prying eyes of the world.
7. Like a very slow blooming flower. Blooms late. But beautiful when they do, finally bloom. Rich, inner life. They were children who played happily alone and didn't need others around in order to be entertained. Reminds me of a century plant flower essence: Breakthrough via slow but sure, persistence and endurance.
8. Powers of endurance on every level of being are legendary. Like a bull elephant who can just keep going, and going, and going.....but when they exhaust themselves; it's deep and their recovery is slow.
9. Ability to concentrate--deeply and with laser-like focus.
10. If emotionally 'stopped up' then there can be edema/water (Moon) issues. Once those issued are aired, the edema goes away.
11. Conservative by nature. Symbol: work horse in a harness or an oxen in yoke working to plow a rich, fertile field of soil.
12. A job that entails a lot of interface with people will stress them out quickly. They work better alone or with low to no supervision. 
13. Has a lot of patience and perseverance to see something through. 
    Their word is their bond.
14. Very reliable. Hard worker. Will work themselves into exhaustion-
    - they do not know when to stop and rest.


1. Gardening. The earth. Farming. Planting. Flowers. Growing green things. Walks in Nature. Taking time out to work with living plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Agriculture. Flower shop. Flower arrangement. Nursery work. Greenhouse work. Anything 'creative' that they can plant like a seed and watch it grow--literally or figuratively speaking. They love to work with clay and pottery.
2. Photography.
3. Painting.
4. Dancing.
5. Music.
6. Anything that will bring out their very deeply hidden emotions for positive expression or release of negative ones.
7. Psychotherapy.
8. Soul recovery and extraction. 
9. Flower essences.
10. Herbs.
11. Homeopathy.
12. "Better out than in"--discharging their emotional dross/personal, inner darkness is their way to health and freedom from disease.
13. "You can lead a horse to water but you can make her/him drink"--the problem with Admetos. They will 'discharge' or 'drink' when they want to--you cannot MAKE them. They are very Taurean--slow but sure--sometimes maddeningly slow.
14. Going on a retreat.
15. Going on a vision quest. Working with Native American or 'earth centered' ceremony/religion/belief system.
16. Sweat lodge ceremony.
17. Working with jewelry; gemstones, gem essences, faceting and being a "rock hound" or rock hobbyist. Geology. Mining. Gold panning. Environmentalist. Landscaper. Real estate work/job/career. Architect. Builder. Visionary. Dreamer who makes physical manifestation occur (the "cross of matter" promises this aspect for the positive Admetos person). 
18. Meditation.
19. Being alone in a quiet, low-stress, mother-nature sort of place.
20. Encourage the Admetos person to have one room in her/his house that they create that brings out all the above.
21. Living plants in their house or at work.
22. Writing--they are full of ideas. Encourage them to take a class on creative writing.
23. The highest level of positive Admetos is the magician who can think it, and it will be--and they will bring it into physical reality and manifestation. They are SUPER-creative. Birthing incubators of the highest and best kind. They are the Johnny Appleseeds of our world. They 'sow' their idea(s) to humanity. They are always 'pregnant' with "brain children" or a 'fertile-Myrtle' who has lots of children but she will have a number of miscarriages/abortions, too. 
24. Admetos women are not necessarily broodmares with a flock of children. They may choose to use their fertility and turn it into brain children or other creative means via the arts or healing areas. 
25. An 'asleep' Admetos may appear as a "born again", be of a religion that they follow blindly, be super-conservative, and conventional. They don't like to rock the boat. They want things the way they "used to be". They don't like chain. Very fixed and rutted (like Taurus). They see their way of life as the only answer for everyone else. Think of: Steel workers. Blue collar auto workers. Small town America with its "Christian values", ethics, morals and values. Hard working. Enduring. Can be counted upon. Family, God and Country. Super patriots. 
26. An 'awakening' Admetos may be reliable, hard working, conservative, but will not be projecting their way of life on everyone else. They may retain their deep, deep religious or philosophical values but they have, at this stage, a "live and let live" attitude toward others. There is an interest in other cultures and diversity and may be a curiosity to explore it deeply--as in ancient cultures. They show earmarks of creativity and may have a hobby.
27. An 'awake' Admetos is a world changer either on a large or small scale. They are continually manifesting their dreams and vision for themselves and others. Highly creative, disciplined, reliable, they too, are fueled by a sense of mission that comes from a deeply religious or philosophical belief system.


1. Century Plant--to make that "breakthrough" deep within themselves.
2. Crested Prickle Poppy--to bring up their Shadow so they can see it in their dream work and begin integrating it.
3. Petrified Sequoia--so they do not take everything so personally (and therefore have a pound of flesh torn from them) at work. This will help them rise above things and be Zen-like without being disconnected from what is going on. 
4. Phal. Orchid "Stone Pinto"--for those who work too hard, too long and don't know when to quit. This essence helps them 'pace' themselves better so they get some 'down time' to rest and recharge.
5. Cottonwood Tree--when they have over worked and abused the privilege of their body, or they've taken hit after hit and are reeling, but still moving forward when they should rest. For Life's devastation's.
6. Chaparral--for a deep, deep internal cleansing to keep them free from cancer or other deeply rooted diseases. Also supports immune system. Should be used every 6 months as a 'tune-up' for 30 days.
7. Echo Blue--to help them tap into their treasure chest of 'seed ideas' on an inner level of themselves.
8. Primrose Combo--to "cleanse" them at every level of themselves--they should use this like a 'general car tune-up' once every 6 months, for 30 days, just to keep things status quo and dark negativity doesn't get repressed/suppressed once again.
9. Cottage Pinks--to give them a 'boost' of physical energy when they are dragging or sick.
10. Ruby--to give them a super boost of physical energy when they are under a lot of responsibility and are working too hard and they need this in order to perform up to the end of their duties.
11. Moonstone--to dredge up all those old, hidden emotions from the past and from "mom" so that they can be worked through.
12. Aconite--to dig out old shocks and traumas from the past so they can be 'aired' and therefore, discharged instead of causing disease later in life.
13. Bellis Perennis (English Daisy)--because Admetos is always good in a trauma or emergency, they need this to dig out THEIR reaction afterward. To be used on an 'as needed basis' as they encounter such traumas.
14. Emerald--to support Admetos' immune system because it takes such a beating over a long, long period of time without reprieve. This should be used every six months, for 30 days, along with the Primrose Combo or Chaparral as a 'tune-up' to keep them in good health.
(C) Copyright by Eileen Naumann, 1998.  All rights reserved.


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I have been working with Uranians for almost 30 years now (ok ok I'm 
not that old but started very young in the early 70's) beginning with the 
learning of midpoints and the 90' wheel.  My teacher(s) didn't emphasize 
the Astrological rulership of the planets as at that time they felt that 
Uranian was more about the techniques rather than traditional planetary 
rulerships.  We did learn what the rulerships of the various planets were 
but as my teachers wanted to move away from traditional astrology and 
emphasize the techniques it wasn't something that we concentrated on and 
so I never concentrated on it as well. (An interesting thought just 
occurred to me about Taurus and Admetos.  The slow ponderous thought 
process has proven itself to me this week as it has taken me four days to 
respond to Eileen's original post on Admetos unlike the Hades article 
which was quick fast and to the point almost immediately upon receipt.) 

Eileen's statement: 

"Symbol:  The sign Taurus, with Mercury and the "cross of matter" 
within the sign.  Attributes of Taurus, Mercury and the ability to 
ground vision into physical manifestation and reality." 

has brought some awareness to myself of Admetos' true meaning rather 
than fearing of it's opposition to my SU (Sun).  I had thought the 
opposition would bring a suppression of my normal Scorpionic energies but 
as I am looking at it I have realized that it is bringing clarity and 
grounding ability to my otherwise flighty but creative self. 

(I just realized that transiting Admetos is currently (and has been 
for a while) in Taurus it's natural sign and started wondering about 
that, is it some sort of renewal of Admetos's energy?) 

I have always had the image stuck in my mind that the sign Taurus the bull 
is the most grounded sign in the zodiac.  The fact that I have no planets 
in Taurus has always disturbed me and forced me to look to others for my 
stability (primarily my mother).  Not healthy.   When Transitting Admetos 
opposed my natal Mercury in Scorpio (along with Transitting Pluto conjunct 
my Sun), my mother passed away.  I was forced to learn how to deal in the 
world without my one grounding force.  I flipped flopped and then hung on 
to a friend who has Saturn & Uranus in Taurus opposite my Sun.  This was 
not healthy as it got into a dance of co-dependency.  Now that my 
Progressed Moon is in Taurus, along with transitting Saturn I am looking 
at Taurus in a whole different light, have moved away from that friend and 
am trying to live without the grounding force of another and find it 
within myself. 

Taurus in Admetos.  It's a slow undercurrent of thought.  Always there but 
so hidden from immediate view that I almost overlooked it. Ponderous 
thoughts, taking it's time, slowly formulating an opinion.  Once I 
realized that the energy was there I have tapped into it's power and 
utilized it for my creations.   Another aspect of my MO/HA/JU combination 
is that I love antique clothing and designs are always creating themselves 
when I start looking at my collection and especially when I attend a 
vintage clothing show.   The designs start flowing into my mind and when I 
am allowed to let the flow activate itself (by that I mean I have a 14yr 
old daughter who has her own adgenda of my time and energy) it's a wild 
ride watching all the pictures go by. 

I am a seamstress and seller of sewing supplies by trade but what I 
like to do in my spare thoughts is create reproduction antique 
garments in my mind and if I'm lucky get them onto paper.  One such 
image/design came to me in a dream during T AD opposite my ME phase. I was 
able to slowly create a pattern from the design which came to me in that 
flash of a dream and put it into production for resale.  This is the 
energy of Admetos - the ability to bring into reality the dreams of 

Now under the transit of Admetos opposite my Sun, along with the other 
aspects that have been zapping us, I have been in the throws of being 
"between a rock and a hard place" with the sewing of a wedding dress for a 
client.  (What a horrible experience, my main conclusion is that I hate 
weddings.)  Anyhow when I originally signed up for this project it was to 
be a quick and simple easy sewing gig, no hassles - no problems.  Then the 
woman who was working with the bride decided to play around with the 
pattern and I ended up with four different patterns to make up the wedding 
dress.  OY VEY!!!!  I was ready to quit.  Then I realized that I couldn't 
quit as there was very little time left for the bride, fabric bought and 
no seamstress, so I'm plodding onward trying to decipher the fittings of 
four different patterns into one creation. 

This morning I realized that I needed to do some "mental creation" on the 
pattern before I cut into the silk and recognized the flow of creative 
thought as an undercurrent flowing through my mind.  Thinking it might be 
the Admetos in Taurus energy I dived in with my problem of this one 
section on the dress and sure enough a solution has brought itself to my 
mind.  It's still not clear but at least it's a start and I'm not so stuck 
in frustration.  Perhaps the fear of the opposition is turning around to 
clarity within my mind.  It's not Admetos opposite my Sun but my Sun in 
Scorpio shining it's light onto the Admetos energy that is available 
within my mind. 

Health wise well that's another story, when I acknowledge it out I'll let 
you know. 

Another thought on Admetos. 

My friend Nick, a great artist (or so his chart says), has MC square 
AD. He lives his whole life within the bringing forth of creativity 
into reality. Image flow from his fingers onto the page every night 
for hours and hours.  It is relentless energy being poured out onto 
canvas and paper.  He is also a loner, restricts himself to living a 
certain lifestyle rarely moving out of it into a new realm of thought. 
 He is also blunt, cuts right to the point through the bullshit (a 
quality I greatly admire).  He can't stand cold, and even when it's 
hot in the car and stuffy he has to have the windows closed as he is 

It is interesting to see how the Admetos personality profile fits him to 
the T.  The midheaven is a very important point in Uranian Astrology.  It 
is the personna of the individual, the Sun is the body but the Midheaven 
is who you are.