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As you can clearly see, Ali has the planetary picture  Su/Mo = Pl. 
That is, the midpoint of the Sun and Moon has Pluto exactly opposite. 
Did you get the correct answer ?  For the meaning of this, keep reading...

Lets first have a general look at this chart, because it is different than the usual birth chart!  There are no Houses and no Zodiac signs, and aspects like squares and trines are not even there.  Now do you see what I meant stating that this would be "easy"?  After all, we do not have to worry about house cusps, rulerships, Placidus vs. Koch, elements, exaltations, decanates, etc.!  It is not that Houses and the Zodiac are not important or never used by midpoint astrologers, but we can find accurate revelations without them.

Notice that instead of the circle being divided into 30 degree segments, it is the full 360 degrees. The degrees and minutes are indicated by the Solar Fire 4 program, and it is a little odd that they use the zodiac degree placements instead of the 360 format. If you have trouble locating the exact position of each planet, the degree placements will assist you.

The arrow is called the 'pointer'.  Usually a midpoint astrologer will use a moveable dial that sits on top of the chart.  The dial is then rotated around the chart.  The dial will have markings on it to indicate various aspects, e.g. 90 degrees. If you hunt around my Midpoint Astrology web site, you will find a 90 dial that you can print and use, but it is not necessary for this set of free lessons.

Most good computer programs will make a 360 chart, but you can easily modify the normal 30 degree zodiac chart. The leading programs, in my opinion, are Janus, Solar Fire 4, and AstroLogic.  All of these programs are detailed on my Uranian web site. You can also download some FREE midpoint software programs - go to my Links page on the Midpoint Astrology web site. You can also 'trick' any program to locate and save a point as any chart's midpoint, so that you can see the natal and predictive aspects to it - this is all on my Midpoint Astrology web site.

The arrow in Ali's chart points directly at the Su/Mo midpoint, and you can see the precise degree and minute placement in the middle of the chart, 304deg52min.

Pluto is at 124deg48min.  Be sure to find this yourself, and not just read these words.  Now add 180 degrees (because the Su/Mo is opposite Pluto) to 124deg48min and you will find the exact postion of Su/Mo, by the VERY small orb of  4 minutes !

We use tight orbs !    For beginners, it is a good idea to keep under one degree.  Sometimes we can go out to 2 degrees.  There are all sorts of rules about this, but lets keep it simple for now.

Here is what Ebertin says about PlutoRuthless use of force, inclination to incite, to agitate; exercising magical influences over the masses, such as a public speaker.  Remember also that the Su/Mo means: Spirit and soul; vitality and feeling; marriage, friendship, parents or partners; success or difficulties with the public or relationships depending on one's inner balance. 

What does Pl = Su/Mo actually mean ?  All we need to do is to combine the energies of Pl and the Su/Mo, e.g. "One's spirit, vitality, and relationship with the public is engaged in a powerful, transformative manner."  We could also use the "cookbooks", but I choose to disregard these (this in itself is another topic to discuss) except for Michael Munkasey's book which says this (in part) for Pl = Su/Mo :  "Drastic measures to protect self; focusing attention on your own goals."

A person who is said by many to be the world's greatest boxer certainly used the force of Pluto, but Ali was also an amazing orator, giving powerful speeches. This is in line with the explanations above. If you have any doubts about Muhammad Ali's powerful natal   Pl = Su/Mo,  see the fascinating video movie "Once Were Kings", and don't be put off by it being a documentary.

Do you remember what planet will be associated with Eleanor Roosevelt's Su/Mo ?
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