Date sent:       Thu, 20 Aug 1998 20:01:09 EDT 

The Aries Point indicates our day to day activities out in the daily 
world. It indicates the type of people you meet out in the street (or 
rather the type of people you notice?), general connections and the way 
people view you. 

Sai Baba and Parmanhansa Yogananda both have  
Poseidon connected to the Aries point. 


...if you look in the Astrolog 5.30 helpfile there are two references to it. one 
says the -F switch can be used to get midpoints to the aries point. I hope 
this may help.    
regards, Ron Ronald Bromley 

Date sent:        Mon, 3 Aug 1998 22:37:33 -0700 

Hi Steve, 
I have Matrix Blue Star System and I use the 360 dial, which 
automatically gives the the aries point.  The other chart options that can 
be used for Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology gives you several options 
to print the chart in a 'customized' format.  I also have 'quick charts' 
which is a series of reports that you can run including, midpoints, 
planetary pictures, trees, etc.  All of which gives you have the option of 
using Aries point or solstice points.  I really like Matrix software, very 
expensive, irritating computer manuals, and not so nice support people 
(sometimes).  But, any way I hope I contributed something. 


At 09:45 AM 8/4/98 -1200, you wrote: 
>Hello Uranians, 

>The Aries Point is essential for doing Uranian work, and yet few 
>astrology programs include it. 

>Solar Fire 4 lists the Aries Point with midpoint listings, but I 
>cannot figure out how to insert it into a natal chart, or with other 
>applications.  Also does anyone know how to get Astrolog to use the Aries 
>Point ? 

>Janus and Astrologic utilise the Aries Point.  Do any other programs? 

>Thanks for you help, 


Date:   29 Sept, 98 
From:  "An anonymous midpoints student" 

-----Answer (C) How does the world in general see this person...? 
We have to look to the Aries Point. In the chart: Aries Point = Su/ Ma Aries 
Point: is the point at which the astrologer sees the individual´s 
connection to the world in general (following Arlene Kramer) Su/ Ma : The 
will to live, vitality and vigour, activity (C.O.S.I.). We can see the Su/ 
Ma activated in the Moon´s Midpoint tree of Pablo Picasso ("Working with 
Astrology", M. Harding & C. Harvey, pag. 95). So in the case in exam I 
suppose that the world in general see this person very vigorous and with a 
lot of activity, continuously working ( I´m feeling , after looking at 
some of his planetary energies, that is a person that is very dedicated to 
help the others). 

-----Answer (C.2.) Aries Point also means with Su: people in public life; 
our conception of the world and our approach to it( Working with 
Astrology, pag. 440). Aries Point / MC: the relationship of the native 
towards the world in general. The "I" embodied on the earth. The 
significance of the moment for the world ("Working...", pag. 438). The 
authors of "Working with Astrology" explain that Aries Point  and the 
midpoints to this point were considered by Alfred Witte to be of great 
importance in every chart, and next in importance only to the MC.(pag. 
437). For Robert Hand the Aries Point, which was used by the Greeks and 
also in the beginnings of our modern horoscopic astrology, is very subtle 
point. It isn´t an energy supply like a real planet but it is considered 
like the last one because it forms aspects and it can be the focus for the 
combinations of midpoints ( "Horoscope Symbols", Robert Hand, pag. 102 of 
the Spanish translation). 


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