This page was built with the main purpose to be useful for those who start down the road of Midpoints and Uranian Astrology.

Here you´re going to find the pages of the "Midpoints 101" and "The Uranian Group" web sites that are directly related to the first notion of midpoints and planetary pictures.

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MIDPOINTS TECHNIQUES: Penny Bertucelli says that it´s necessary first of all to practice with the 360 dial before using the 90 dial; to work with the known planets before considering the Transneptunians (TNPs); and she speaks also about aspects like SIMMETRIES.

In the same place is found David Johnson´s letter about minor aspects with an example of the 11 degree 15 minutes aspect and a letter from Steve about the use of the 45 degree aspects how it´s explain in the book "Working with Astrology".

HOW TO CALCULATE MIDPOINTS: A very clear explanation about the midpoints´s calcule and the use of dials. In the same place is detailed the 11 degree 15 minutes aspect.

A 90 DEGREE DIAL, 360 WHEEL AND MIDPOINTS TREES: Illustrative about the 90 dial and the midpoints trees.

AN EXCELLENT EXPLANATION OF PLANETARY PICTURES: The meaning of A = B/C and A + B - C, and how you arrive to these formulas.

HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE INTERPRETATIONS: Learn how the midpoints must be interpreted, following the famous books: "C.O.S.I." and "RULES".

A GENERAL OVERVIEW OF URANIAN AND COSMOBIOLOGY: A detail of the TNPs; the differences between the Hamburg School and the Cosmobiology and an introduction to Uranian Astrology.

ALFRED WITTE - THE HAMBURG SCHOOL: A brief biography of the father of the Hamburg School and about his researches related to the TNPs.

THE ARIES POINT: Some concepts about the Aries Point and examples of interpretations of this personal point.

THE VERTEX: Informative of this fated point that can be used by the beginners like a complement to their analysis.

BRAZILIAN SERIAL KILLER: Analysing the chart of a brazilian serial killer gives clear explanations about midpoints, TNPs and how all they work.

Letters from the ARCHIVE: OCTOBER ´97: John, Marion and Scott write about Planetary Pictures, and Tuomo gives an interesting interpretation of his own chart, talking at the same time about solar arcs, transits and advices for beginners.

Letters from the ARCHIVE: BEGINNERS GUIDE: Scott gives an step by step study of a chart regarding the clusters. midpoints, personal points and the suggested axis. Then Bill teaches about midpoints trees and orbs. Tuomo, talks about midpoints and the book "The Dial Detective" and gives new advices for the students of Uranian Astrology.

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