June 25 to   27th 1999
Scottsdale, Arizona 


Hello Astrologers, 

The very best ever Cosmobiology conferences with Uranian/Asteroid   features will be held again this year.  We hope to see you at the   COSMOBIOLOGY & ASTROLOGY CONVENTION slated for June 25 to   27th 1999. See following information: 

Announcing the 12th Biennial 

June 25 - 27th, 1999 

Bonnie Armstrong, Martha Wescott, Judy Collins, Athena Cross, 
Diane Flack, Dennis Flaherty, Helen Garrett, 
Margie Herskovitz, Sat Siri Khulsa, Eleanora Kimmel, Chris McRae, 
Patricia Munns, Maritha Pottenger, Maria K. Simms, Nelda Tanner, Leigh 
Westin, Penny Bertucelli 

June 24th and 25th pre-conference sessions 2-5 p.m.  $29 
Martha Lang-Wescott 
Dennis Harness 
Penny Bertucelli 

June 28th post conference sessions Noon and 2-5 p.m. $29 
Dennis Flaherty 
Martha Wescott 


Regal McCormick Ranch 
Scottsdale, Arizona 

This is a beautiful air-conditioned resort twenty minutes from the Phoenix   airport in luxurious Scottsdale. It has two PGA golf courses, tennis and   volleyball courts, swimming pool, and a lake with paddle-boats and conoes.   All rooms have balconies or patios and fully stocked mini bars. The price   for a single room $79 plus tax per night. Two ahd three bedroom villas are   available. Room reservations must be made before May 24, 1999 in order to   get this special rate. Call (800) 243-1332 to reserve. 

Conference Prices: 

Before May 1, 1999 - Single day - $40 
                                Saturday w/banquet - $75 
                                3 days of sessions w/banquet - $110 3 
                                days sessions w/7 meals + banquet - 

After May 1, 1999 - Single day - $55 
                                Saturday w/banquet - $90 
                                3 days of sessions w/banquet - $130 3 
                                days of sessions w/7 meals + banquet - 

    For information call or e-mail the following people. 

Catherine Holcomb - 719-485-3666 - e-mail at 
Nelda Tanner 520-636-4550 - e-mail 

    What you will remember most about this conference will be the 
excellent presentations of all the cosmo, uranian and asteroid 
techniques that you will rarely find anywhere else in the world. 
Furthermore, you will long remember the emotional warmth and generosity 
of the cosmobiology group that runs this conference. These astrologers 
are professionally exceptional. 

Penny Bertucelli 

   Seminar by MarthaLang-Wescott
Date:          Sun, 01 Mar 1998 
From:          Diana 

** Notification of a Seminar ** 

   "The Language of Mind": WeekendSeminar with Martha Lang-Wescott, 
May 1st-3rd 1998, San Diego, California

 FOR INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION:Cindy (619) 435-8704 (San Diego) or 
Bran-De (818) 545-0100.  The Seminar Cost $200/$175 if registered 
prior to March 18, 1998 Visa/Mastercard. 

 The seminar site: Ramada Hotel, Old Town in San Diego 2435 Jefferson 
Street, reservations: (619) 260-8500. They have a complimentary 
shuttle from the airport, pool, sauna, restaurant and fitness center. 
 Seminar room rate $82.00. 

 Martha's semiars include extensive materials and lunch both days. 
The seminar weekend begins with an intro lecture on Friday evening, 
7:00-9:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday are both 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

     Australian Conference

6 - 8 June 1998 - 1st Trans Tasman Astrology Conference organized by the 
Regulus Ebertin Study Group of Canberra & Melbourne and The Southern 
Astrologer Magazine, Canberra, Forrest Australian Capital Territory, 
Australia, with Milton Black, Anne Elliott, Doris Greaves, Roderick Kidston, 
Glorija Lawrence, Hamish Saunders, Richard Sterling, etc. Info: Doris 
Greaves, PO Box 80, Red Hill, ACT 2603, Australia or Anne Elliott Email:                              (via Veronica) 

Do you know of other workshops (Uranian, Cosmobiology, Midpoint)?
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