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The material on this web site is for private use.  You may use this for your own studies and for including in group posts to other astrological email lists, but please give a reference to where it came from ( the name and URL of this site ): 

Many professional astrologers have freely contributed to the material on this site, and some of it has their own copyright, so please respect this.  Direct copying of any material on this site - including ALL pages - for the purpose of publishing or other business schemes, is forbidden.  If you want to include extracts larger than a small paragraph, please ask permission via Steve Lee, this web site's author.

Some material on this site is from copyrighted material.  This is for promotional purposes and an effort is made to provide links to book stores and other suppliers.  I welcome material from authors to put on this site.  Everyone tells me that more books (etc.) are sold if substantial extracts of the book are first placed on the Net.

It is bad karma to rip off other's material for your own financial gain.  If you do this, I doubt if you really understand the message found in your (or anyone's) natal chart.  I personally have no intention of duplicating the material on this site for financial gain. Unfortunately, stealing published information does occur within astrological circles.  "Published" material can take the form of audio tapes as well as web sites.  I personally take a very dim view of this.  It is disrespectful and creates ill feelings and divisions that hinder our astrological professional development.

On the other hand, working co-operatively and respectfully will help the entire astrological community, including our many clients.

Again,  please feel free to print as much material from this web site for your own use.  If you would like it for a  study group, please ask permission first.  Thank you.  I receive many emails from all over the world, including non group members, who are thrilled at finding this site, and a surprising number of these astrologers print the entire (or a substantial amount) web site for their own study.

Steve Lee   26 June 1999

Copyright notice: 

All material on this web site is copyright © 1999 Steven Lee, 
unless covered by a separate copyright noted on the page.
Permission is granted for private use only. 

It's polite to at least ask before you use any of 
the material on this web site.

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