by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK), EMT-B       
Copyright 1997 Eileen Nauman      All Rights Reserved 


 SYMBOL: It is the glyph of Jupiter with the glyph of Venus. Cupido is the 
'higher octave' of Venus on a more physical level (childbirth) whereas 
Neptune is the highest octave, denoting a more spiritual facet of Venus. 
It is the Greek god, Eros, or "love". 


1. Getting pregnant--Cupido/Venus, Cupido/Mars, Cupido/Jupiter, 
Cupido/Zeus, Cupido/Apollon (twins or multiple births). 

2. Birth of a child. 

3. Labor begins. 

4. Fertility (or lack of it--Cupido/Hades, Cupido/Saturn or Cupido/Admetos 
denotes inability to be fertile or miscarriages. Cupido/Uranus or 
bacterial/virus causes infertility problems Cupido/Neptune). 

5. Miscarriage--Cupido/Admetos, Cupido/Saturn, Cupido/Neptune or 

6. Childbirth via surgery or C-section: Cupido/Uranus, Cupido/Mars. 

7. Fetal distress/strangulation by cord around neck of fetus during 
birthing--Cupido/Neptune, Cupido/Admetos. 

8. Twins or multiple births, are born--Cupido/Apollon. 

9. Health problems in relation to break-up with spouse. 

10. Health problems in relation to family problems/stresses on the Cupido 

11. Codependency issues are magnified here; person has a victim's 
mentality, and may have health problems that result in this 'give-give-give' scenario; leaching off of Cupido's energy psychically, they become drained, their adrenals depleted, etc., and immune system goes down. Getting out of their codependent behavior will resolve this. 

12. Over-responsible one in the family--first born, or person who takes 
care of the family when they are young--too young, to do so. This sets up 
Cupido who is stressed out, used/abused by other family members. To 
resolve it, Cupido needs to break old conditional familial patterns from 
the past and let others be responsible for themselves. 

13. Community involvement which drains Cupido, or uses/abuses the 
privilege of their community-minded reality. Stress on the immune system 

14. Group involvement which drains Cupido, or uses/abuses the privilege of their community-minded reality. Stress on the immune system results. 

15. Problem with their children which uses/abuses the privilege of their 
child-minded reality. Stress on the immune system results. 

16. Chief "care-giver" which uses/abuses the privilege of their 
responsibility to spouse/children/family reality. Stress on the immune 
system results. They get burned out/fatigued/used up and exhausted. 

17. Trying to please others to the detriment of their own 
needs/wants/desires/goals/dreams. Another facet of victim/codependent 

18. They have been trained to "give, give, give" but not to "take". They 
were taught 'taking' was selfish. This pattern must be broken or poor 
health will result, eventually, for them. 

19. They spread themselves too thin for family, group, and community-minded projects and responsibilities and stress themselves out. 
The original "Super Mom" who wants to "do it all"--but there is a price for 
this reality. 

20. An orphan. Adopted. Cupido/Admetos, Cupido/Saturn. 

21. Rejected by the family which sets up an incredible stress that can 
result in disease--unless Cupido can see the positive benefits of no longer 
being aligned with the dysfunctional family unit. 

22. Death or unexpected chronic illness in the family puts undue stress on 

23. Tragedy in the family--usually 'close' family connection, but can 
include aunts, uncles and grandparents as well. 


1. Cupido people are elegant looking, dress well, fashionably and are 
extremely social. 

2. Their world centers on their family, their children (most of all), and 
their community. They are intimately tied to and understand the tenet "we 
are all connected" energetically with one another. 

3. You will find them active in the community in numerous ways. They are 
social organization joiners and worker bees and helpers. They serve the 
poor at a soup kitchen, or they create their own. 

4. They are the type to join the Lion's club, the Soroptomist Club, etc. 

5. They believe in working TOGETHER. They understand that one is strong,but two is stronger, concept. 

6. They are team-work oriented and minded. 

7. "All for one; one for all" is their motto. 

8. Gangbanger--will join a gang, if nothing else. 

9. Within corporations, these people are in the Personnel department or 
work within the corporation for the people who are a part of it. Team 
leaders. Union leaders. Group leaders. 

10. They are very unhappy being single. Marriage, to them, is the 
ultimate. They NEED a partner in order to feel "whole". Divorce is very 
shattering to them; more so than any other Uranian planet. 

11. The devastation of a loss of a child, spouse, parent or a part of 
their family plays powerful havoc on them and often, they will get a 
disease six months to a year after the loved one dies. 

12. They like the consensus of people approving what they do; but this can get into a victimization/crutch-like situation if not watched. 

13. They do things to receive the 'pat on the head' for good work. 

14. They are creative people, highly artistic, and may be found in any 
'creative' kind of career such as a painter, artist, owner of a flower 
shop, sewing clothing, creating fashion clothing, a business partnership 
(this is best for them--they aren't going to start a business on their 
own), grant writers, philanthropic organizations, any kind of art medium 
expression, works in governmental office at city, state or federal level, 
kindergarten teacher, day care helper, grade-school teacher, works for 911, works in a crisis center, or any kind of function involving 'group' or 
'community' ties. 


1. Heals better at 'home' than in hospital. 

2. Home is their base of operation. 

3. Having family members around helps them heal (provided they aren't the cause of more friction/stress). 

4. Likes to be nurtured, supported, pampered, and cared for by others (vs. 
Admetos and Hades who want to be left alone to heal up). 

5. Home is the "chicken soup" to help an ailing Cupido person get well. 

6. Drawing, sketching, and painting are doorways to the soul of Cupido--to 
draw them out or to heal them up. 

7. Suggest taking an art class to them. 

8. Suggest painting the rooms in the house, new wallpaper or 
carpet--something within the home to spur their interest and get them 
focused and healthy. 

9. They would be great at artistic computer graphics, creation of 
webpages, etc. 

10. Likes to be visited while ill, by friends, family, group and 
community; lifts their spirits and engages their desire to live and get well. 

11. Family harmony will get Cupido well. 

12. Likes to sew and make clothes or create clothes designs. Also like 
knitting, crocheting, and needlepoint; get them interested. 

13. Fascinated with herbs, aromatherapy, odors/fragrances of 
perfumes--inspire/support them to make them or make a line of herbal 
unguents. Or urge them to make flower essences since they love flowers so much in every form. 

14. Fresh flowers and living plants in their room where they are ill, 
helps them. Bring them some pots and seeds and have them grow them in the room. 

15. Have music they like, where they are convelescing. Music heals their 
spirit and inspires their soul. Music THEY like--not what YOU like! 


1. Willow--the 'crutch' essence to help the person stand on their own two 
feet to express themselves. 

2. Desert Paintbrush--to tap into their artistic vein instead of leaning 
on others, or supporting others in urging them to be creative; they learn 
to honor what they bring to the table and express it. 

3. Owls Clover--for those who are of a victim consciousness or codependent in behavior. 

4. Desert Globemallow--so that Cupido can see herself clearly and all the 
wonderful artistic skills and organizational skills she has. Change of 
perception about ourselves; perceiving ourselves more clearly. 

5. Yarrow (all colors)--for those who cannot say "no" to a person, group, 
their family, etc. This instills strong, clear,healthy boundaries for the 
person who is a victim or codependent. 

6. Delilah Rose--useful for pregnant mothers. This is called the child 
birth essence. Gives nurturing support to the mother particularly in the 
last trimester. 

7. Amber--helps to ground Cupido and supply organizational endurance in 
the project(s) they choose to undertake. It also gives them a realistic 
expectation of what they can or can't do so they don't give away themselves at thier expense. 

8. Agate--protects the victim/codependent Cupido and stops the leaching of psychic energy from them by others. 

9. Black tourmaline--stops the sucking of energy from them by another 
person or group. Powerful and protecting. 

10. Red Garnet--gives Cupido a boost in energy when they are very tired 
and yet, need a little more 'oomph' to complete the given task. Great for 
mothers with a new baby in the family. 

Eileen Nauman. 

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