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The following are summaries of research, 
but with incomplete links to the full material.
This site is under construction.   
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-  Steve Lee, Project Coordinator, 7 September, 2001

During the first section of our research, our members submitted the following material (during June 2001). Click on the links to see the full research material.

Eduardo CHILEAN EARTHQUAKES: GEODETIC, TRANSITS, ECLIPSES Transits to angles of geodetic charts, and transits of mars to important eclipses: using a large list of earthquakes of Chile, since the year 1600, with a focus on the very intense earthquakes. Note: Geodetic gives only one coordinate, for example, in long country Chile, geodetic is not exact because all the country 4000 kilometers fall into a geodetic MC of 17 to 20 capricorn. 

The synthesis of Georges Dupeyron's book "Prévoir le temps et les séïsmes par l'astrologie" ("Astrological prediction of weather conditions and earthquakes"), published in France by Cedra-Astralis (1995) , ISBN 2-908713-09-8. Also: Earthquake astrological indicators quoted in three articles of Astralis (French astrological journal), and few URLs of Earthquake databases. Selected  information about statistical validation of potential astrological indicators.

Gonzo MEXICAN EARTHQUAKE INDICATORS A list of Mexico City earthquakes, dates, magnitude or at least amount of deaths and/or destruction caused,  with coordinates, and if known- the times also. Theodore Landscheidt's earthquake indicators, and possibly other material such as volcano indicators, etc. Midpoints prominent in the Mexico City earthquake list, plus any other reoccurring indicators that can be found. 

John and Steve, (joint effort): A SUMMARY THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE:  
"Stalking the Wild Earthquake",  by Diana K. Rosenberg  ~  in the book:  
The Astrology of the Macrocosm,  edited by Joan McEvers, 1990, Llewellyn Publications. 

"Lynn Koiner" <>
An analysis of each earthquake in terms of astronomical influences determined by solar activity, lunar activity, the earth's magnetosphere, planetary stations and the alignment of the planets along the meridians:

1)  The Astro+Carto+Graphy for the preceeding lunation 
2)  Solar Activity in terms of the KP Index and magnetosphere 
3)  Examine the lunation cycle... 
a.  Perigree/Apogree Moon 
b.  Declination 
c.  the Moon's relationship to the EMF (Earth's Magnetic Field) Tail. 
4)  Planetary Stations 
5)  Relationship to Solar Max cycle 
6)  Meridian Placements occurring at the time of Earthquake 
Mary Downing, Owings Maryland USA (40 miles east of Washington DC). 
Extra material at
     Articles from NCGR publications, to summarize this important material.  Additionally, Mary gives planetary phase patterns in normal distribution for a selected period, which show anomalies between normal distribution, and the frequency of angular patterns between planets or the distribution of planetary phases positions. "Example: Both Mercury and Venus , contrary to popular conception, are statistically much more likely to be at extreme elongation.  In bankruptcies Venus  more likely (25%) to be at extreme elongation before the Sun (in the Morning Star position) than chance." 
My topic is regional factors in earthquakes.  This includes:

1.  Reprint of the Hill-Polit Research from  NCGR Journal Winter 86-87 article (done.)  A PDF file is at  I'll put up copies of anything too large to attach at that location for convenience sake. Feel free to copy anything over to the group web site. 

2.  Update data from online searchable databases related to specific regional faults (not all at once) covered in the article.  These faults affect: a.  San Francisco CA, bay area (in process) b.  Santa Barbara CA c.  Parkfield CA 

3. Attempt to replicate the findings area by area. The original samples were limited to earthquakes above a magnitude of 5.5 and aftershocks were stripped from the database.  I'll expand the regions if I'm able to find material that shows which faults are involved; i.e. a "fault map."  The online databases may offer greater accuracy than library research done 15 years ago, and this could change the picture. 

4. Do additional analysis to expand the findings area by area. Original study covered only geocentric longitudinal placements of Mercury through Saturn and did not include other factors in the regional part of the study, but did include them in a bulk analysis of earthquakes. Other possibilities: Heliocentric, planetary distance, planetary phase, local "attraction" shown by additional local occurrences such as city incorporations and other municipal entities. 

5. Establish the frequency of significant aspect and placement patterns over the timeframes studied.  Example: San Francisco has significant placements of Mars and Venus in Taurus with Saturn in either Scorpio or Leo with no placements in Aquarius.  What is the actual frequency of this combination?  Were there lesser seismic occurrences at other instances? 

Stage 2 (assembling the databases) will show if there is a significant variance between the listed quakes in the Hill-Polit article and "official" records.  They will also need to be stripped of aftershocks before being manipulated.  I intend to do both a complete listing of all quakes in a given region and a listing of those over 5.5 to see the difference between both groups. 

The Thanssoulas method attempts to predict earthquakes by recording the earth’s electrical field intensity and analyzing signals of very long period located at the lowest frequency band of the electrical spectrum.

- A physical model for the generation of electrical signals in the focal area of a large EQ has been proposed.
- The proposed model implies the generation of, at least, three distinct types of electrical signals (VLP, 24h oscillating signals, SES)
- All these three types of signals have been detected in the original VAN group recordings.
- The VLP signal meets the best properties for a proper analytical study for the determination of the epicentral area of an imminent large EQ.
- Application of the analytical methodology, retrospectively on original VAN recordings preceding large EQ (Ms>6R), resulted in very satisfactory determinations of epicentral areas, probably never been seen in the relevant literature up to now, providing also, a time window for the occurrence of the large imminent EQ of some days (VLP signal period).
- Everything referred to above has been observed for large EQs of magnitude of M>6R.
SteveURANIAN CHARTS AND ECLIPSE MAPS (also the joint effort with John, above)
Uranian earthquake charts, showing precise and unique 'signatures' relevant to the exact time and place of each earthquake. India, Seattle USA, and El Salvador earthquakes 2001 / 2000.


Talia  -  SELECTED SPECIAL INDICATORS  A summary of the use of Ingresses, Lunations and Eclipses (including Richard Noelle's Super Moons).  Referencing several books as well as  e-articles. My research project entails a study of the use of planetary cycles as used in predictive astrology.  The Great Cycles and declination cycles are discussed, however the main focus is upon Ingresses, Lunations and Eclipses as the most immediate and most common tools for predictive work. 
Also, by request from Steve: THE BUDDHA'S 8 CAUSES OF EARTHQUAKES 
Located on our Logo / Mythology page.

Winfried's web site details an advanced midpoint-method which also checks the statistical relevancy
of numerous indicators.       email:
 An extensive earthquake analysis (Priority: fatal earthquakes. Zone priority: Asia) with CA-Method (Priorities: midpoints-aspects-symmetries). 
Analysis plan: General, historical analyses: These analyses show the time modification degree of the fatal earthquake patterns. 
Earthquake zone analyses: These zone analyses show the local modification degree of the earthquake patterns. 
Analyses between fatal and non-fatal earthquake patterns: These comparison analyses attempt to indicate additional differences between fatal and non-fatal earthquake patterns. 
Dynamics analyses of earthquake patterns: The dynamic analyses indicate the efficiency of the earthquake patterns regarding its building and dissolving stage. 


     Two compilations submitted to the Enceladus Project are earthquake-related posts from members of  Midpoints 101 and Symmetrical Astrology email groups.  Observations and various astrological methodologies are employed throughout the various posts, providing a descriptive database of speculation/hypothesis as to indicators of earthquakes.  Keyword subject matter and indicators may be seen in bold type.
     Geo-physical patterns, astro-physical influences, specific planetary configurations, and physical disruption such as explosives on the ocean floor, are some of the cited indicators meriting further attention.
     The authors of the compiled posts are omitted in most cases.  A reference to the lists on, using the date of message, will yield authorship.

'An Astrologer', via group mail  -  NEW ZEALAND PREDICTION 
Ken Ring of New Zealand had a long range forecast for the NZ earthquake of 21 August 2001. He has his own website :   His work with just the Moon in declination inspired a well-known astrologer to research further over the past year or two.  He is not an astrologer but has a bit of astrolearning under his hat and is rather adamant that the Moon is responsible for all the weather as you can read below. 

Here is a summary from his e-zine
Massive earthquake arrives on time Last week you read it here first!.." From Thursday till next Tuesday there is potential for an earthquake at least equal to the devastating one in Peru. Stay tuned to the news forecasts over the next week" Well, Tuesday, today, it happened.. A 7.4mag shake NE of Gisborne, and felt over the whole country. Not only did it happen on time, but it occurred within the hour of MOONSET. That is so typical of earthquakes. The Peruvian one occurred at the exact time of moonRISE. Can there be any doubt that the moon is responsible? This perigee has brought a few, actually. Three came to Japan - on 14th measured mag 6.4, second one on 18th and a third on 20th. A small one hit Auckland Island two days ago measuring 5+. A 5 day flood has already killed 158 in Thailand, a supertyphoon hit the Phillipines, thunderstorms occurred from England to NZ and a mighty storm is right now heading for the Caribbean.


This page is under construction.   
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