by Eileen Nauman

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Hello 101'ers,

The following is a long article about Hades, written by the moderator of the Athena list.
It is well worth reading.  Thanks to Yakshi for passing this on to us.
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   by Eileen Nauman, DHM(UK), EMT
  Copyright 1998 Eileen Nauman
  All Rights Reserved

 An introduction needs to be given on the Uranian planets before we
discuss the eight of them over the ensuing months here at Athena.

 Everyone is familiar with the 'known' planets of our solar system,
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  In
astrology, the 'lights', the Sun and Moon, are also used.
Collectively, we call the whole thing 'planets' although that is a
misnomer with the Sun and Moon there.

 Most astrologers use the known 9 planets plus the lights, the Sun and
Moon.  A handful of astrologers from around the world, use the
Transneptune or Uranian planets.  They are considered renegades.
However, using these eight other 'sensitive points' or 'planets' that
no one can see to identify, does work.  I use Uranian planets
exclusively in progressions for medical astrology work with a 90%
accuracy rate.  But more on that later.  Let's look at the history of
how the Uranian planets came into being.


In World War I there was a German cook [note from Steve: there are some
minor inaccuracies here.  Please refer to other posts about Witte that correct this.]
by the name of Alfred Witte. He must have had a lot of time on his hands in the trenches
during thewar, because he worked up a lot of astrology charts on his friends,
his soldier buddies and the things that happened to them.  What he
found was that the known 9 planets, nor the Sun or Moon, were present
when some crisis occurred in a soldier's life; such as getting a
transfer, going home on leave, getting injured, getting killed,
hearing news of a baby being born to his wife, a problem with one of
his children back in Germany, getting married on leave, or suffering
other traumas of wartime.

 Eventually, over several years, he hypothessized that there were
eight other 'planets' that he couldn't see, but were there, because
one of them, or more, were present when one of his friends had a
crisis.  Over time, he created eight separate planets with the names
of Hades, Admetos, Zeus, Cupido, Apollon, Kronos, Vulcanus and
Poseidon.  When something happened to his friends, he figured out the
orbit of each of these planets--and sure enough--there it was!  He
spent a lot of time figuring out the orbits of these eight planets.

 Then, he called them "transneptune" planets, because in 1914,
Uranus and Pluto had not yet been spotted or identified, so the planet
farthest from the Sun was Neptune; therefore, 'trans' or beyond,
'neptune' was born.  Witte went on to create an elaborate system,
which I won't go into here.  He called it the Hamburg School.  Suffice
to say, that he continued to work with these transneptune planets he
couldn't see, until his death.  His work was then carried on by a
handful of German students; among them, Hans Niggeman, who eventually
wrote a book about Witte and his system.  He even published an
ephemeris with the eight planets and their orbit as well as the sign
that were in.


 The use of Uranian planets in a progressed chart, at least for me, is
essential. Charles Emerson, one of the leading proponents of Witte's
system, cajoled me into trying it back in 1974--and I did--and I've
been a believer in them ever since.  So, for the next eight
installments, I'll be writing articles about each of these incredible
'sensitive points' out in space that definintely DO influence our
lives.  I'll start with Hades.

   HADES--"dust to dust"


Symbol:  Half Moon in the waning form, with the "cross of matter"
contained within it.  The Moon in another form reminding us that our
emotions can ultimately dis-ease us and kill us if we don't work
constructively with them.  "Breakdown to make a Breakthrough"....E.
Nauman.  It is also the Persephone/Hades myth being lived out by the
individual--one must go into the depths of their own, unique "Hell",
be destroyed by it, resurrected and rebirth and finally, emerge from
Hell into the outer world of fruitfulness, fertility and higher
spiritual evolution.


1.  Rules over slow, deteriorating diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer,
diabetes, osteo-arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and
osteoporosis, M.S., Lou Gherig Disease, to name a few.

2.  Rotting (within us, such as in blood poisoning, sepsis conditions,
gangrene--diabetes, or any other cellular destruction or tissue

3.  "Dust to dust"--the slow but inevitable breakdown of our flesh,
red and white blood cells, a system or organ in our body that we will
eventually deteriorate and die from.

4.  Gangrene (the loss of an extremity as in diabetes, or on an
emotional framework, we cut off our emotional circulation to some part
of ourselves, and it dies, too and eventually, so does the physical

5.  Deformity.

6.  Filth (they may not wash often, or hate to bathe or don't mind
wearing dirty clothes).  Street people.  Beggars.

7.  Garbage (they may eat a lot of 'garbage-foods' such as junk food
instead of good, healthy food).  They are sending a message that they
feel useless, shamed, humiliated, lack of self-esteem and deserve
nothing better than 'garbage.'  Their body's show this eventually with
vitamin/mineral deficiencies for starters.

8.  Deterioration of a body, organ or system on a spiritual, mental,
emotional or physical level.

9.  Breakdown to make a breakthrough.  Some part of us on the
spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level must breakdown and go
back to "dust to dust", be removed, so that new growth and new
awareness can take place.  A person will have to 'die' a death on one
of these levels.  That means the death of an old attitude (mental),
the death of an old emotional behavioral pattern (emotional), the
death of a religious or philosophical belief (spirit) or the death of
a system or organ (physical) so we can make the "aha!" and get on with
our lives.

10.  Death on some level of ourselves.  This is necessary to let the
'old' die from the past/antiquity/childhood condition patterns, so
that new and better ways of seeing ourselves and our world can grow
there instead.  The Death Cycle.

11.  Slow, gradual onset and decline.  It may take years, even a
decade, before the disease causes death or is stopped.  If the person
will empty their own, personal 'garbage' from within them, out and
work through it, spontaneous healing from the disease can and does
take place.

12.  Hatred (of the self; self-loathing, self-hatred).

13.  Mutilation (self-mutilation, mutilation of animals or of human

14.  The monster within all of us.  Our worst, primal Shadow self.  It
must be integrated and not held a part from us or it will "eat us

15.  Anorexia and bulimia; both self-hating diseases.

16.  "Our past is our biology"--Caroline Myss.  If we don't change
what is dysfunctional from our past, it will eventually ruin our
quality of life and possible, give us a disease so we are forced to
confront these issues buried in ourselves.

17.  Sociopathic behavior; lives by no one's rules but their own;
apart from society.  Disconnected.  Gangbangers bent on
self-destruction of self and others.

18.  Murders (how do we 'murder' ourselves?).  Destruction of
others--human, animal, environment, etc.

19.  Suicidal and suicide.

20.  Pus--abscesses (tooth or anywhere else in the body)

21.  Infection (usually slow onset with nasty results--such as Strep A
necrotic bacteria which destroys human flesh).

22.  Poisonous animal and insect bites (snakes, Brown Recluse Spider,
Black Widow, Scorpion stings, etc.)

23.  Poisoning of ourselves in some way on a spiritual, mental,
emotional or physical level.  "Toxic shame" (emotional).  Spiritual
crisis (sorcerery used against you, spirits 'suck' off you, etc.).
Rigid mindset, opinion, projection that destroys us (terrorism and
terrorists).  Eating or drinking food/water from a poisoned, toxic

24.  Food poisoning.

25.  "Bad" thoughts (old family conditional patterns and tapes we live
our life by, murderous thoughts, destructive thoughts,
obsessive-compulsive behavior, lascivious/sexual thoughts, etc.)

26.  Sexual predators.

27.  Rapist.

28.  Pedophile.

29.  Sexual degradation (of self or of others).

30.  Abusive and destructive toward others.

31.  Abuse in the past by someone toward you.

32.  Sexual dysfunction; lack of orgasm, premature ejaculation, unable
to function, dislikes sex, or wants sex all the time--depravity,
prostitution, dislike of opposite sex, "johns," pornography, child
porn., etc.

33.  Stalker.

34.  Humiliation (which later, turns into something ugly, self-hating
in person)

35.  Low self-esteem.

36.  Slave-like attitude (toward others--usually a woman--she
'enslaves' herself in an abusive marriage or a marriage where she is
destroyed by her partner mentally, emotionally and/or physically).

37.  Skin diseases; psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema.  Ulcers.  Bedsores.

38.  Wounds that do not heal up properly or very slowly.

39.  Poor memory.

40.  Acute injury or illness which has devastating and long-term
effects (Christopher Reeve thrown off his horse and he breaks his neck
and he's paralyzed from neck down).

41.  Diseases with a root cause of humiliation, shame, loss of
self-esteem, loss of a parent/job/family/country of origin--"shocks"
to the vital force that are held deep within the person and manifest
later as dis-ease.

42.  "Eating one's self up alive."

43.  PTSD symptoms; nightmares.

44.  Mentally challenged individuals.

45.  Grief as a root cause of disease later on (grief and loss of a
loved one,  a pet, a divorce, a separation, a loss of a job, a move to
another state or country, etc.)

46.  Anger and rage (toward self or others.  If turned inward on self,
it becomes DEPRESSION.  If turned outward, can be abusive)

47.  Trauma suffered through an attack, robbery, rape, etc.

48.  Stupidity (as in the person repeats the same mistake again and
again and never learns from it--example: woman married an alcoholic
man one marriage after another or a woman marries an abuser type of
man, one marriage after another)--a destructive cycle that gradually
beats the woman (or man) back to 'dust' because they 'don't get it'
and can't see/perceive the pattern they are repeating.

49.  Superstitious (and it negatively impacts the person).

50.  Fear.  It is our fear(s) that stop us from growing.  And if we
allow fear to stop us, overwhelm us, then we will die on some level of
ourselves and we 'self-destruct' over time.  Fear of heights.  Fear of
animals.  Fear of death.  Fear of insanity.  Etc.

51.  Depression (so dark and deep that they spiral into a world of

52.  Menopause (the destruction or break down of the fertility cycle
to the barren, menopausal cycle--one must suffer a 'death' so that the
other is borne.  However, menopause is not barren; it is 'fertile' in
new and wonderful ways.  Both cannot inhabit a woman's body at
once--one must 'die' for the other to be birthed--a beautiful example
of Hades in a positive manifestation, in action).

53.  Sadness.  Sorrow.  Melancholy.  All can stop us from growing.  If
that happens, then festering 'infection' from these emotions which
have not been worked through, may dis-ease us.

54.  Victimization.  Co-dependence.  Being a victim.  All of these put
us on a highly self-destructive path.  The person only knows how to
'give' and not 'take.'  They put everyone else ahead of their own
needs.  They hemorrhage themselves emotionally and psychically until
they 'bleed to death' and 'die'.

55.  Caught in a religious, satanic, black magic kind of group; a
prisoner in that group.  Zealots, religious fanatics and imprisoned
within it. Brainwashed.  Manipulated.

56.  Psychically drained by a "psychic vampire".

57.  Decay of a system or organ of the body.  Decay of the mind
(Alzheimer's), for example.

58.  Worry.  "Worry-wort".  The frittering away and waste of energy of
worrying about things that s/he cannot change or control the outcome

59.  Phobias.  Obsessive-compulsive.  Psychotic breaks (acute and
chronic). Schizophrenia.  Mental diseases.

60.  Spiritual disease (which eventually, will affect the mind,
emotions and finally, the physical body).  One or more of the auric
fields is involved, as are one or more of the chakras--shut down,
blocked, destroyed or hardened by trauma or past life reactions that
have yet to be worked through in this life time.


1.  Hades people will have a scruffy, dirty, unkempt look about them.
They may have a "moon-like" face.  Pay special attention if their face
is concave or seem to be like a bowl and does not project outward like
most faces.  Round faces.  At best, they are an easy going lot
fashion-wise--they will wear the same old clothes for ten years.  They
are not into style or fashion.  Old shoes are worn like old friends.
Their clothes may be clean, but they won't be pressed.  Their hair
will be natural, not 'styled'.

2.  Hades people usually have the 'dirty' jobs in life:  the
undertaker, the garbage pick up man, the sewage engineer, the
therapist (digging into other people's 'shit'), and because of their
love of ancient history, may be involved in archeology, history
(teaching it), research into past, hunting for shipwrecks, scientists
hunting for a virus, etc.

3.  Realistic about life in general (not idealistic, but may be
somewhat the pessimist).  Brutally realistic.

4.  The need for in-depth psychotherapy to dig out their own, internal
'garbage' that is festering within them.

5.  Poor self-esteem that is mirrored in some aspects of themselves.

6.  "Looser" attitude.

7.  "I can't do anything right."

8.  Quitter.

9.  The loner who is disdained by the clique or classmates at school
or college.

10.  Having to lift one's self up by their own bootstraps.

11.  Murphy's Law applies to a Hades person:  If it can get worse, it
will. Rather, Murphy WAS a Hades person!!!

12.  Job, of the Bible, who suffered endless tragic events, the loss
of his crops, the loss of his family, his wife, but still kept his
faith in God--and because he did--everything was returned to him in
reward.  THIS is the bottom line of Hades at work in our life.  Shit
happens.  We get shit on.  We get put in seemingly, shitty situations
where we feel more like garbage that we're wading through, than a
human being.  Eventually, this cycle of "dust to dust" dissipates.
Afterward, stand by for an incredible 'gift' if you have  worked hard
on yourself, maintained, endured, and kept your faith.

13.  Looking at our own 'ancient' history to understand ourselves and
to change what we no longer need or have outgrown.

14.  A Hades person will go through endless cycles of destruction and
renewal, time after time, in their lives.  It is what it is.  A fast
track, spiritually for ultimate growth.

15.  Utilizing an illness as a form of teaching and spiritual renewal
and spiritual evolvement. (Example: Stephen Hawkins, the brilliant

16.  A base sense of humor.  No puns.  No jokes.  Just an appreciation
of the basics of life and how it impacts us.

17.  Uses curse words routinely.

18.  Basically and uncultured person who has no interest in "labels"
or fashion.  Simple things for a simple person.  Is not cosmopolitan;
has no desire to be.  Sees this as shallow on the other person's
part--putting on an 'act' that is not sincere or in integrity.

19.  Hades people are the 'salt of the Earth.'  They are simple,
direct, honest, humble and without an expanded Ego (but they do have
an Ego--it is reined in and in balance).  Every day happenings with
people are their bread and butter.  They don't need fancy parties,
gourmet food or know famous people.

20.  They like to work alone.  They do not care for crowds, parties or
huge organizational things.  They like to work with others of like

21.  They cherish the Earth.  They revel in the "soil of Life" and
understand on a very deep level that they must go through destruction
in order to grow and rebirth--like the fable of the Phoenix bird, who
rose from the ashes of the fire (hell) only to be more beautiful than
before. THAT is Hades at its finest.

22.  The ability to perceive another person, their actions/reactions
based upon the past of that individual. No one takes in the past as
much as Hades does.  They are wonderful psychotherapists able to peel
back the layers to the root cause of the person's torment and
imbalance, name it and lead them to it for healing.

23.  Healers often have a strong Hades in their chart.  They are the
"wounded healers" and must go through the fires of their own personal
hell in order to die, transform and then transcend to turn around and
help others.

24.  They have the ability to dig as deeply as Admetos, into their own
psyche, to come up with the answers they need in order to transform
and transcend.

                         HEALING TOOLS FOR HADES

1.  Working with the soil; gardening, planting, agriculture ("dust to
dust" concept), working with Nature in some form.

2.  The study of history; taking classes, reading books on it.

3.  Soul recovery and extraction--to bring pieces back from prior
lifetimes to support the spirit of the person in this lifetime.

4.  Meditation.

5.  Psychotherapy to 'dig' into their 'past' to uncover the root(s) of
their disharmony/imbalance.

6.  Amateur archeologist, digging through relics of the past to find
their present.

7.  Trips to archeological sites or to countries or areas that they
are drawn to go--in doing so--they will find the 'piece' of themselves
from that lifetime and become more whole.

8.  Environmental causes and concerns.  Working to improve the
environment in some way--from mundane to the science level.

9.  Finding help through age-old ceremonies, whether Native American
or others.

10.  Weaving, the art of and learning how to do it.

11.  Visiting local museum(s).

12.  Working with metal in some way; sculpting or metallurgy.

13.  Working with rocks, rock hound, gemstones, faceting or other
earth-oriented trades that nurture and support their "dust to dust"

14.  Working with wood; carving it, giving it shape.

15.  Working with clay; fashioning and shaping it.

16.  Taking any "natural" substance and "transforming it" into an
object, art or expression.


1.  Evening Primrose collection:  White for 'general' cleansing,
yellow for mental toxicity, pink for emotional/heart
toxicity--whatever the level they needed it on.  Every 6 months, as a
general tune-up.

2.  Crested Prickle Poppy--to bring up their Shadow so they can see it
in their dream work and begin integrating it.

3.  Cottonwood Tree--when they have over worked and abused the
privilege of their body, or they've taken hit after hit and are
reeling, but still moving forward when they should rest.  For Life's

4.  Chaparral--for a deep, deep internal cleansing to keep them free
from cancer or other deeply rooted diseases.  Also supports immune
system. Should be used every 6 months as a 'tune-up' for 30 days.

5.  Bromeliad--red/yellow--to deal with the malicious, angry,
destructive nature of a Hades person if they are showing this side of

6.  Spanish Bayonet Yucca--for abusive anger and destructiveness.

7.  Bromeliad--red--to shift the Hades person to a higher, more
refined and spiritual level that they are capable of, within

8.  Black Tourmaline--to protect themselves from Dark influences,
negativity, as well as to protect others from their own, dark
projections and negativity.  Releases negativity, fears and anxieties
as well.

9.  Bleeding Heart--to begin to work with sexual dysfunction.

10.  Fireweed--for people who have had their lives destroyed in some
manner or fashion and they must start all over again--good for loss of
a job, a marriage, divorce, move to another city/state/country, loss
of a loved one, etc.

11.  Colville's Columbine--to reconnect their heart with their mind so
they begin to think and act/react in a more balanced manner.

12.  Lilac--for those who are base, who cannot raise their
consciousness to a higher, more evolved level of function.  For those
who are 'stuck in a rut' of old, destructive behavior.

13.  Scorpionweed--for those who abuse violently, repeatedly and on
all levels toward others: spiritual, mental, emotional and
physical-based abuse.


1.  Sulphur  ("thinks the rags he's wearing are beautiful")

2.  Mercurius Viv.  (self-destructive, eats themselves up from the
inside out)

3.  Hyoscyamus (insane, lewd, sexually perverted, denigrates
everything into something dirty, unclean or debasing)

4.  Stramonium (lost in the psychosis of splits within their
personality due to terrible trauma.  The fear has a greater grip on
them and their life; and in order to break free of it, they must walk
through their fear and throw off the yoke of it in order to be whole

5.  Carsinosin (eaten up by others; codependent, the victim who is
used, and abused by everyone else)

6.  Syphylinum (eating self up; self-destructive, obsessed)

7.  Psorinum (Psora):  (destruction of self, in bits at a time, over a
long period of time, especially with skin problems)

Copyright 1998 Eileen Nauman
  All Rights Reserved

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