by John Jenkins
Subject:       Hades- a meditation on this force.
Thursday, 02 July, 1998

Well at last somebody has stimulate me to write. I too have always
been interested in Hades in all its shades.  Apart from E Nauman
getting her facts wrong about Wittes position in the army, and I am
sure that she will get a fast reaction from some of the Hamburg school
she has connected with my personal struggle with the effects of this
very dark planet.

 I have tried to look at this symbol in a positive think way, but
 almost always it has brought destruction and loss in its wake.  I 
could among my clients give many descriptions of how I have tried to 
put a positive twist to it, only to have it turn out very dark and 
coming close to destroying the client, in fact in one case at least 
bringing about their death.

 At the same time my personal philosophy indicates that all things
 must die and all situations are transient.  At the moment I am 
struggling with a Hades situation.   Two years ago I broke my knee 
cap, followed by a heart problem that is still with me, followed by a 
abscess in my bowels bursting leaving me with a bag stuck on my 
stomach, followed by another severe knee problem a couple of weeks 
ago.  All this time I have hadan ongoing court case of a particular 
nasty kind.  Gang members have threatened to kill my wife and myself.

 Now this is an interesting situation for someone who believes that
 "Nothing touches me unless I have ask for it in some way or 
another."   Or as the Bible puts it, I must have asked and received. 
So let's have a look at my chart.

Born 24 12 1924.  Time 12.02 PM Cardiff S/Wales lat 51n29 long 003w13.

Now if you look at my Sun you will see it is in the 10th square to
Hades in the 1st with a 14-minute separation.  In the 3rd you will see
Vulcan 202.26 degrees from the Sun.

 Right at this moment Zeus is opposite Hades squares the Sun from the
 7th, For the traditionalist making a grand square. For the
Uranian=Sun=Hades=Vulcan=tran Zeus.

 You might also spot on the 90 degree dial that a lot is going on with
 my Ascendant=Mc=Posiedon. Shortly to =Jupiter Directed Pluto.
But we will leave that for the moment.

 Now you can look on the exhaustive list of evil brought about by
 Hades that Eileen has given us and advise me to go away and die 
somewhere out of every onesway.  After all my experience of advising 
people under these influences has been pretty bleak.  In my own case 
it has brought all the problems promised from birth.  In spite of all 
this I have had a very good life, made a few dollars along the way, 
lost many too. Had forty years of married life with a loving family. 
I have also been a soldier at a time when we did not spend out time 
on the parade ground, been Policeman, prison guard. Body guard, dust 
man (surely the bottom experience) not to mention a fireman and 

 I am very much of a mystic who has been blessed with truly great
teachers at different times in my life.

 Something has to come to an end to be replaced.  Also it could be
 that Zeus hitting the Sun/Hades grouping is bringing a surge of 
energy that will burnup everything that gives problems.  In this life 
I have been given a chance to burn up much karma. However I have also 
created heaps more.  It is not a case of fearing Hades any more than 
a Hindu should fear the bloody Goddess Kali, she is seen as dancing 
on the body of her husband and eating men. She is the destroyer of 
egos.  So is Hades.

Well Steve, it's up to you to see if this letter is suitable for the
group.  I am working on it very carefully. Over the next two weeks I
shall be back in court manifesting my own destiny.  Changing our view
point of these things is important, also is being a master of our own



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