Hades as 'Research'
Hades vs. Pluto, and Kronos - Saturn
Date:          Mon, 29 Jun 1998 

Hi Steve and Cindy! 

In a message dated 6/27/98 5:45:34 PM, you wrote: 

>>Sun = Merc / Hades 
For this interpretation, I will overlook what 'Rules' gives, since it 
is so negative that everyone may unsubscribe !  Seriously, there are 
times when the negative interpretation must be 'thrown out the window'. 

The sun, our vitality and creativity, is right on the midpoint of 
Mercury (communication and rational thought) and 
Hades (secrets, antiquity, service, astrology).>> 

I just wanted to add that Hades is also RESEARCH -- and that having Sun of 
electional chart = Mercury/Hades means to me that the essence and creativity 
of the group will focus on people's deeply researched thoughts, ideas and 

Perfect for the purpose of the group! 


Date:          Fri, 3 Jul 1998 
Subject:       ##HadesVs.Pluto

Hello Everyone,

I thought, since we were on the (fascinating) subject of Hades, that
the group might enjoy this recent post by Martha Wescott from her
Treehouse Mountain Board on AOL.  -  Val

Inquiry thru the website re Hades vs. Pluto (and Kronos - Saturn.)

There are certainly overlapping shadows with Hades and Pluto, but also
important areas of departure: I wouldn't associate "shame" with Pluto,
but I would with Hades; I don't see the power struggles of Pluto in
Hades; I don't expect Pluto to have the aptitude for detail that Hades
has; while Pluto can feel "surgical" in its effect, Hades has a slower
decline (and the surgeon forgets to wash his hands.) 

Pluto can be financial, but Hades is more apt to address periods of impoverishment.
 Pluto is "the masses," whereas Hades is "the unwashed masses" (and
society's disenfranchised sector!  I'd use either for research but I
don't think Pluto has Hades' interest in antiquity, history, or the
past. Hades is "mistakes" but not Pluto (god forbid, Pluto!) Where you
mention that the "transformation" of Pluto isn't seen in Hades, that
may, in part be a judgment call.  Some don't accent "transformation"
with Pluto (they do talk about the importance of survival, integrity
and authenticity-- and the latter two don't dwell in Hades' domain
without aspecting points to introduce them.) Besides, Hades has much
to teach about standards, the importance of discrimination and
scrutiny of the past. Some are quite "transformed" by the time a Hades
transit is finished with them!  You don't see issues of Will arise
under Hades as you do with Pluto, nor is there the psychological
gamesmanship.  Hades isn't "intense" nor charismatic like Pluto; Hades
can make your "skin crawl," but Pluto doesn't.  Hades can bring
contact with folks who have a disability; Pluto alone doesn't do that.
There are so many kinds of hell.

Similarly, there are shared and disparate areas for Kronos and Saturn.
 What I think you are seeing with TNPs and asteroids is the idea that
some folks have but one word for snow while Eskimos have more than a
hundred.  The more the white stuff falls from the sky (and piles up at
the door,) the greater the need for language (and chart factors) that
describe it. Well, those are some thoughts to add to the mix.... 



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