Information About Steve Lee's
Three Email Lists
updated 14 May 2001

"The experience of being a member of the group has been very
rewarding.  This exchange of information that you
coordinate has given my astrology a whole new dimension."
- one of our members

Midpoints 101
is an email group for astrologers beginning their midpoint studies.
It is also for those who would like to teach or otherwise help out at a beginning level.
We discuss all aspects of Uranian astrology and Cosmobiology.
Questions are encouraged, and can be posted as "anonymous"
in case you think it is too simple (which it probably is not !).

We have over 200 members in our email group and have a low volume of mail,
approximately one or two letters per day.  Many choose to join this list in order
to avoid the complex and esoteric posts on the Uranian Group email list.
From time to time posts from the Uranian list will be put on Midpoints 101
(depending on the content and level of complexity).

You should have a 'good knowledge' of astrological fundamentals
and should be able to delineate a natal chart and be familiar with predictive work.
However, you do not need to be at an advanced level or a professional astrologer.
Enthusiasm for learning new techniques would be an asset !

If you do not have astrological reference books, do not have astrological software,
still read the horoscopes in newspapers and talk mainly about the zodiac and 'sun sign astrology',
please do not join this list.  While this group is for beginners of midpoint techniques,
it is not for those just beginning their studies in astrology.

(You must have a very good foundation of astrology)
Send a blank email to:



The Symmetrical Astrology List
previously known as the Uranian Group,
is for  professional astrologers or those at anadvanced level of astrology.
All Cosmobiologists, Uranians, and Hamburg School astrologers
are encouraged to join this list.  We have many notable and knowledgeable members on our list
and our discussions are at a high standard.  This list has a low volume of mail,
usually from one to five letters per day, and our membership is  over 140.
If you are not confident with Uranian-Cosmobiology, please join the 101 list first,
and spend several hours investigating our two web sites.
Also, I would strongly advise that you purchase essential resources.

  To join The Symmetrical Astrology email list, send a letter to the group moderator:
"Steven Lee"<> , and please include your name and your midpoint
astrology (Uranian, Cosmobiology) background.   Your letter will reach me at my
home computer in New Zealand, so a personal greeting would be appreciated.
Be sure to include that you read this "Information" page.
Note: this group cannot be joined automatically as in the above two groups.
~ Thank you ~


For interest in Janus Software
Anyone can join this group. We are located on
Of course, Janus users will predominate, but others may find the topics that we discuss of interest.
Several groups of people will most likely be members: Traditional astrologers, Cosmobiologists,
Uranian astrologers, Medieval astrologers, and perhaps Horary and Electional astrologers, including students of each group.
There will be few limitations to posting (mainly: email etiquette). The Janus Astrology group is aimed to be a
low-volume list, so don't worry about your mailbox getting too full
(or you could always opt for the web-based emails via yahoogroups ).

Our focus will of course be Janus software. This email list will be the place where students can exchange techniques,
members can ask questions and give suggestions for the web site as well as a 'wish list'
for future versions of J3, and Janus 4. Like any full- featured software, there are many sections
to explore and this email group will assist users in getting the most out of their Janus.

To join Janus Astrology, send a blank email to:

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