Helpful Information About the 
Montessori Teacher Training Workshop 
and Correspondence Course


  If you are located in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the Pacific Islands, or other parts of Asia, I (Pauline Harter) will be glad to send you an information pack via snail mail.  Please send me your postal address.

  If you are located outside of the areas mentioned above, it is best for you to request an information pack from MCI in London.  Their contact addresses are below.
It is essential that you go to their web site:

  When sending an email to me (Pauline Harter), or to MCI, please include your name and geographic location.  It is also helpful to give an explanation of exactly what you would like, rather than a short note saying "send more info".  If you would like an information pack, you will need to include your postal (snail mail) address.

  If you are not located in Australasia / Asia, please note that there are other workshops for you to attend !  MCI is an  international  organization. 
You do not have to come to New Zealand for the workshop, except...

  ... If you are planning a holiday in New Zealand / Australia, you are most welcome to attend my workshop.  Due to a very favourable currency exchange rate (e.g. for Americans), you will find that the course fee and accommodation is very reasonable (the savings may well pay for your trip, and you will have the experience of a lifetime! You will also return home with a 'free airline ticket' from the points gained on your journey to our tourist paradise.

  A practical workshop will be held once a year in New Zealand, or more often if needed.
It is a possibility that I could teach a workshop in Australia, depending on the number of students,  location, and approval from MCI headquarters in London.

  If you have difficulty reaching MCI (by email), I will be glad to assist you.
Please keep in mind that this is my own personal web site, and I am just one of many workshop and correspondence tutors.  It is importatnt for you to also go to MCI's web site.
My web site should not be seen as the sole representation of MCI.

  If you are located outside Australasia / Asia, please contact MCI : 

Montessori Centre International
18 Balderton St.
London W1Y 1TG 
Tel: + 44 - 20 - 7493 - 0165
Fax:  + 44 - 20 - 7629 - 7808

MCI Web Site:


  If you are located in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, or other 
parts of Asia, you may contact me via email:
Please put the following in the subject line of your email: 
  "Your Name - Montessori",   e.g.  "Mary - Montessori"
My husband handles all of our email and since he receives a lot of email himself,
this will ensure that your email gets to me. Thank you. 
A personal letter is appreciated.  Please include your name and geographic location.

  Of the many letters that I receive from readers of this web site, 
       it appears that several items need clarification: 
St. Nicholas Montessori has formed a joint venture with London Montessori Centre 
     to form MCI, Montessori Centre International.

  The practical workshop (one of which I am tutor for) is
     associated with the MCI correspondence course.

  You do not need a university degree or teaching diploma in order to do 
     the correspondence course, but a good use of English is necessary.

  You have up to three years to complete the correspondence course. 
      Most students complete the course in a shorter time (one year).

  In order for you to attend the workshop, you must be enrolled as a student
     in the correspondence course as well, if you wish to receive credit towards 
     the MCI diploma. However, anyone (within reason) can participate in the 
     workshop - this would appeal to parents who want to help their own children
     without actually becoming a Montessori teacher.  In other words, you do not 
     have to be a correspondence course student in order to do the workshop,
     unless you want credit for the MCI diploma.


   Good luck with your Montessori training.  I can assure you that the MCI course is of the highest standard, has been proven over many years, and is an internationally accepted qualification.  Montessori education is expanding all over the world, and I am certain that you and your future students will benefit greatly.  Montessori education is a wonderful way of life, not only for our students, but for their parents and for us teachers as well ! 

Pauline Harter
8 April 1999,   New Zealand
Updated  20 March 2001

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