The Magic of Midpoints
'Mini Lesson'
With Steve Lee

Welcome to Steve Lee's free midpoint lessons! These lessons are intended as preparatory material for the Online College of Astrology's lecture, and also for astrologers visiting my web site.  There are eight pages associated with these lessons. You can probably complete these pages in about 25 minutes, but then most of my students tend to get carried away with interest and enthusiasm... this midpoint material can get you hooked...   :-))

If you would like to read what students have said about Steve's midpoint lessons, read their comments here:

We will begin with the charts of Muhammad Ali, the great heavyweight boxer, and Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of USA President Franklin Roosevelt. These free lessons also include the charts of Mother Theresa, Adolf Hitler, and Paul Simon.

Before we do this however, here is more information about the Su/Mo midpoint.  According to Ebertin, the Su/Mo denotes the following characteristics: Spirit and soul; vitality and feeling; marriage, friendship, parents or partners; success or difficulties with the public or relationships depending on one's inner balance. It is important to keep this description in mind during these lessons since all charts will focus on the Su/Mo.

Knowing this description, plus your own ideas of what the Sun and the Moon represent as individual energies, here is a question for you. Which of our two people (Muhammad Ali or Eleanor Roosevelt) would have a prominent placing of Venus on the Su/Mo?  Pluto?  Ali was a very powerful person, and not just in a physical sense. He also made some great changes in his life such as becoming a Muslim.  Eleanor Roosevelt was First Lady from 1933 to 1945 and in this position she was widely respected and loved.  Enough hints?

When we find a hard aspect to a midpoint (45, 90, 180, 0 degrees) 
we express it this way:   Ve = Su/Mo          or          Pl = Su/Mo 
We call these "planetary pictures". 

In other words, the question for you to answer is: 
Which of the above planetary pictures belongs to Ali, and which one for Roosevelt ?

One last thing before we begin.  You'll need to keep an open mind so that new methods can enter, OK?  The charts that you are about to see are going to look very different.  Let's begin...

To find the answer and to see the charts, click here:


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