The Magic of Midpoints
Mini Lesson - page 4
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Hey, what is this? 
The pointer is aimed at Neptune and this wasn't one of the choices!??

Well, it would be tempting to include Neptune because Ebertin gives  Ne = Su/Mo  as  Shared sufferings, and Witte-Lefeldt give it as Denial of a marriage.  Both of these interpretations do fit Mother Theresa's life! However, the orb is over 2.5 degrees, and I really want to impress upon you that we need to use very tight orbs.  Sure, it works for Neptune here, but let's not bend the rules because it may not work with another chart.

Here's what the cheat notes said at the bottom of the last page...
...You all did scroll down there, didn't you?     :-) 

MC = Su/Mo
Notice that the MC, Su, and Mo are all very strong, important points.
Therefore, this combination would indicate great harmony.
Witte-Lefeldt (Rules for Planetary Pictures) explains this as:
The body, mind, and soul in harmony.  Feelings of friendship.

But wait, the pointer is not aimed at the MC, so what is happening???
Well, you can see that the pointer is at 108 degrees, so all you have to do is to add 90 degrees and you will find the MC is one degree away.

This is hard to see, and who wants to keep counting degrees??!!    :-(
...after all, this is supposed to be easy!

There is a trick we can use, courtesy of Herr Witte from Hamburg Germany.
Click here to see this trick:

There is also another planetary picture indicated by Solar Fire in the center of the chart, and if you know the energies of Mars & the Node, you can see that it also fits Mother Teresa.  This goes beyond this introductory lesson so let's ignore it.


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