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 Books, Dials, Software and Periodicals are often difficult to find.  This page gives many
suggestions and addresses to make the search easier.

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 Basic recommended books:

     The Dial Detective
     The Uranian Astrology Manual (Phoenix Workshop) 
    Rules for Planetary Pictures
    The Language of Uranian Astrology
    Combination of Stellar Influences


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Uranian Books

Uranian astrology (a term which has nothing to do with the planet Uranus) 
was an invention of the German astrology school in the 1920's. Its chief 
claim to fame are a number of "Uranian/Transneptunian" points, hypothetical 
planets located far beyond the orbit of Pluto, which, surprisingly enough, 
often turn up in the foreground of charts of natural disasters. 
Cosmobiology, a near relative, is a "scientific" reworking of astrological 
basics (we doubt western science is up to the demands of astrology, hence 
the quotes). Reinhold Ebertin, while renouncing the hypothetical 
Transneptunian, became the principal exponent of this school. 
RULES FOR PLANETARY PICTURES: The Astrology of Tomorrow - Alfred Witte & 
Hermann Lefeldt, $27.50 
        The original book of midpoint structures & analysis, including the 
        Meridian, together with the 8 Transneptunian (Cupido, Hades, 
        Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus & Poseidon). Introductory 
        notes include 4 planets of life, 4 planets of time, 4 planets of 
        space, 4 planets of power & matter. Paper. 
URANIAN ASTROLOGY GUIDE plus Ephemeris (Transneptunians only, 1900-2000) - 
Sherman & Frank-Manske, $17.95 
        A brief, matter-of-fact approach to the fundamentals of the 
        Uranian system. Roger Jacobson's book (see below) has more 
        details, this one is easier to understand & more direct. Sensitive 
        points, house systems, planetary symmetry, antiscia, 
        predictability & more. Small ring binder, 360 & 90 degree wheels & 
        graph for doing half-sums. 
        Uranian astrology was invented by the German school in the 1920's, 
        partly as a response to W.W.I. It is a bizarre, but marvelous 
        system, well worth study. This is the best of the few introductory 
        books available & hard to get, too. Transneptunian/Uranian planets 
        are covered, but sketchily. Hardcover. 
DIAL DETECTIVE: Investigation with the 90 degree dial - Maria Kay Simms, 
        An illustrated introduction to Uranian astrology. Over 100 
        illustrations of the dial (many with red highlights) graphically 
        show how the dial is used & read. Appendices include a list of 
        planetary pictures, a short list of the 'grim' ones with 
        alternative delineations & tips & terminology of Uranian 
        astrology. Dials for surgery, relocation, composites, events & 
        more. Paper. 
FUNDAMENTALS OF COSMOBIOLOGY - Eleonora & Manfred Kimmel, $14 
        Contents: Is the house system really necessary?, the 90 degree 
        circle, midpoints, 45 degree ephemeris & midpoints, solar arc 
        directions, contact cosmograms, life diagrams by progression & 
        solar arc, linear diagram, declinations. Paper. 
        Explains the basics of astrology & cosmobiology (as in Reinhold 
        Ebertin) & how to get the best of both. How to use midpoints & the 
        dials to interpret quickly and accurately. Paper. 
MIDPOINTS - Unleashing the power of the planets - Michael Munkasey, $19.95 
        The best book on planetary midpoints since Ebertin, & much easier 
        to use. Midpoints are the point halfway between two pairs of 
        planets in the chart. The Mars/Saturn midpoint, for example, is 
        halfway between Mars & Saturn. Knowledge of midpoints is essential 
        in natal, predictive & relationship work. In a natal chart, a 
        planet sitting on the mid-point of two other planets has its value 
        changed. A transiting planet on a natal mid-point may trigger both 
        planets simultaneously. In relationships, a planet in one person's 
        chart may trigger a midpoint in another. An essential book for the 
        serious. Midpoint calculation is a service available from The 
        Astrology Center. Paper. 
JOURNEY INTO DEATH - Robert Donath, $7 
        The author's admiration for Bishop James A. Pike (St. John the 
        Divine, NYC) serves as a springboard for an advanced study of 
        Uranian rectification methods. Paper. 
URANIAN TRANSNEPTUNIAN EPHEMERIS, 1850-2050 - Neil F. Michelsen, $12.95 
        Positions given every five days for Cupid, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, 
        Apollo, Admetus, Vulcanus & Poseidon, the eight hypothetical 
        planets discovered by Alfred Witte & Friedrich Sieggruen. And if 
        you don't think they're really there, check them out in charts of 
        natural disasters - earthquakes, for example. Paper. 

Cosmobiology Books


FUNDAMENTALS OF COSMOBIOLOGY - Eleonora & Manfred Kimmel, 

APPLIED COSMOBIOLOGY - (90 Degree Dial in Practice, revised) 
Reinhold Ebertin, 

ASTROLOGICAL HEALING - The history & practice of Astromedicine - 
Reinhold Ebertin, 

TRANSITS: What days favor you? - Reinhold Ebertin 

TRANSITS: Forecasting using the 45 degree graphic ephemeris 
- Reinhold Ebertin 

MAN IN THE UNIVERSE - An introduction to Cosmobiology 
- Reinhold Ebertin, $8.50 

THE ANNUAL DIAGRAM AS AN AID IN LIFE, A Preview Based on the Graphic 
45 Degree Ephemerides - Reinhold Ebertin, 

DIRECTIONS, Co-Determinants of Fate - Reinhold Ebertin, $14.50 


RAPID & RELIABLE ANALYSIS - Reinhold Ebertin, 


FIXED STARS & their interpretation - Ebertin-Hoffman, 

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David Roell. Copyright 1997/8  by William R. Roell. 
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 24 Dec 1997
The following list is of books which I believe are very useful and the only 
books one needs for a start, and, most importantly, THEY ARE ALL CURRENTLY 

1)  Dial Detective  Maria Kay Simms  $US12.95 
     Excellent explanations of dial technique. (See note below.) 

2)  Handbook of techniques for the Hamburg School.  Ruth Brummund and Udo 
Rudolph.  $21.95  Explains several important current Hamburg School 
techniques, especially the concept of "Trends", to my knowledge, not explained elsewhere. 

3)  The Uranian Astrology Manual,   (Phoenix Workshop)from the Cosmobiology 
Conference.  Penny Bertucelli.   $US19.95   This makes an excellent study 
book.  Lots of descriptions of sensitive point and halfsum meanings.   In my 
view, Penny has one of the best writing styles in English language Uranian 
Astrology.     Highly recommended

4)  Friends, Family, Romance and the Uranian Astrology Picture, also by 
Penny Bertucelli.  $US5.00. Some very useful techniques are explained in 
this booklet. 

Penny also has dials as noted in her recent post. 

   Penelope Publications 
   937 Crestview Circle 
   Weston, Florida  33327 
     Phone  (954)  349  0141 
     Fax  (954)  349  0142 
     Credit cards accepted. 
     Web site:
For mailing outside USA, the US have a "Global Priority Mail".  The package 
can probably hold all the above books.  My package arrived here in New Zealand 
in 6 days, at a cost of $US9.00. 

Armed with the above books, a software programme that will generate the 
TNP,s, and a 90deg disk, in a few months you will all be experts! :-) 

26 Oct 1997
Here is a list of Uranian Books, tools and software from my files, with 
my comments.  I quote some German prices, BUT THESE MAY BE OUT OF DATE, 
so will need checking.  The software prices are current for Australasia, 
but depend on the exchange rate at time of purchase. 

It's probably advisable to get updated lists and prices from one of these 
sources, depending on your location. 

Books and tools available from either: 

24/26 22415 HAMBURG GERMANY. 
FAX (40) 520 4367 

Or from: 
Penelope Publications, 937 Crestview Circle, Florida 33327  USA. 
phone (954) 349  0141  or Fax  (954)  349 0142 
(** this is her current 'new' address & ph/fax  -  as of 16 Dec 97) 
Penny supplies books, dials, and the Astrologic PC software. 
View the web site that she and Michael have:

1.Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School by Ruth Brummund 
 and Udo Rudolph.                                              DM 39.00 
 Useful for those with some UR experience.  There are some errors in my 
English edition , so if you get this, I can give details. 
                                                                                   (DM = German currency) 

2. Rules for Planetary Pictures by Witte and Lefeldt.         DM 48.00 
Probably considered an essential book in any UR. library. 

My personal opinion is that one needs to be very careful with the rather 
extreme interpretations. Need to keep in mind the period when it was 
written.  More useful for experienced UR Astrol's.  If beginners rely 
heavily on this book, it can hinder interpretive development. 

3. Meaning of Planets in the Houses, by Ludwig Rudolph.       DM 18.00 
Very useful. 

4. Language of Uranian Astrology by Roger Jacobson.        DM 45.00 

Excellent.  Probably the best book for beginners, but also useful for 
experienced UR astrologers.  Contains detailed explanations of the 
meanings of the all the Horoscope factors including TNP's. Good 
explanation on use of the 90 deg dial. Jacobson is a Canadian, (I think), 
who is fluent in German. 

5.  Transneptunian Ephemeris from  1850 - 2050 by 
      Neil Michelsen.   DM 32.00 
      Essential if you haven't software to generate these points. 

6.  Dial Detective - Investigation with the 90deg Dial 
     by Mary Kay Sims.                                       DM 32.00 

An excellent book for learning to read and work with the dial. Mary is a 
graphic artist so the diagrams are tops.  If you want to become skilled with the dial - this is the one!

 JULIE reviews books by  Martha Lang-Wescott
The Mechanics of Free Will
The Astrology of Perception, Reality & Will
"Incredible amount of research, experience and keen philosophical insight. 
Serious students and professionals will find it practical and fascinating!" 

 Mechanics Of The Future: Asteroids
"The modern-day Witte..her contribution to astrology is nothing less than 
phenomenal!"         Uranian Forum 
"This book is the ultimate tool for incorporating asteroids into the 
horoscope."  Joan McEvers 

The Orders Of LightClick here to read extracts from this book.
"A  masterpiece by the most brilliant astrologer in the world today." - Uranian Forum 

Also you can order Alfred Witte's  "The Rules for Planetary Pictures" through 
Martha Lang-Wescott 

You can email her at for more information she also carries 
other products and has a monthly newsletter called Tools of the Trade, (affectionately known as TOOT!) the monthly newsletter since 1987 of natal interpretation and an ongoing tour of predictive systems using conventional and dial techniques with 49+ asteroids, the TNP's, and 5-day asteroid ephemeris. 
My (Julie's) wesite has information on her books: 

This woman is a wealth of information! She is wonderful. If by chance, any of 
you have AOL (American Online) you can find chats that she teaches there in a 
forum called Astronet.   Hope this information is useful to you all! 


Working With Astrology by Harvey and Harding, Arkana 1990 
This book is really 'mind blowing'!  After reading this book your view of midpoints, 
harmonic charts, and astrocartography will be forever changed. 

" The use of midpoints and harmonics reveals new information about familiar horoscopes that can dramatically alter the interpretation of a chart. These fast-growing techniques, based on the division of the 360-degree Zodiac by whole numbers, reveal some of the underlying principles of astrology in action. Together with AstroCartoGraphy they offer astrologers 'a moment-by-moment source of revelation that can bring us closer than anything to the real nature of astrology'. 
The dynamics of the new astrology, the authors claim, help point the way towards 'the next major revolution in human awareness'." 

'The product of many years' painstaking and detailed research comprises 450 pages of fascinating, compulsive reading. Therefore I highly recommended it as an "instant classic"' - Prediction

'Should go a long way to dispel any myth of these techniques being inaccessible ... The work is likely to become a classic and makes compulsive reading for those who seek in-depth knowledge of the craft' - The Astrological Association Journal

Hymns to the Ancient Gods by M. Harding, 1992, Arkana 
     After the above book, you will want more, so here it is. Update 4 April 1998: 
     once again I have read selections from this book, and I am still amazed by the 
     depth, clarity and analysis.  This book is a 'must buy' for all counselling 
     astrologers.  The midpoints and harmonic charts are incredible.  Written like a 
     combination of an academic thesis and best-selling novel. Harding's research is 
     absolutely superb. 

These books can probably be ordered from ACA - top of this page. 
You can also order via this web site:

  Rules for Planetary Pictures by Hans Niggeman 
  Special Note:  My personal advice is to avoid this edition entirely as it is a plagiarized 
  version.  This illegal copy is more expensive than the $27.95 USD authorized book 
  and it avoids the roaylty rightly due to The Hamburg School of Astrology. 

The Dial Detective by Maria Kay Simms 
This is an excellent book to start Uranian / midpoint / dial studies.  The following 
extracts should encourage you to purchase this book. I have highlighted salient points. 

"The best thing about Uranian Astrology is the90° dial.... 

Over the years, when I have lectured at various conferences around the country, l've heard expressions of frustration from people who are eager to learn the 90° dial and Uranian astrology, but have no ready access to a teacher. Existing books on the technique, with minimal llustrations, were too hard to follow. Good Uranian teachers are few, outside of the New York area. lt seemed evident that my ability as a graphic artist offered a unique opportunity to create a book that could be used as a self- teaching device for dial technique.

The dial is not difficult to use, in fact I have found that it helps many students who are relative beginners to learn astrology faster. lt is probably not for everyone. An analogy that I like is one l've heard Gary Christen use: Some people are oriented toward digital clocks and some people like dock faces better. The dial is for the clock-face-people. lf you like to scan through computer lists, and figure precise mathematical orbs of aspect, and do other pñmarily "left-brain" things like that, you probably like digital docks and may not "take to" this technique. But if you are visually oriented, you are going to love it! A turn of the dial will reveal pictures of symmetry that will "speak" to you,
and open up new doors of astrological interpretation. Once you have tried it, I am sure that a great, great many of you are going to agree that it is an indispensable tool for a thorough investigation of any chart.

I have quite successfully taught the dial to people who had only recently begun their study
of astrology. Sometimes it has even proven to be easier for one who is not too advanced to learn the dial, because such a person is not yet too "locked in" to another tradition. Astrologers who have become very advanced in other methods sometimes find it difficult to "shift gears" and therefore they perceive the dial to be complicated. lt most definitely is not.

This book is intended to be used like a workbook. The pages are 8-1/2 x 11 in order to allow larger than usual type and large illustrations... "

   FROM CHERYL    22 Dec 97
The Uranian Astrology Guide  by SylviaSherman

This is a very nicely done, textbook style book done in loose-leaf format in a yellow binder. 

The authors begin by covering the basics of Uranian astrology, starting with basic meanings for the sensitive points (Intrinsic Points--Visible Planets--Transneptunian Planets).There are some interpretations for combinations of the Transneptunians with the Sun, Moon, Meridian, Ascendant, Nodes, and Cardinals. 

There is a chapter which explains the five main house systems, how these are set up, and what each system indicates.   Next comes instructions on setting up360 degree and 90 degree wheels as well as info as aspects.   Figuring half-sums is covered along with some sample interpretations to get you started. 

Included is a copy of a 360 degree wheel, a 90 degree wheel, as well as a graph for half-sums. 
The ephemeris which is included covers the transneptunians from 1900 to 2000. 

        FROM CATHY  4 Dec 97
There are 2 copies of "Language of Uranian Astrology" available from
Interloc  a used-book exchange.


           FROM VERONICA     27 Dec 97
Cosmobiology into the 21st Century by Doris Greaves. 1997.

Student edition, Coil bound.  A$30 (does not include postage)
Published by and available from: Spica Publications PO Box 203, Salisbury
Queensland 4107 Australia E-mail:

The author, Doris Greaves, wrote "Cosmobiology, a Modern Approach" in 1978.
Many astrologers requested a reprint of this work, so Doris wrote
"Cosmobiology into the 21st Century" which was completed in Canberra,
December 1997.

This book is filled with astrological knowledge and wisdom. It combines traditional methods with Cosmobiology and therefore takes an holistic approach to the interpretation of the horoscope or Cosmogram.

Doris has also included some of her own research into the use of the Vertex, Equatorial ascendant and the Part of Fortune, giving descriptions of transiting planets to these points.

Explanations are given throughout the chapters, making it easy for students
to follow, however, practitioners who would like to know more about
Cosmobiology, as well as using midpoints, transits, solar arc directions for
predictive work would also find this work invaluable.

The book uses charts which relate mainly to Australian life, personalities
and politics, however, Doris has included the chart of Princess Diana's
fatal car crash. Charts of Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry
are also included and these charts are all interpreted using methods of Cosmobiology.

The book has 16 chapters, which are as follows:
1. Basic Factors of the Horoscope
2. The House System in Traditional Astrology
3. Charting the Horoscope by Cosmobiology
4. Aspects and Midpoints
5. Solar Arc Directions
6. The Graphic Ephemeris & Interpretations
7. Life Diagram for Secondary Directions
8. Mundane Astrology
9. Ingress and Solstice Charts and Interpretations
10 Solar Return in Cosmobiology
11 Rectification of the Natal Chart
12 Fixed Stars and Eclipses
13 Part of Fortune, Vertex and Equatorial Ascendant
14 Modern Case Histories Applying Cosmobiology
15 Personalities in 20th Century Cosmobiology
16 How to Calculate a Chart Without the Use of Computers

Looking down this list, students will certainly get a very good overview of
the basic to the advanced techniques of astrology!

For the practitioner, perhaps the most useful chapter is "The Graphic Ephemeris and Interpretations". Doris has included an interpretation of transiting Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Moon's Node to all planets, and points including the Vertex, Part of Fortune and Equatorial Ascendant.  The interpretations of the transits take on a distinctive modern tone, and also reveal that Doris has shared the knowledge and wisdom she has learned from applying Cosmobiology throughout her long and distinguished astrological career.


Date sent:        Fri, 03 Apr 1998 10:07:40 EST 

Dear Steve and group, 

I just picked a copy of a new book. 
"Astrological Timing of Critical Illness" by Noel Tyl. 
The reason I bring this to you is, even though it does not use TNPs, it does make heavy use of Solar Arcs. It is a fascinating book and concept. 
One of Tyl's earlier books has been something I have been studying 
again in working on that rectification. "Prediction in Astrology" has some 
lists in the back similar to midpoint listings for use with SAs. 
Best to all, Jerry 

P.S. Both books are from Llwellyn Publications. 


   Cheshire Rose Books

 From Bill        Date: 12 Nov 1997 

Cheshire Rose Books in Fair Oaks, California, has several hard-to-get 
Uranian astrology books our members will be interested in.  As far as 
I know, they are the only book store source for books by the Uranian 
astrologer, Hans Niggemann. They carry three of his books: 

"The Key to Uranian Astrology" (about US$35.00).  This is a helpful 
index of planetary pictures (A+B-C), half-sums (A/B), and sums (A+B) 
listed by subject (murder, marriage, happiness, illness, profession, 
etc.).  It is quite detailed.  Even though some of you will have the 
add-on planetary pictures module provided in the "Astrologic" Uranian 
computer program, you may be more comfortable referencing an index in 
book form.  I have found "typos" here and there, so you definitely 
will want to cross-reference the index with another source, such as 
the "Astrologic" program or Witte-Lefeldt's "Rules for Planetary Pictures", with each use. 
 In spite of the errors, this book has saved me a lot of time.  There is also helpful instructional/theoretical material in the introduction. 

"The Principles of the Uranian System" (about US$30.00).  I would 
consider this book to be of interest mainly to the intermediate or 
advanced student, but you may want to get a copy while it is still 
available, regardless of your present level of understanding.  Topics 
of discussion: 90- and 360-degree dials (mainly the 360-deg dial); 
computation of planetary pictures, half-sums, and differences; use of 
antiscia, solar-arc directions, and transits; "systematic composition 
of the delineation"; the Meridian system of houses as well as the 
other house arrays based on each of the personal points; 
planet-in-house interpretations; "delineation of the natal chart" with 
example; computation and delineation of an event chart; timing of 
events; plus a smattering of history of the Hamburg School and Alfred 
Witte, and a little material on the historical use of midpoints and planetary pictures. 

Rules for Planetary Pictures : Special Note:  "My (Steve Lee) personal advice is to avoid 
this edition entirely as it is a plagiarized version.  This illegal copy is more expensive than the 
$27.95 USD authorized book and it avoids the roaylty rightly due to The Hamburg School of Astrology."

All books are in the English language, soft cover, loose leaf, spiral 
bound.  Cheshire Rose Books will ship outside of the United States. 
Any questions regarding shipping charges, book availability, etc., ask for Sam Heaton. 

Cheshire Rose Books
10227 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628 USA
(FAX) 1-916-863-1064
Cheshire Rose e-mail

and website:

  From Paula     4 Dec 1997 
  I was able to get Rules for Planetary Pictures, and a printout copy of the 
  TNP Ephemeris from Cheshire. 



If you are serious about Uranian or Cosmobiology you must use a dial, even if you have a relevant computer program.  Why? Astrologers experienced with dial work say that it gives a person a 'feel for the symmetry' that is difficult to achieve on the computer screen.  A computer can put an unbalanced emphasis on 'the intellect'.  Combining the tactile sense with intuition and the intellect produces superior astrological insights.  This of course is debatable, but most 'dialers' would advise beginners to use one for a good while. 

Start with a 90 degree dial; later on you may want to try a 45 or even the old 360. 
If you don't know how to use a dial, get the book "Dial Detective".

Dials - Penelope Publications

17 Dec 1997 

    Yes, Penelope Publications has a total line of dials - 7 in all. 
These are plastic laminated dials (6 inches) and include 15, 22.30, 30, 
45, 60, 90 and 360 degree dial formats. These dials work with all the 
astrology programs as far as I know. However, they are expressly 
designed for the AstrologicPC Uranian program. 
((Note from Steve:  Solar Fire 4 can print dials to any size.  I have not 
done this myself yet, but I have been told that it is possible, so Penny's 
dials should work with SF 4.)) 

    The dials come in three sizes when this computer program is ordered 
in English. Therefore, they will receive 15 dials, 3 of each size and a 
1/2 inch foam work board and large-handle center-pin that anchors the 
dial and the chart in the middle. The foam board is an excellent idea 
for working with charts as one need not make a crooked hole in the 
middle of the paper that is generally messed up and must constantly be 
readjusted laboriously with a center screw that . . .  often tears the 
paper at that. 

    Further, the chart can be changed quickly. The economy of the foam 
board used for the dial base allows one to have multiple charts 
available for study at one time. 
the dials sell for - 

$3.00 each or $24.00 for a set of 7 dials and a work board. The 
worldpost rate to mail  the set fast-mail air to New Zealand is $9.00. 

    Our web site is not nearly complete as yet either. I am working on 
setting up a review of each book on my mailing list. I will scan in the 
dial pictures so that you can take a look at them. 

    Tip for using your dials:
Make a picture of your 90 degree dial on a copy paper. Cut out 
the dial. Use a clothing fastener called a "snap" in the middle to 
anchor the dial onto the printed 90 degree horoscope and then file your 
chart away. These will be found in any fabric shop. The next time you 
must read for that person, you will already have a dial anchored on the 
chart for analysis. 

Thank you for your kind response Steve, love your site! 

For further information see this web site:

From Scott:

For working with the 90deg dial, one needs the following; 

1. Base plate with brass screw fitting. 
2. Centre plastic ruler. 
3. plastic dials, 360, 90, 30 deg etc as desired. 

Re the dials, if you use the AstrologicPC software, you need a 4.8" dial 
to use with the triple charts that this programme creates. That is, 
radix, directed and transits on the one page.  It's useful to have both a 
6" and 4.8" dials. 

These are also available from the German and Florida addresses given on the 'Books' page. 

      -  Scott 

Dials - Arlene Kramer

From Jeane:

Date:          Mon, 10 Nov 1997 02:30:38 -0500 (EST) 

Hi All, 

         Arlene Kramer is one of our foremost Uranian astrologers in the USA. 
I  ordered her Star Dial some time ago and found it very helpful and 
informative  for a beginner, also useful for intermediate and 
advanced astrologers (naturally). I have her Planetary Hours program 
and her Part of Fortune program(not Uranian but very helpful), and 
have talked to her about other Uranian 
 astrology programs. We talked about others, but since I had BlueStar for dos
 with Quickcharts, I decided to stay with those for awhile. 
 She has been most helpful. 


>>>I am always happy to learn of more people studying Uranian Astrology.  The 
>best approach to getting proper software is to call me, tell me the 
>type of hardware, and then I can describe what is available, and the 

>In my opinion, the best 90 degree dial is the Star*Dial System.  It 
>has excellent instructions, pad of appropriate paper, back-board, 
>etc, etc.  I can send you a flyer by snail-mail or by FAX.  Everyone 
>who uses it loves it. Price $36 for complete System, postpaid. 
I> am in Southern California.  Number is  (818)  999 - 2389. 

>Best wishes to you, 
>Arlene Kramer 


 >Does anyone know if there is there a program available that runs the 
 >90 degree chart that will fit Arlene Kramer's StarDial? I would be 
 >willing to buy *any* dial as long as it fits a computer generated 
 >chart. Could you help us here ? 
Dear Steve, 

Yes, I can help.  The Blue Star DOS program from Matrix prints the chart that 
fits the Star*Dial.  It is excellent.  Matrix is still working on perfecting 
the chart form in their Winstar Program.  Until that is ready, to my 
satisfaction, I shall continue to use the DOS Blue Star program when I need 
the 90¦ chart.  I provided input to Matrix for their  design of midpoint sorts 
in Blue Star Plus.  All of the above provide beautiful results on my H-P III 
Laser printer. 

You could check with Matrix to see how far along they are in duplicating all 
of this in their Winstar program. 

I sent flyers today about the Star*Dial to a member of your 

Best regards, 
Arlene Kramer 

Dials - ACS

From Steve:

A dial is necessary for doing Uranian work, but some people may be reluctant to order an
expensive dial from Germany.  An inexpensive laminated dial can be ordered from ACS.  If you do a lot of Uranian work a proper dial will be needed, but this will be a cheap way to

Astro Communications Services,  5521 Ruffin Rd,  San Diego, CA   92123    ph 619-492-9919, 
fax 619-492-9917,   freephone:  1-800-888-9983 for orders.

Ask for a free catalogue - they send internationally.

Does ACS  have a website?  I have not checked yet.

I do not have a current price list, but this 90 degree dial will only be a few dollars. 
When I was last in the USA, my order was delivered to the door 19 hours after I placed the
phone call - and that was from California to Florida.

While you are at it, also order "The Dial Detective" by Maria Simms.  There is a 90 degree dial in the back of the book, but you would be better off to get the laminated version for a few dollars more.

If you're thinking of side-stepping dials by getting a computer program like Astologic, then think again as users of both will tell you that dial work is indispensable to really understand and feel the Uranian system.

     -  Steve



Date:          Tue, 21 Oct 1997 16:29:17 +0000 
Subject:       Cosmobiology Journal 
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Hello, Fellow Uranians,       21Oct97 

 Talk about synchronicity!  I just came across this post in another 
astrological list I subscribe to and thought it might be of interest. 


> Any one interested in a free copy of Cosmobiology Journal. 
   E-Mail Catherine Holcomb    <  > 

> Leave your    Name 
>                     Address 
>                     City, State and Zip   (also sent internationally - Steve) 

> The Journal is a collection of articles using Cosmobiology and 
> sometimes other Techniques in an event study, personality studies, or 
> current affairs....On the back is also listed Books used for the study 
> of Cosmobiology, and where to send for them. 


The Astrologers' Forum

 For Subscriptions:

Hello, again, Steve,                   8:15pm   Friday   3April98 
and Fellow Uranians, 

 Steve  asked me to give our Group  more information and a detailed 
description of Dymock's "Astrologers' Forum."   It is a 4-page, 
monthly publication, about 11.5 x 8.25 inches in size.  It is 
beautifully printed on  fine paper with a number of literate 
astrological  articles  each month.  There are frequently 
discussions of Australian and other political personalities who 
happen to be in the news currently. 

 Here is the Index for the March Issue: 

Another Win for Astrology ...    concerning events predicted in 
 connection with Australia and suggests that all astrologers "join 
 the prediction brigade and work towards what will happen in 
 the future instead of forever analyzing the past...." 

Solution to Test No. 18 ...  a detailed article on exactly what clues 
 in various types of predictive charts could have given the 
 solution of the previous test.  I study these and have learned a 
 great deal from the analyses. 

New Test No. 19  ...  complete birth data and the date of an event 
 which comprise the new Test. 

  (There are examples of a Solution and New Test data in the post 
which Steve sent through with the title "#New Topics for Discussion" 
on 30 March.) 

Again--House Cusps!   ...  a short discussion of the relative 
 merits of Placidus, Koch, Regiomontanus house systems. 

Controversial Politician, Pauline Hanson  ...  a lengthy, fascinating 
 astrological discussion of an Australian politician in the 
 news, along with predictions. 

Notable Planetary Links and Stations from March to June. 
 Here are are three  examples, one just past and two others  soon to 

2 April 1998, Mars Conjunct Saturn at 27Aries56. 
 Has the potential for accidents and injury, but can also provide 
working energy and stamina.  If it connects with one of your 
physical-body Significators (Rising Degree, Ruler, Sun and Moon) then 
be careful and deliberate in all your activities, especially if you 
are using tools, or working around heavy machinery.  Avoid dangerous 
activities that could result in falls or collisions. 

20 April 1998, Mercury SD at 9Aries47. 
 The planet of intellect and communication, Mercury absorbs the 
nature of the body it conjuncts.  It induces thinking and discussion 
relating to the planet aspected-- Mars, sharp;  Saturn serious; 
Venus gracious;  Uranus original;  Neptune fanciful;  Pluto 
penetrating;  the Sun honourable;  the Moon, every-day affairs, news, 
letters, commerce, changes. 

30April1998, Mars Square Uranus, 12Taurus37 -- 12Aquarius37. 
 A discordant Aspect that provides energy but has the potential for 
accidents with tools, firearms, electrical appliances and machinery, 
or the breakdown of the latter.  If it is prominent in your Chart, 
postpone travel plans and elective surgery. 


 Some other articles that have  appeared here during the 
last few months concerned President Clinton and Prime Minister Tony 
Blair, with predictions about their future. 

 This publication has absolutely nothing to do with Uranian 
Astrology, but, of course, we may send in solutions to the Tests 
using Uranian methods.  And if these prove successful, perhaps there 
will be articles on Uranian techniques. <G> 

 I find the publication well worth the 20 U.S. dollars for an annual 
subscription, a great deal of which goes towards postage. 

My best to all, 

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