Searching This Site

Tips and Tricks


  Once you find the page with the search engine, use the "Find in Page" tool in the "Edit" part of your web browser.  This way you can easily find the exact place where the keywords are located.

  If you want to see just nearly every page (way over 100) on this site, 
try common words such as: 
Uranian, Cosmobiology, astrology, etc.

  For articles during any time, try e.g.:   1998,   December,    or a specific date

  If you cannot think of words for the search engine, find any article and look for keywords throughout the article that interest you. 

  How often does your name appear ? 
How many articles do you have on this site ?
Put in your first or last name, and try a friend's as well.

  Try  book or a title or author to read reviews
 and references for your favourite book.

  Do you have Vulcanus or another TNP prominent in your chart ? 
Try e.g.    Vu  Vulkanus  Vulcanus  VU   -  not just one spelling

  Are you doing research on 22.5 degree aspects ? 
Try:   22.5   22deg30   hard      hard series    
hard aspects    22 1/2     cluster   clusters

  For historical items:  Ebertin,  Rudolf, Lefeldt,  Witte,  etc.


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