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The premier program for Cosmobiology, Uranian, and midpoint techniques.
              Janus includes other modules as well.   Superb !

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Janus is professional astrology software engineered for accuracy and precision. It has specific modules for every major school of Western Astrology and comes with multiple report writers for client or personal use. It is suitable for both the experienced and the student astrologer alike. 

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"The finest and best value for money programme that I know." 
Udo Rudolph - President of the Astrological Association Hamburg School 

"Some of the world's best astrologers have contributed toward the production of this software and coupled with an expertise in computer programming Janus is user-friendly par excellence". Gillian Barnsley - Moderator, Regulus-Ebertin Study Group 

"It is the benchmark program for the serious Cosmobiologist". Doris Greaves - Founder of the Federation of Australian Astrologers and one of the world's leading Cosmobiologists. 

"Coupled with a flexible, intuitive interface and with a superior range of features Janus has emerged as the best PC astrology software available". Sean Lovatt - Software reviewer for the Astrological Journal 


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19 Nov 1997 

Hi All, 
    While surfing the net last night I found the update (94) to the ast20.exe 
I mentioned last week. It's and can be found at Starquest Astrology. Haven't 
unzipped it yet, but should be the same as before with TNPs and the trees. 

    Starquest Astrology Go to 
software and at the bottom of that page click on *other software* and you can 
get  the Astrologers Assistant at bottom of that page. 



Dinesh and others, 

There are a few shareware programs that do Uranian work, maybe 
you can find them with access to the net. 

 One is the "Astrolog 5.3" this is freeware. 
"">Walter Pullen' s 
Home page 

 or try this one 

" olog.htm"
Astrolog Home page 

  Both have the program, and it has most everything in it 
if you know what all he's talking about, such as "uncomment this" or 
that.  Also, there is one thats from 3 or 4 years back called 
Ast20.exe and called Astrologers Assistant. This also does midpoint 
trees, don't know about the astrolog5.3...Meybe if you see it you can 
see more of what others are trying to say. If some one could tell me, 
very simply, how to attach a zip or exe file I would try to send the 
ast20 program. 

 I didn't use this very much because I received the 
Bstar soon after. but what I did fool around with it, it seemed to do 
a lot, and I didn't know what a lot of it was.  AND then you can do as 
Tuomo says,do it by working the chart.  and you will have something to 
fall back on. I hope these links work out side of AOL. 

 Hope this helps, 






Matrix Software:

Solar Fire - 
'Tips for Solar Fire Users', from the old Uranian list, can be accessed by Midpoints 101 
and Symmetrical Astrology members, on the  web site in the Archive section of group posts.
This post is dated 12 May 2001 with the subject "From the Archives".

Transneptunian Shareware & Freeware- find the TNP's & midpopints ! 

Matrix -


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