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Greetings from New Zealand.  You have found the largest midpoint related astrology site in the world.  Your skills will improve greatly if you thoroughly investigate this site. This site began on 14 December, 1997, and the Uranian email discussion group has existed since 18 October 1997. New material is continually added, so be sure to bookmark these pages now and come back periodically for updates.

Material on these pages is intended for Uranian Group members, professional astrologers, and students of Uranian astrology, Cosmobiology and related fields. Most of the information here is from the 'Uranian Group' discussions, and I have removed email addresses and surnames from the posts, for privacy.  If you would would like your email address to appear on this web site, please let me know. You can always put a notice of the Bulletin Board.

This is a personal web site with the html composed by myself, so the format is basic without too many fancy touches.  This is not a commercial site in itself, but there are many business links for you to explore.  I do intend to add more graphics, notably the glyphs for the Transneptunian 'planets'.  New charts will be added to correspond with 'Uranian Group' discussion topics.

There is enough material on this site to keep you occupied for several hours. Be sure to visit the 'What's New On This Site' page when you come back so you can see what has been added.  The 'Archive' has many letters, including a 'Beginners Section'.  In spite of the title 'Uranian', this web site is not restricted to this branch of astrology.  Cosmobiology and all midpoint - based work is  included. There is also material not directly related to midpoint work.

To all Uranian Group and Midpoint 101 members who have submitted such quality posts, I offer my sincere 'thank you' for helping us advance this field of astrology. 

      Kind Regards, 

      Steven Lee 
      Moderator of 'The Uranian Group'  &  'Midpoints 101'

  11 December 1998:
My other web site, 'Midpoints 101' is closely associated with the Uranian web site and has been recently updated.  It will have even more material added to it during the next several weeks.  For technical reasons, I am using the Midpoints 101 site to add new information rather than to put it here on the Uranian site.  The 101 site has advanced information as well as basic material for beginners. Therefore, please explore both sites.  There will be many links from one site to the other. 

Update 26 June 99

The "Uranian"  and "Midpoint" web sites have been combined 
into this new "SYMMETRICAL ASTROLOGY" site. 
It will take several months before any the minor errors and 
necessary changes can be made to conform to this new structure.

Be sure to read the Important Notice on the main index page !

Update 10 July 99

What is "Symmetrical Astrology"?
This new term is put forward as a means to incorporate both
Uranian astrology and Cosmbiology, as well as other similar
midpoint techniques.  While there are definite differences between
Uranian and Cosmobiology, compared to traditional astrology 
(non-midpoint & non-dial), these two forms are quite similar.
Also, it is a reminder to look for the symmetry of the overall
planetary pictures, rather than to take a narrow view of 
only one midpoint stucture.

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Be sure to read the Important Notice on the main index page !