A Discussion About How to Deal With Those
Negative Interpretations
Prevalent in the Books 'COSI' and 'Rules'

Date:          Sat, 27 Jun 1998 15:41:13 -0700
Subject:       Re: %%  Re: Our electional chart

The Uranian Group wrote:

> I must stop here and add AN IMPORTANT REMINDER:
> What I mean here, is that when using the books COSI and Rules, you
> should not accept the explanations of each midpoint as being 100%
> accurate.
> Why not ?  Well, these books were written decades ago, by Germans,
> and they have been translated into English.  So, there will be errors
> or at least 'misinterpretations' caused by differences in culture and
> time periods and also due to the translation.
> Several months ago we had a heated debate on the Uranian Group list
> on this very topic.  Some people were upset by the negative
> interpretations found in COSI and Rules.  (I will put the letters of
> this debate on the web site.)
>  **Don't fall into this trap !**
> Just ignore the negativity and take the essence
> of what the books have.
> For example:
>  "The desire to tell other people one's own troubles,"
> To me, this simply means that our list members will share life's
> challenges and difficulties.
> Also:
> "desire to exchange ideas and thoughts with the female sex."
> This does not limit our list to women, of course, but the female part
> within all of us, and also the moon can represent 'the public or
> groups of people'

What people also forget, as Robert Hand wrote about in a recent issue of
TMA - ancient astrologers wrote the interpretations for the pure effect
of a given aspects - which we all know is very rare for anything to
remain unaspected and therefore uninfluenced by other aspects of the
chart - everything varys depending on the varying pieces of the puzzle.

They weren't being harsh or unrealistic - just showing the limit of
which it can go - but other things in its path can redirect the energy
in another way - be it positive or negative. Sugarcoating does nothing
but damage - or at least so says my dentist.


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