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An arrow shooting skyward with a sextile aspect on its tail.
Consider it an arrow on fires speeding through the Cosmos.
Zeus was King of the Gods and threw "thunderbolts" at people-- i.e., the arrow with its tail on fire.




    Procreative; the act of becoming pregnant. One of the major indicators of becoming pregnant (Venus/Cupido/Zeus).

    Birth of a baby; childbirth.

    Birth of a "brain-child" idea/concept.

    "Eureka! I found it!"

    "Aha!" Cosmic awareness. Kundalini "fire" up the spinal column.

    Injury or death by gunfire.

    Injury or death by terrorist attack/war.

    Injury or death by a bomb blast/explosion.

    Injury or death by fire/burned.

    Injury or death in a forest fire.

    Accidents that occur every FIVE years.

    Five year cycle to Zeus.


    Inflammation that culminates swiftly and rapidly. Rapid onset.

    Brain injury resulting in fever.

    Gas or propane exposions in which the person is injured by the blast and/or fire.

    Silo/wheat blast (dust from wheat catches on fire and explodes-- very deadly).

    Caught in an "act of God" with no escape.

    Epidemic trigger, secondary. The epidemic is like a "flashfire" and travels rapidly, like a fire scourge.

    Injury by gangbangers.

    Drive-by shooting.

    Highway "road rage" in which you are part of the scenario.

    Loss of temper; temporary insanity during angry outburst.

    Extremist behavior to the point of self-injury (ex: jogging with shin splints).

    Obsessive-compulsive behavior; driven by an idea, vision or goal, Type A behavior.

    Stress releated diseases; tendency to get colds because immune system is taking a beating due to the stress the Zeus person places themselves under.

    Compulsive disorder.

    High blood pressure.

    Strokes (due to high blood pressure).

    The terrorist mindset-- strives to get to their destiny, their goal or vision for the world.

    Fanatical (can be in a religious sense, or in philosophy, etc.).

    Pyromania disorder (sets fires).

    Oil well fires/pollution from them.

    Injury or death via knife or sharp-pointed instrument.

    Injury or death through a machine (combine on a farm, losing a hand or arm in manufacturing facility, etc.).

    Lightning strike and resulting injury or death from it.

    Injury or death through an electrical jolt (lightning of another sort).

    Volcano eruption with fire/lava/ash and the person can be injured by any of the above.

    Gulf War-- prime example of Zeus-- swift, polluted with oil well fires, chemical warfare, etc.

    Caught in a natural disaster of some kind (tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, etc.).

    Aggression against you; assault, robbery, rape, murder.

    AIDS/HIV infection (Cupido/Venus/Admetos/Hades).


    Sexual incest.

    Powerful sex drive.

    Sexual dysfunction (impotence).

    Prostate inflammation.

    Unwanted pregnancy.

    Unexpected miscarriage; sudden, usually due to fever or infection of some kind.






    A feeling of destiny, a reason for being alive.

    Goal achiever.

    Visonary or fanatic or zealot with a cause (right or wrong).

    A person who is willing to be assertive and aggressive, if need be, to achieve their goal/dream/vision.


    Type A behavior.

    A "doer" ("lead, follow or get the hell out of the way" mentality).

    Military career person or was in the military.

    Highly creative; a writer, artist or someone who has "brain children."

    Children/baby oriented; wants a big family. Dotes on children.

    A teacher of children; kindergarten, grade school-- good with children and bringing out their creativity and inspiring them toward confidence and self-esteem.

    May be sexually promiscuous; extra-marital affair(s).

    If a woman, an "Amazon" stereotype.

    Warriors by nature (man or woman); they are not peaceable or do they necessarily believe peace and diplomacy will bring about results. They believe action/war/attacking/assaulting/charging it will do it better/quicker/faster in their mindset.

    Brave, courageous and foolhardy; a good person to have around in an emergency because they are thinking (usually).

    Vocations will involve leadership in some area; be it the military, the government (secret service, FBI, etc.), corporate raider, owner of their own business, marketing, advertising, sales, and into the "arts" and culture, especially painting, drawing, etc.

    Confident-- sometimes, too much so if their Ego is not in balance with the rest of them.


    Narsicistic; "me first, last and always" attitude.

    Doesn't suffer fools gladly.

    Their reality is seeing the world in a new way, a new, improved vision which they feel they can help facilitate and bring about.

    A strong sense of "right" and "wrong"-- sees things too black and white and refuses to acknowledge the "gray areas" of life or people's actions/reactions.

    Rigid and inflexible in their opinions and how they see life. "My way is the right way" kind of mindset.

    Aristocratic; may feel they should be treated like "royalty" because of who they are, the money/fame/power they have accrued.

    Classism; prejudice toward those who are "lower" in station than s/he is.


    A sense of duty and responsibility to those they love or employ.

    Highly motivated; excellent in sales and sales talks in motivating others. A "hard charger."

    Athletic, highly active, loves to work out at a gym, and wants to be out of doors and into Nature.

    Hates offices; wants to work or be outside-- forest ranger, fire fighter or any job "where the action is."

    Strong Zeus in chart, the person moves every 5 years or changes jobs every 5 years.

    A "driven" person.

    Highly competent and has the ability to organize on a grand or global scale.

    A versitile, creative person who can work within an organization OR strike out on their own. Creative business owner and entrepeneur.

    Good parents (or has the capability to become one); the child's needs come first, not second.

    Love affairs may abound.

    Willful. May become aggressively willful to fulfill their vision/goal.




    African Daisy-- when they lose their considerable temper.

    Bromeliad, red/yellow-- when they not only lose their temper, but they come abusive or are an abuser in the physical aspects of abuse.

    Spanish Bayonet Yucca-- when they are always irritable and over things that shouldn't provoke such a nasty response.

    Tree Peony-- to pull very deep suppression or repression that they don't want to deal with, up into conscious "light of day" for them to work through.

    Century Plant-- at any time, because Zeus has the power to suppress a lot for a long time and this is one essence that will make the breakthrough before they breakdown.

    Crested Prickle Poppy-- to activate their subconscious, to dream at night to get in touch with their "garbage" and suppressions/repressions in a highly active mode. They will appreciate using their sleep time as a 'work time' to deal with Shadow (Jung) issues. Helps with insomnia.

    Cottage Pinks-- if they are "down" and recuperating, this essence gives them back some physical energy so they don't tire as easily.

    Aquamarine-- to help create peace and patience in them when they are recovering from an illness, or when they are under brutal stress and demands from life.

    Petrified Sequoia-- to give them the added perspective of patience, because they have very little. To help them persevere through a situation without flaring with impatience.

    Bromeliad, Red-- to shift their considerable power and energy to a more level playing field of seeing the macrocosm/over-view on some situation. This adds the spiritual perspective, which engages one's patience.

    Ruby-- if the person is suffering from a chronic disease and needs energy, this is the one to use (do NOT use if they have cancer!). Will give them a large burst of physical energy.

    Cottonwood Tree-- for extremists, such a Zeus, and who finds him/herself in extremes of situations that are incredibly stressful.

    Fireweed-- when Zeus "burns" her/himself out, and they are in an exhaustion phase, this essence will help to restore them to their original fiery mode. To be used when they are in exhaustion phase.



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